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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jason Biggs Despicable Human Being

If a Republican/conservative/tea party member posted the tweets that Jason Biggs  did, there would be hell to pay.Yet, at this reading there are no protests, no demands that he resign from his job at NICKELODEON no less!  
Let see how balanced ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and NPR are? Betcha, we don't see anything about this disgusting tweet-fest of his. So far there is silence!  
Due to the nature of his job with Nickelodeon, we believe he should be forced to resign, forfeit all income earned and attend sensitivity training. It will not happen, he is a demon-o-crat.
However, this will be the type of childish, immature and degrading actions we can expect from the Democrats and their friends in this campaign. It will show that they have NO moral compass and anything can be said or done without any retribution. However, indignation would reign supreme if a Republican would do anything of the same ilk.
Conservative Tom
Be aware, the language contained in the tweets are in very poor taste and will insult Americans of good character.  It is graphic and contains verbage that is inappropriate for some readers.



Editor’s note: The following story contains graphic language and will be inappropriate to many readers.
American Pie Actor Jason Biggs Attacks Ann Romney, Janna Ryan in Sexually Charged Tweets
Jason Biggs attends the Dawn Of The Con at PETCO Park on July 12, 2012 in San Diego, California. (Credit: Getty Images for VH1 Classic)
The actor whose claim to fame was sticking his reproductive organ into an apple pie proved Thursday night that he can be just as crude and offensive in real life.
Following up on a pair of repulsive tweets about sexually violating vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s wife, Janna, that he sent out on Wednesday, Jason Biggs decided to attack Christians, Paul Ryan, Ann Romney, Clint Eastwood, Janna Ryan (again) and offend nearly everyone else who read the string of new tweets the actor posted late Thursday as the Republican National Convention aired on national television.
But let’s start from the beginning. Biggs on Wednesday tweeted this, which was deleted literally as TheBlaze was writing this story:
And followed up with a Paul Ryan masturbation joke:
But Biggs wasn’t done, not even close. Late Thursday, as the RNC was reaching its climax with GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s nomination acceptance speech, the actor decided to also go after Ann Romney’s private parts:
Surely someone so vile and disrespectful of women would have to be part of the Republican “war on women” right? Not quite. Not surprisingly, Biggs has a general disdain for Republicans and apparently Christians as well.
Finally, Biggs ended his offensive Twitter rant with a retweet about Janna Ryan’s breasts:
The backlash from conservatives has been severe, with sites like Michelle Malkin’s,Life News and other outlets picking up the story, rightfully outraged by the tweets. However, an apology does not appear to be coming from Biggs anytime soon.
On Friday, in his first tweet since, the actor reminded everyone: “You know I put my d*ck in a pie, right?”
If you can believe it, Biggs is actually under contract with the kids network Nickelodeon as a character on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” As Twitchy points out, the pressure is mounting for Nickelodeon to at least respond to Biggs’ nasty tweets — after all, he is a spokesperson for the network whether they want him to be or not. Many are calling for Nickelodeon to sever ties with the actor.
Visit to see how Biggs’ supporters and critics are reacting to the tweets.