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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Yup, Islam Is A Religion Of Peace

It sickens us everytime we hear Islam being praised as a "religion of peace."  It is far from that! Anyone who believes this propaganda is buying into a lie. It might be true for the majority who practice the religion, however, those who control its world wide agenda do not. In a conflict between average humans and radicals, the radicals always win.

Today, two stories (with links below) seem to illustrate my disdain for the radicals who run Islam. Both involve Al Queda but one is in Yemen and the other Pakistan.  The first involves the killing of another embassy employee. Maybe we should start a count of how many State Department employees have been killed under the Obama watch?

The second involves a 14 year old Pakistani girl who worked hard against the Tailban and was shot.  Hopefully, she will recover, however, how low will this group of thugs go? Shooting a young girl, this is the lowest of low.  They are animals and as such should be treated as animals.

We, who believe that Islam's march must be stopped, must take every opportunity to express our opinion and to demand that those who support Islam re-think their position.

Conservative Tom

Sure Do Hope He Is Correct

Do we have to comment? For the sake of the US, lets hope (and pray) that he is right!

Conservative Tom

Why Romney Will Win By A Landslide, Part 2

October 11, 2012 by  

Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for My commentary right here predicting a Mitt Romney landslide victory back in the spring attracted tremendous attention. It was read and forwarded all over the country. I was called by media from coast to coast to talk about it. The reason it was taken so seriously is my track record as a well-known Las Vegas oddsmaker (the only one in history awarded my own 180-pound granite star in the sidewalk in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Walk of Stars) and, even more importantly, my track record of predicting political races.
In November of 2004, only days before the Presidential election, I went on CNBC and predicted a George W. Bush victory by 3 points and 30 electoral votes. Every poll at the time showed John Kerry in the lead. Bush won by 3 and 35. Newsmax magazine called it the most accurate prediction of 2004.
In October of 2006, I went on Fox News to predict the GOP would get slaughtered in the midterm election and lose Congress. It did.
In December 2011, before the GOP primary, I predicted Mitt Romney would win the GOP Presidential nomination and go on to win the Presidency. For the next few months, Romney trailed by a wide margin to a range of contenders: Donald Trump, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum. It seemed no one wanted Mitt for President. It seemed no one believed in Mitt — no one, that is, except this Las Vegas oddsmaker and capitalist evangelist.
Fast-forward to spring 2012 after Romney clinched the GOP Presidential race but trailed in every poll to President Barack Obama. I boldly predicted a Mitt Romney landslide on Nov. 6.
Fast-forward to June 2012 when experts forecast a defeat for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in his recall election. Unions were pouring unheard-of sums into the race in a longtime Democratic State that welcomes union rights. I boldly predicted a Walker landslide victory of 7 to 10 points. He won by exactly 7 (despite reported Democratic voter irregularities).
For the past month, as Mitt Romney trailed badly in every poll (especially in the all-important battleground States), I continued to predict a big Romney victory. Today I’m making it official: I’m doubling down. Mitt Romney will win the Presidency, and it won’t be close.
I’m predicting a 5- to 7-point popular vote victory. Electorally, it won’t be that close. Romney will win many States that went to Obama in 2008. I’m predicting Romney victories in Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Indiana. I predict a Romney victory by 100 to 120 electoral votes.
In the days before the first Presidential debate, polls showed Romney trailing badly in most of those States. But, as I’ve argued from day one, the polls are wrong. They are badly skewed toward Democrats. Quite simply, they are over-polling Democratic voters and assuming a turnout that looks like 2008, when record numbers of Democrats came out for Obama.
After Romney’s overwhelming victory in the first debate, he now leads or is dead even in battleground States where, only days before, he was supposedly way behind. My contention is a 1-point Romney lead in those Democrat-skewed polls is really a comfortable 5- to 7-point Romney lead on Election Day.
There are several specific reasons I predict a comfortable Romney victory on Election Day:
The news media are ignoring signs of mass revulsion towards Obama. In the West Virginia Democratic primary, a felon got 40 percent of the vote versus Obama. In deep-blue Massachusetts and Connecticut, GOP Senate candidates are even or leading in recent polls. In pro-union Wisconsin, Walker won by a country mile. But worst of all for Obama, several recent polls show Romney competitive in Illinois — Obama’s home State. Romney is actually winning by a landslide in the suburbs of Obama’s Chicago. Even in Cook County, the country’s biggest Democratic stronghold, Romney leads by double digits among independents (43-31) and white voters (53-40). These are very bad signs for Obama.
In 2008, Democrats overwhelmingly controlled the majority of Governorships. Today, Republicans control the majority of Governorships. Presidential elections are always steered in each State by the Governor, the most powerful force in State politics.
After the 2010 census, electoral votes were added to States that lean Republican in elections: Texas, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, South Carolina and Utah. Deep-blue Democratic States like New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Massachusetts lost electoral votes.
That brings up an interesting point. Why is everyone running away from these ultra-liberal, high-tax States in the first place? Isn’t that alone proof of the failure of Democratic ideas?
Next, follow the money trail. Yes, Obama is raising plenty of money, although there is a major question if it’s coming from illegal foreign contributors. But forget all that. What matters is that in 2008 Obama overwhelmed McCain by outspending him 10 to 1 down the stretch. That won’t happen in 2012. Romney is even with Obama, in the last two weeks of the election. That makes a huge difference in the outcome.
Christians will turn out in record numbers this year. Obama has offended Christians again and again. In the last election, 20 million evangelical Christians did not vote. They will turn out in record numbers in 2012 to defeat the most anti-Christian President in U.S. history. How motivated are Christians? Did you see the long lines around the country to support Chick-fil-A a few weeks ago? You’ll see those same lines on Election Day.
Voter rolls have been purged in 2012 of felons and illegals in many States, particularly Florida and Ohio. Turnout of Democrats will be nothing like 2008. That brings up another important question. What kind of political party relies on felons and people illegally in the country to win elections?
The “enthusiasm factor” for Romney is huge. Conservatives are focused, intense, motivated and enthusiastic. Democrats turned out for Obama in record numbers in 2008. Today, they are demoralized. A big edge goes to Romney on Election Day as conservatives, white voters, middle-class voters and independents turn out in record numbers for Romney. I know several people who voted for Obama in 2008, but never will again. Does anyone know a McCain voter who will vote for Obama in 2012? There are none.
Finally, history proves that a majority of undecided voters break for the challenger. Romney will take most of the undecided voters on Election Day — just like Ronald Reagan did versus Jimmy Carter in 1980. Romney’s fantastic debate performance gave them confidence to choose the challenger. This is Carter/Reagan all over again. The same horrible economy. The same economically ignorant fool in the White House bringing misery to Americans. The same economic collapse under the weight of socialist, pro-union, soak-the-rich, demonize-the-business-owners policies.
I predict the same result on Election Day. Mitt Romney will win in a landslide. And If I’m wrong, God help the United States of America.
I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you right back here next week. Same time, same place. God Bless.

YouTube Is Inconsistent

Talk about inconsistency. YouTube allows pro-terror videos but will not allow anything negative about Mohammaed.  It is ok to blow up people, but not to criticize a religion.  This is what happens when good people try to be "fair" and "even-handed" with Muslims. It does not work and will only call for more outrageous demands from Muslim leaders.

Unless world leaders both inside and outside government develop the ability to understand the threat we face with radical Islam,   non-Muslims will decend into dimi status and will be forced to pay tribute to the Mullahs.  Do you want to be considered a second class citizen?  We do not.

Conservative Tom

YouTube Blocks ‘Anti-Mohammed’ Video, Not Taliban Terror Videos

Site limits ‘Innocence of Muslims’ in Islamic countries but allows video of lethal attack on American base.

  0  56
“Those who came here insulting Islam and the Koran, I will take revenge on them,” said  a Taliban suicide bomber with a chilling smile. Moments later he drove a truck loaded with 10,000 kg of explosives into U.S. Forward-Operating Base Salerno in Khost, Afghanistan, killing two U.S. soldiers.
It was all captured on a Taliban propaganda videonarrated by an Al Jazeera reporter. It’s currently available for anyone to see on YouTube. More shocking, the Taliban have their own YouTube channel, though it is mostly dormant.
Yet when the White House pushed YouTube to censor a movie “offensive” to Muslims, YouTube made it unavailable for viewing in Islamic countries.
“The Innocence of Muslims” stands accused of starting the Islamic riots raging around multiple U.S. embassies, and it is now blocked in Egypt, Libya, India, Indonesia and Afghanistan.
Meanwhile YouTube does little to police jihadist videos, which often given a veneer of journalistic respectability by having been broadcast by the anti-American and anti-Israel Al Jazeera network.
Al-Jazeera serves as more or less a propaganda outlet for jihad, broadcasting footage of killed and captured American soldiers, ignoring Palestinian terrorism and coloring reports to enflame Muslim opinion against the West. The network has regularly failed to assist the U.S. government in tracing video sources provided to the channel by al-Qaeda operatives.
(None of that, by the way, matters to liberal American journalists, who’ve advocated wider U.S. cable distribution for Al Jazeera English.)
One video featured on the Taliban channel is of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Sgt. Bergdahl is the only American prisoner-of-war from the Afghan conflict, and is rumored to be held captive by the militant Pakistan-based Haqqani network.
“The videos show a steep decline in Bowe’s appearance and mental health. In the first two videos he displays a measured calm, a kind of doped-out serenity that is missing from the most recent installments. Each is typical jihadist propaganda, using Bowe to recite lines criticizing American foreign policy,” Mark McDonald of the International Herald Tribune reported in June.
According to David Reaboi, the vice-president of Strategic Communications at the Center for Security Policy, videos like this are common on YouTube. “There are a ton of doctrinal pro-Jihad videos available,” he said. “A few weeks ago I flagged a video, and it’s still there.”
The most gruesome finds include videos of Taliban soldiers posing with severed heads, and apublic execution of a woman accused of adultery. Footage of Taliban training tactics are easily obtained through a simple search.
“America Will Not Be Able to Succeed” 
The video of the attack on FOB Salerno remain published on YouTube. They’re a typical example of Jihadi propaganda.
“The documentary-style video was released by an al-Qaeda-friendly Islamist group. The brazen assault was carried out on June 1 at Forward Operating Base Salerno in Khost, Afghanistan,” The Daily Mail reported.
It lovingly detailed the planning of the operation and the training. A Taliban operative showcased his skill with firearms by firing two machine guns at once. Terrorists were shown in what looks like American combat uniforms during live fire training with assault rifles, rockets and grenades.
Later, the terrorists gather around a mock-up of FOB Salerno and discuss the best way to infiltrate it while viewing satellite images. They load 10,000 kg of explosives into a truck and before the attack commences the driver smiles, saying “America will not be able to succeed.” He encouraged other to join the cause of Jihad.
Those horrifying words were his last, and minutes later the truck drove into Camp Salerno and exploded. Flames and smoke engulfed the screen as the base is leveled. The explosion is recorded from three different angles, while gleeful jihadists chant “Allahu Akbar,” translated as “God is greater.”
The video is rudimentary propaganda, meant to help recruit young Muslims and demoralize Westerners. Yet the “Innocence of Muslims,” not the video glorifying the killing of American soldiers, is censored by YouTube.
Reaboi told CMI this problem extends to Facebook along with YouTube.
“Facebook does the same thing. There was a group called the “Sharia War on Women” which explained how mainstream Islamic law hurts women. It disappeared overnight, and Facebook took it down because it was declared ‘hate speech’ by Muslims,” Reaboi said.
Free Speech Under Fire
America’s freedom of speech consistently incites Islamic anger, and America’s media desperately grasp at any chance to depict the “fragility” of Islam or fawn over the “compassionate Taliban.”
Rep. Ted Poe (R) of Texas expressed concerns about the White House asking YouTube to remove the video.
“It is concerning that the president has no problem telling a private entity what it should do, but he has continued to remain silent on the multiple YouTube videos uploaded by terrorists. These videos are aimed to recruit new members and promote attacks on America, which are not protected under free speech,” Rep. Poe said in a statement.
The Washington Post reported Google implicitly invoked the concept of “clear and present danger” when the company blocked “The Innocence of Muslims.”
“’Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter now play this adjudicatory role on free speech,’ said Andrew McLaughlin, a former top policy official at Google who later worked the Obama White House as deputy chief technology officer,” The Post reported in September.
YouTube defended its position and cited the company’s terms of use. In the terms the company encouraged “free speech and defends everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view,” but the site does not permit hate speech.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Manufactured Job Numbers?

For those who believe the September unemployment numbers, the following article is a different view. Are they manufactured or real? We believe the prior!  The timing of the report is ironic. If they are made up numbers, you can expect the same with the November report. Will they be down a full percentage then or will that be too obvious. Time will tell.

Conservative Tom

It’s A Dirty Job

October 9, 2012 by  
It’s A Dirty Job
Just about 36 hours after Governor Mitt Romney debated President Barack Obama the way Godzilla debated Tokyo, the Department of Labor released the September jobs report. To say Obama needed a win after face-planting in Denver while nearly 70 million Americans stifled a giggle is an understatement on par with “Chris Matthews might want to lay off the pipe.” And the boys at the Bureau of Labor Statistics delivered for their boss — big time. As of Friday morning, the Nation’s unemployment rate had dropped to 7.9 percent (the lowest at any point during Obama’s tenure).
But there are wins, and then there are Doug Flutie-as-time-expires miracles. Friday morning’s rather — ahem — timely jobs report is the latter. Just as Obama headed into the final month of campaign season seriously exposed, along came employment numbers Democrats can point to with a modicum of pride. Except, at second glance, the jobs numbers look less fortuitous and more like fantasy.
The magic September jobs report might indeed be a political Hail Mary completion in the end zone, or it might not. There are only two possible scenarios.
Scenario 1: The numbers are bogus.
  • The numbers don’t add up. Payrolls hit the forecast number almost to the dollar, but the employment rate shot up. Of the jobs created, 582,000 are part-time only. Either the numbers are as honest as an Al Gore “science” lecture or most of the “jobs” are what the Democratic Party itself refers to as “McJobs.” Even then, the numbers don’t match.
  • Obama’s – ahem — issues with the truth are hardly a new problem. (See also Secretaries Hilda Solis and Kathleen Sebelius and the Hatch Act, Accomplice General Eric Holder and Operation Fast and Furious, and the double-talking regarding the brutal murders of Ambassador Chris Stevens and his three fellow victims.)
  • Actual data indicate a real unemployment rate of closer to 14 percent. That includes the millions of Americans who have given up trying to find work in Obama’s economy.
  • Forty-seven million Americans depend on food stamps to feed themselves and their children.
  • Obama’s biggest economic achievement is the so-called “rescue” of General Motors Co., itself both a financial and industrial disaster.
Scenario 2: The numbers are real.
  • It’s a miracle! Unless you consider that the numbers mean that Obama has taken nearly four years to deliver no change whatsoever.
It’s not as if any of the casual liars in the Obama Administration will acknowledge that their man got Mitt-rolled. Nor are they likely to admit that Obama lost because he’s really a marionette whose appeal is thinner than an anorexic socialite with a coke habit. Obama’s whole campaign is the Memorex version of his 2008 campaign, itself nothing but a compilation of the race-baiting, finger-pointing and class-envy drivel that cost the Democrats control of the House in 2010.
They might as well stick with phony jobs reports and other flimsy excuses for achievement. The people whose jobs flew the coop with Obama’s promises of “change” know the difference, and they’ll remember come Election Day.
–Ben Crystal

Monday, October 8, 2012

Devaluation Coming?

October 8, 2012 by  
Devaluation Coming?
Government statistics never hint at the cost to the American people of constant devaluation of the currency. It’s a deep, dark secret that operates above the awareness threshold. What thief would announce his devices?
Currency depreciation is a ploy governments have used for millennia. Why do evil men steal through currency depreciation? Because of its huge, ongoing income flow that goes to government over and above all taxes. Taxes have the implied legality of law and consent of the people. Currency depreciation is not allotted the parameters of legality or illegality. It is above the law and is almost never debated in the monetary realm.
Currency depreciation is seductively covert when a regime is relatively stable. But when a government becomes unstable, depreciation of the currency becomes more overt until collapse.
The modern-day currency-collapsing event was Zimbabwe. But a much bigger classic currency collapse was the German Weimar Republic collapse of 1923.
Currency depreciation, especially in its latter days, impoverishes the middle class and, indeed, most of the population. The effects of currency depreciation have become destructive long before the general public becomes aware. Then, for most people, it is only a matter of survival and a constant search for basic food and clothing.
Of course, there are always a very few people who are alert to these unannounced shenanigans of government and politicians. They are able to conserve their monetary resources by diversifying into foreign currencies, gold, silver and the necessary tangibles of survival. They become far more independent of the system, mainly by putting most of their resources out of the reach of government. Being out of reach of government can mean leaving the country. For most, it simply means hiding personal wealth.
For those who are restrained by the Christian ethic, I would only say that is your choice. Once, my sister said when filing her income taxes that she didn’t want to lie about her income sources. To that I remarked, “After all, you are lying to Satan, ‘the father of lies.’”
Collapsing confidence is a syndrome of fiat paper money. We are now in the latter stage of collapsing confidence. When paper money, i.e., the U.S. dollar, reaches a certain stage of depreciation, the economy simply can’t keep up because money can’t be created by the money creators fast enough. In other words, as fiat paper money becomes worthless, it becomes scarce. Visible bankruptcies begin to appear at every level. Counties, cities, States and the Federal government are short of money. But, of course, the Federal government keeps the money presses rolling.
Governments do many things to hide the constant depreciation of paper or fiat currencies. The U.S. government is particularly adept at currency depreciation cover-up. One of the ways is with a food stamp program for more than 47 million people. People at this level are pacified with free food, so depreciation (inflation) is not an issue with this segment of the population. Also, the food stamp programs effectively buy off revolution in the streets. Full bellies don’t riot. They watch sports on TV.
All avenues of debate are limited and controlled. There is no forum in the United States to carry on debate for a sound currency.
Normally, gold and silver escalate higher with paper money depreciation. But the U.S. government cooperates with the big banks to suppress the normal and natural price of gold and silver. The government implies that it is legal to own gold and silver but it keeps the market price suppressed to discourage ownership and competition with its paper money. The suppression will end and gold and silver will skyrocket as confidence collapses further.
The collapse of paper money is at this time the biggest event in our lives, but so few are aware.
There are many police state controls ready to be formalized. Exchange controls with huge penalties will be installed.
Governments devalue in two ways. They devalue all the time by printing money. On top of this I expect a big devaluation of 30 percent to 50 percent to come suddenly, unannounced, on a weekend.
It will be a case of today you have a “dollar.” Tomorrow you have 50 cents. So everything requires double money all at once.
Plan diversification as soon as possible!
Seniors, You Are Eating Your Seed Corn?
It used to be that “taxes and death” were sure things. Now we can confidently add that the U.S. monetary authorities will print (create) money until this system collapses. Have you bought gold and, especially, silver?
How does it feel to eat your seed corn? You have worked hard and saved. Now you are paying for your frugality. You are now giving the system your savings.
There is an undeclared war going on. It’s the government taking your savings by suppressing interest rates and currency devaluation (printing money).
Do you feel good about this? Has your Representative or Senator warned you about this? Do you still trust him?
There is still time for you to protect your savings, or what’s left. But believe me, there is not much time.
I have recommended for years that you buy gold coins and silver coins, especially pre-1965 90 percent silver U.S. coins. Buy in bags of $1,000 face amount or, if you can’t do that, buy half bags or $500 face amount.
Please don’t quibble over price, causing critical delay. A few pennies here and there won’t matter soon. This is first and urgent priority!
I don’t want you to get sick at your stomach in the coming days. I beg you! Shop for a coin dealer. They are everywhere.
Then if you have any money left, buy and store food. Inflated U.S. dollars will bring very high food prices and famine in the land.
Buy a small farm in the country. Growing your food will be important.