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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Spot On Dennis!

We All Wanted to Love the Women's Soccer Team

Dennis Prager
Posted: Jul 16, 2019 12:01 AM
The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of
We All Wanted to Love the Women's Soccer Team
Source: AP Photo/Seth Wenig
For the first time in my life, I did not root for an American team. Whatever the sport, I have always rooted American. But if those who called into my radio show were representative of my audience, many millions of Americans made the same sad choice.
It takes a lot for people like me not to root for an American team. But Megan Rapinoe, the foul-mouthed star of the team, and her fellow players made it possible.
The U.S. women's team disgraced itself. Either its members were cowed into submission by Rapinoe or they agreed (or, at least, never disagreed) with her attacks on the president, her reference to the White House as the "f---ing White House," her refusal since 2016 to participate in the national anthem and her repeatedly shouting during the team's parade in New York City, "New York, you're the motherf---ing best!"
For example, Rapinoe said, "Every member of the team that I have talked to would not go" to the White House.
Rapinoe is a great soccer player. Other than that, she is unimpressive. She comes across as arrogant, a fool and a lowlife.
Why a fool? Because she thinks she has something important to say to the American people and that we need to hear it because she is a great soccer player. She is not alone in this conceit. Tom Steyer and other billionaires think the same thing about themselves: that because they are better at making money than almost everybody, they must be wiser than almost everybody.
People who excel in one thing are tempted to think they are smart about everything, but that is almost never the case. There is no reason at all to assume that people who excel in anything (other than wisdom) are wiser than anybody else. And here's the kicker (no pun intended): People who think they are wise because they excel at something unrelated to wisdom are fools.
And why is Rapinoe a lowlife? What would you label any adult who constantly used the F-word in public (especially during events when children are expected to be present or watching)? Or does being a star -- like the foul-mouthed Robert De Niro -- make you less of a lowlife?
The American women's soccer team is unified in protesting on behalf of "equal pay for equal work." They regard their team as a perfect example because its members receive less money than members of the U.S. men's soccer team -- despite the fact that the women have a much better record.
But there is a reason the male players earn more. Among other things -- such as the women's team's vote for financial security in the form of guaranteed salaries rather than revenue share -- men's soccer generates far more money than women's soccer.
According to the Los Angeles Times: FIFA's "2018 financial report said it earned revenue of $5.357 billion from the men's tournament in Russia. ... Forbes estimated the Women's World Cup will generate about $131 million for the four-year cycle ending in 2022."
So, unless people should be paid according to gender (which they now are in Norway) rather than according to revenue and profits, male soccer players will earn more money than female soccer players.
There are only two ways to equitably ensure male and female players earn the same amount of money. One is to pool all the money earned by both teams and then distribute an equal amount to all the players, men and women. The other is to end sex-based teams: Men and women compete to play on one team (composed of both men and women), and any woman who makes the team is guaranteed the same income as any man on the team.
Until then, the women's soccer team and the left want to have their cake and eat it, too. (Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, for example, tweeted this non sequitur: "Here's an idea: If you win 13-0 -- the most goals for a single game in World Cup history -- you should be paid at least equally to the men's team.") They want women to have their own soccer teams -- because biology has made it impossible for almost any woman to successfully compete with men in sports -- yet earn the same amount as men do. But the reality is more people will watch men play soccer, just as more people watch major league baseball than minor league baseball -- which is why major league baseball players earn more money than minor league players. But if we applied the equal-pay-for-equal-work principle to baseball, minor league and major league players would be paid the same amount.
With their politicization of their victory, their expletive-filled speech and their publicly expressed contempt for half their fellow citizens, the women of the U.S. women's soccer team succeeded in endearing themselves to America's left. But they earned the rest of the country's disdain, which is sad. We really wanted to love the team.
What we have here is yet another example of perhaps the most important fact in the contemporary world: Everything the left touches it ruins.
Dennis Prager is a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host and columnist. His latest book, published by Regnery in April 2018, is "The Rational Bible," a commentary on the book of Exodus. He is the founder of Prager University and may be contacted at

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

"Giant Sucking Sound" Creator Dead At 89

His Candor Will Be Missed

Former Presidential Candidate

 Ross Perot Dead at 89

  • 2019-07-09 
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff
14 7  37
Former Presidential Candidate Ross Perot Dead at 89
Allan warren [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Self-made billionaire and former two-time presidential candidate Ross Perot has passed away at the age of 89 according to report.

According to CNBC:
Billionaire philanthropist and Independent presidential candidate Ross Perot is dead at 89, CNBC has confirmed.

Perot, who ran for president twice in 1992 and 1996, died after a five-month battle with leukemia, said James Fuller, a representative for the Perot family.

“In business and in life, Ross was a man of integrity and action. A true American patriot and a man of rare vision, principle and deep compassion, he touched the lives of countless people through his unwavering support of the military and veterans and through his charitable endeavors,” Fuller said in a statement.

Perot was an early tech entrepreneur who founded his first company, Electronic Data Systems, in 1962 with $1,000 he had in savings. More than two decades later, he founded information technology services provider Perot Systems, which was acquired in 2009 by Dell for $3.9 billion.
Perot is survived by his Wife Margot, his 5 children, and his 16 grandchildren.

Perot was an independent candidate during both of Bill Clinton's elections where he faced former President George H.W. Bush and former Senator Bob Dole.


Omar Showws The Bad Side Of Democrats

Somali Rep Ilhan Omar Sends Somber 4th of July Tweet Days After Celebrating Somali Independence Day

Are Democrats just ungrateful? All they ever have are complaints; their only mood is negative. A Democrat sees it as an affront to acknowledge that our country has made progress — or that life can be pretty good. They’re so enamored with this mindset that many are now convinced that this country is objectively worse off than it was 30, 50 or 100 years ago.
Considering they said the exact opposite when things actually were objectively worse under Obama, this mindset really tells you everything you need to know about the Democratic Party in 2019.
Conversely, the Republicans don’t whine about how horrible things were in the 90s. Sure, we criticize plenty of policy points under Clinton, but we don’t have to lie and say the whole country suffered just because he was a bad president.
Ilhan Omar’s Happy 4th
This brings us to Ilhan Omar. As a serving Representative in the nation’s capital, it’s no surprise that she sent a 4th of July tweet. Being a Democrat, it’s no surprise that she had nothing good to say.
“Today gives us all a chance to reflect on how far we have come as a country and how much further we have to go to achieve full equality for all people.”
At first glance, it might look like she’s actually appreciating living in the land of the free. After all, this is on a very short list of countries where a Muslim refugee woman can serve in the highest level of government.
The same isn’t true in any majority Muslim country on the planet. In reality, Omar is whining. We don’t live up to her idea of equality. We aren’t socialist enough to fit her agenda.
Only a modern Democrat could look at the most successful nation and culture in the history of the planet and think we need to be more like Stalin or Mao.
This might look like nitpicking, but the context becomes clear when you contrast her other recent tweet celebrating independence. Just 3 days prior, on July 1st, she sent a tweet celebrating Somalia’s independence. That tweet said nothing about how far the Somali people have to go. It just said, “Long live Somalia!”
That’s a pure celebration, and it’s celebrating an independence that has not benefited the Somali people at all. In 1960, Somalia was officially formed by unifying the former colonies that were controlled by Italy and Great Britain.
Since then, Somalia has been completely independent — to be ruled by a series of brutal warlords. Somalia is not a land of freedom. It is not a land of hope or opportunity.
If you want proof, Rep. Ilhan Omar herself had to flee the country in order to not be murdered. She came to America as a refugee. That is a country she can celebrate without caveat, but the land that took her in, educated her and gave her a job in Congress as a complete equal is the land that needs to improve.
Is her disdain for America clear yet?
It’s All a Stupid Game
Here’s the thing. Omar’s indefensible position that Somalia is worthy of greater celebration than the United States isn’t unique to her. For all of her anti-Semitism and overt stupidity, her behavior is pretty average on this one. The Democrats as a party don’t want to celebrate our country. They deal in divisiveness and contention.
Any admission that anything is good in our country is dangerous for them because it could lead to admitting that President Trump isn’t the unforgivable, evil dictator they accuse him of being. If they acknowledge even one good thing, it means they might have to depart from radicalism and return to rational compromise. That road will never lead to the socialist dictatorship they envision for our country.
That’s what this all comes back to. It might feel like a stretch to equate an annoying 4th of July tweet to the Democratic plan for conquest, but all of these things really do tie together.
The left wants control over everything. They make that clear on every issue. They hate freedom. They loathe the idea that you could run your life better than they can. So, they invest every effort, every conversation and every tweet into convincing you that this country is beyond salvaging.
If you buy into their pessimism enough, you just might give up and let them assume power. It’s what they’ve been trying to do all along.