Surveillance video captures man stuffing ballot box with hundreds of ballots

File this one under the habitual Democrat claim that vote fraud is “extremely rare.” Jon Street reports inThe Blaze:
 “A person wearing a Citizens for a Better Arizona T-shirt dropped a large box of hundreds of early ballots on the table and started stuffing the ballot box as I watched in amazement,” said A.J. LaFaro, chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party.
LaFaro confronted the man and was told to perform an anatomically impossible act upon himself, according to an account he provided to the Arizona Daily Independent.  La Faro then submitted a request and received surveillance video.
It was between 12:54 and 1:04 that LaFaro said he was seated at one of the cubicles, heard a loud thud and turned around to see the man who he claims was caught on tape stuffing “hundreds” of ballots. LaFaro described the man as a “vulgar, disrespectful, violent thug” with “no respect for our laws.” He said he would have followed the man to his car to get his tag number but “feared for [his] life.”
Citizens for a Better Arizona appears to be a left wing organization, hiding behind the usual bland rhetoric:
…a predominantly volunteer driven organization of Republicans, Democrats and Independents committed to improving the quality of life of all Arizonans – better schools, better health care, betterjobs, better government and a better, more civil tone of respect and decency when it comes to solving Arizona’s problems.
But here are some of the stories highlighted on its “news” page: