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Friday, August 18, 2017

Rule Of Law Must Be Supreme Regardless How Good Or Bad The Cause

Huckabee Makes A Great Point: Can Pro-Lifers Tear Down The Abortion Clinics They Find Offensive?

“Nobody would justify that"

Scott Olson / Getty

With leftist marauders rampaging their way across the South, tearing down monuments they find offensive without due process of law or public discourse, they set a precedent that anyone can tear down what they dislike.
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has a sound rebuttal to this.
Speaking on Fox News this week, the fomer governor said that pro-lifers hate abortion clinics with almost as much, and possibly more, inflamed passion as the Marxist radicals have toward the Confederate monuments. By the left's own standards here, pro-lifers should be allowed to storm any abortion clinic during its off hours and torch the death machine to the ground.
If tearing down offensive monuments is the order of today's business, why can't they?
“Anarchists go and just tear down the statues [of Confederates and historical figures who were slave owners] because they are impatient with politicians doing it,” Huckabee said. “… that is not acceptable behavior, it is vandalism, it is anarchy, and it would be like me saying ‘I don’t like abortion clinics, so I’m going to go to tear them down because I find them offensive.’”
His comments were hypothetical, since all mainstream, non-fringe whackos, pro-lifers condemn violence toward abortion clinics and providers. We respect the rule of law, even one as cruel as Roe v. Wade.
“Nobody would justify that, including me,” Huckabee said.
Huckabee warned that America is on the borderline of anarchy if it does not stop the marauders.
“We are bordering on anarchy,” he said, “having a select group of people tear something down because it offends them personally.”
As to whether or not the Confederate statues should stay, Huckabee rightly asserted it should remain a subject for public discourse. If the trend continues, "Where does it stop?" he asked. He added, “Al Sharpton is calling for the destruction of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington. You have a pastor in Chicago asking that Washington Park have that statue there removed because George Washington owned slaves.”
Matt Walsh of The Blaze made a similar argument regarding the tearing down of statues. If offensiveness is the impetus to destroy, then anarchy has become who we are.

Those Who Contribute To North Korea's Nuclear Program Should Be Their First Target!

Ukraine Suspected of Providing N. Korea with Nuclear Materials

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In 2014, the US State Department lent support to Ukraine in order to remove their pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych. The stated intention was to turn the Ukraine into a nation that would be NATO friendly, existing along the western border of Russia. But now according to reports echoed by the New York Times, the transformation of the Ukraine into a US-friendly hard point in Eastern Europe has resulted in the country becoming the secret source of North Korea’s ballistic nuclear weapons program.
According to the report, North Korea has been making illegal purchases of rocket engines from a factory in Ukraine. The report is based on the analysis of a series of photographs which show Kim Jong-un reviewing the new rocket engines and concludes that the massive machines were derived from designs that were once used as a power source for the missile fleet belonging to the now defunct Soviet Union.
Because the alleged Soviet designed engines have been linked to a small number of sites, investigators have focused their attention on one particular missile factory in Dnipro, Ukraine. There, close to the Russian border- Russia has been staging a series of military activities in an attempt to take that small part of the country. The most powerful Russian missiles produced during the Cold War were produced in this factory. But since the ouster of Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych, the factory has been largely underfunded as the Russians canceled scheduled improvements for their nuclear missile fleet.
Micheal Elleman, a missile ballistics expert at the International Institute for Strategic Studies told the New York Times, “These engines probably came from Ukraine illegally. The question is how many of these missiles North Korea has and whether or not the Ukrainians are continuing to help them now. It’s very worrying.”
Elleman added that the United Nations discovered six years ago that North Korea attempted to steal nuclear secrets from the complex in Dnipro. Two North Koreans were apprehended and the UN says that the information they were trying to obtain was focused on “missile systems, liquid-propellant engines, spacecraft, and missile fuel supply systems.”
The factory in question denies exporting any missile related technology outside of the Ukraine.
These allegations are serious and should be investigated. But they are based on a series of conclusions derived from inconclusive evidence. So far, the strongest piece of that evidence is a photograph which shows the inside of one of the sections of a missile. In the photograph, no engine parts or any internal working components are visible. It is a portion of the missile’s casing which is revealed- a portion of the casing that would be obscured before the separation of sections during flight. In it, we see four evenly spaced circular structures on the underside of the casing.
In the image, an overlay of the known schematics of the missile is utilized to display the similarities. A series of diagrams are presented in order to show the missile that Elleman says matches the photograph.
All of this speculation is based on two images. In one, the end of a large horizontal metal tube is seen. The features of the tube appear to be heavily rusted and there are many apparently broken and irregular pieces. In the image, about 60% of the device is obscured by what appears to be very young North Korean officers.
Another photograph shows a group of Korean military personnel arranged to listen to a speaker in a cleared section of a warehouse. Around them, are very large tubes- tubes which could be anything. They could be tanks of liquid. To be fair, in the distance there is one piece of machinery which looks vaguely similar to a nose cone.
In short, one image shows what could be a distillery- and the other shows the end of a tube which appears to be long out of use.
It is suspicious that Russia would be conducting long term/low-intensity military maneuvers on the border near the factory. The fact that two North Koreans were captured claiming to have been after missile secrets is also disturbing.
However, the sources of this story are dubious. The NYT has been complicit in pushing Pro-Hillary messages much to the detriment of their business model. And the UN is in the business of posing a military threat to Russia- a business that is threatened by Trump’s friendly attitude toward Russia.
The White House has said nothing about this story. Donald Trump, wisely, is playing his cards close to his chest on this issue.
~ American Liberty Report

It Is Time For Even Handed Justice And Media Coverage


Charlottesville Massacre Demands Crackdown on Radical Groups

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Since liberals suffered sweeping
losses in the November elections,
 left-wing fascists groups have gotten
 away with violence, destruction of
property, assault on police officers and
Constitutional rights violations.
Sadly, the Charlottesville massacre
shows that right-wing extremists are
 ready to spill blood in the streets as
 well. Only a crackdown on radical
 leftist thugs can stop a river of blood
 from flooding America.

Are So-Called “Counter-Protestors” Really Terrorists?

Liberal-leaning media outlets have coined the phrase “counter-protestors” for the radical left
 groups that inflict violence on peaceful demonstrations. Leading all groups in terms of violence
 and anti-American sentiment is Antifa. Ironically, the name is coined as “anti-fascist,” but the
 loosely-knit organization resembles a low-level Nazi group bent on toppling American free speech.
Antifa became a household name primarily based on its lawlessness at U.C. Berkeley, where
black-masked cowards rioted, threw bricks, and burned the front of a building where conservative
 personality Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak. The local police chief had law enforcement
 stand down, allowing Antifa to run rampant and effectively violate the speaker’s Civil Liberties.
Antifa factions have since come armed for violence at conservative or nationalist gatherings across
 the nation. News video from Charlottesville shows a “Unite the Right” march met by an attack from
 Antifa members in the streets, shouting “kill them.”
It’s important to note that law enforcement across the nation doesn’t take precautionary measures
against violence because of demonstrations by groups that range from conservative to Alt-Right
to racist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. The heighted concern that blood will be spilt and lives
lost stems from left-wing groups such as Antifa that descend with violent intent.
An inherently violent group that emerged from the racially-dividing polices of President Barack
 Obama is Black Lives Matter. Pretending to focus on social justice in cases where police wrongfu
l take the lives of African-Americans, the group appears to be nothing more than another gathering
 of racists.
Black Lives Matter protests occur only in white-on-black police shootings, and we rarely hear a
peep when an officer involved in a shooting is also black. The organization appears to have
gained momentum from the Obama Administration’s racially-biased speeches and calls for civil
 rights investigations by the Department of Justice and FBI when police kill African-American
Since taking root, Black Lives Matter associates have been at the heart of the murder of police
officers across the country. The most notable were five Dallas officers gunned down by a sniper
 during a demonstration. The gunman was also a New Black Panther Party affiliate that openly
advocates violence against white people.
In Baton Rouge, a lawsuit has been filed suing five prominent Black Lives Matter leaders for
 encouraging the violence that left three officers dead and three critically wounded. One of the
wounded officers was rendered permanently disabled from the ambush.
In many ways, these violent left-wing groups parallel the workings of terror organizations as well
as the despicable white nationalists they claim to oppose. They all advocate violence, hate, racism
 and seek to undercut the values outlined in the U.S. Constitution.
Their actions seek to deter Americans from the exercise of peaceful assembly, protest and speech.
Regardless of whether mainstream Americans agree with the views of these extreme right-wing
groups, undermining their rights undermines all rights.

Who Is to Blame?

The short answer is former President Obama. During his 8-years in office, he pandered to the
 extreme left in hopes of asserting Democratic control of government. Obviously, that backfired.
 But his unfettered approval of the radical left’s unlawful actions gave a kind of “permission” that
extreme behavior would be tolerated. The ex-president’s dangerous rhetoric gave rise to police
 officers being murdered and blood in the streets.
Since the transition of power, Democratic leaders such as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are
 either silent when Antifa and Black Lives Matters members wreak havoc or they incorrectly point
 the finger at right-wing organizations. After a young woman was run down by a car in
 Charlottesville, Schumer and Pelosi suddenly find time to speak up. In an almost comical display,
they call on President Trump to break his silence and condemn racism and violence.
The president has been on the record dozens of times denouncing these repugnant actions. What
 liberal politicians really desire is to denounce only actions by the extreme right, and tolerate liberal
 hate and violence. Schumer and Pelosi play politics with these issues and that is like throwing
gasoline on the fire burning across America. We saw the results again in Charlottesville.
When any group has their civil rights violated and are under violent physical attack, an extreme
 response is predictable. The tragic death of the young woman in Charlottesville may be the
beginning of a larger social justice war fought on our streets. The Justice Department must deem
 all violent groups as terror organizations, and crack down on their criminal behavior to end the
~ Liberty Planet

Is US Heading Toward Communism? Totalitarianism?