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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Second Amendment Rights In Danger

A report that just crossed my desk that was written by Reuters and illustrates the damage that President Obama is doing to the country. The second amendment is, if not the most important, one of the most important of them all. Without the ability of the citizens to fight their government by force of arms, the government can do whatever it wants to its citizenry. Those who study history know that the first thing tyrants do is to terminate the rights of individuals to own guns. It was done in Germany and Russia and it could be coming to the United States courtesy of our President.

I have checked the Reuters site and it was indeed published on October 14, 2009. You might have seen this before, however, I have not.

The cards are lining up for an Obama takeover. He already has appointed unelected"czars" to run many parts of the economy, forecefully took over private business i.e. GM and Chrysler, rammed health insurance onto American citizens who did not want it, is spending our economy into oblivion and is prepared to allow the United Nations to control conventional (guns) weapons which guts the second amendment. This is just a short list of what damage he has done. Be prepared as time is of the essence.

Are you upset yet?

U.S. Reverses Stance On Treaty To Regulate Arms Trade


Wed Oct 14, 2009 11:56pm EDT

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States reversed policy on Wednesday and said it would back launching talks on a treaty to regulate arms sales as long as the talks operated by consensus, a stance critics said gave every nation a veto.

The decision, announced in a statement released by the U.S. State Department, overturns the position of former President George W. Bush's administration, which had opposed such a treaty on the grounds that national controls were better.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the United States would support the talks as long as the negotiating forum, the so-called Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty, "operates under the rules of consensus decision-making."

"Consensus is needed to ensure the widest possible support for the Treaty and to avoid loopholes in the Treaty that can be exploited by those wishing to export arms irresponsibly," Clinton said in a written statement.

While praising the Obama administration's decision to overturn the Bush-era policy and to proceed with negotiations to regulate conventional arms sales, some groups criticized the U.S. insistence that decisions on the treaty be unanimous.

"The shift in position by the world's biggest arms exporter is a major breakthrough in launching formal negotiations at the United Nations in order to prevent irresponsible arms transfers," Amnesty International and Oxfam International said in a joint statement.

However, they said insisting that decisions on the treaty be made by consensus "could fatally weaken a final deal."

"Governments must resist US demands to give any single state the power to veto the treaty as this could hold the process hostage during the course of negotiations. We call on all governments to reject such a veto clause," said Oxfam International's policy adviser Debbie Hillier.

The proposed legally binding treaty would tighten regulation of, and set international standards for, the import, export and transfer of conventional weapons.

Supporters say it would give worldwide coverage to close gaps in existing regional and national arms export control systems that allow weapons to pass onto the illicit market.

Nations would remain in charge of their arms export control arrangements but would be legally obliged to assess each export against criteria agreed under the treaty. Governments would have to authorize transfers in writing and in advance.

The main opponent of the treaty in the past was the U.S. Bush administration, which said national controls were better. Last year, the United States accounted for more than two-thirds of some $55.2 billion in global arms transfer deals.

Arms exporters China, Russia and Israel abstained last year in a U.N. vote on the issue.

The proposed treaty is opposed by conservative U.S. think tanks like the Heritage Foundation, which said last month that it would not restrict the access of "dictators and terrorists" to arms but would be used to reduce the ability of democracies such as Israel to defend their people.

The U.S. lobbying group the National Rifle Association has also opposed the treaty.

A resolution before the U.N. General Assembly is sponsored by seven nations including major arms exporter Britain. It calls for preparatory meetings in 2010 and 2011 for a conference to negotiate a treaty in 2012.

(Editing by Eric Beech)


May 18, 2010 5:36pm EDT

Another backdoor attempt to circumvent the 2nd amendment and the intent of the Constitution. Arms confiscation, and or the halt of ammunition sales to private citizens will spark civil unrest in the U.S. Obama better step back from his ambitions of a socialist world government, with him as dictator. Our economy will never recover under his pathetic leadership.

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