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Friday, June 11, 2010

Joran van der Sloot

One can only wonder how many other girls van der Sloot has attacked and potentially killed in the past five years since he is alleged to have killed Natale Holloway. Obviously he is very quick witted and cagey but even the worst criminal soon gets caught which seems to be happening in Peru. However, the one question that no one seems to be asking--are there any other victims? Where is the vaunted media? Why are they not asking this question? If you Google"other van der Sloot victims" you see a couple articles but nothing much else. Why I ask? Someone as sick as this man definitely has issues and to think that he has only attacked and killed two girls would be very superficial. So if any reporters read this, get on your hobby horse and find out more details.

Another issue of this case that baffles me is the involvement of the FBI. Why on earth, did they deliver him $25,000 in "hopes" of finding the remains of Natale. This guy will continue to lead all investigators around the mulberry bush for as long as he can. He will confess and then recant. He will tell them he has all the details and then change his mind. Why would you ever want to deal with this type of scum? Joran van der Sloot is only in it for himself. He does not care about anyone that he has hurt. He is an international murder and dealing with him is like trying to get your hands on the wind. He will tell you what you want to hear as long as it is in his best interests. Had he not been captured on video, he would have gotten away with this also. But the "fat lady" has not sung yet on Joran van der Sloot. My fear is that he will find a way to escape this case also, then he will have two families (or more) to get money from.

The families and the FBI should never deal with this guy and hopefully his Karma will catch up with him! We can only hope.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who would rent Obama's College Apartment?

Today, I opened up my Yahoo! browser and found an article that baffles me. Who would ever want to rent Obama's apartment? I suppose if you were this big Obama Freak and wanted to be closer to your hero, I guess that might be one reason. Or if someone was caught up with celebrity (is he really one?), that might be another. However, for those of sane individuals who might still exist in this country, I cannot see any reason. It is a cramped old apartment with few amenities although it does have wood floors!

Are we so deprived of joy in our lives today that we have to live our lives through celebrities, near celebrities (reality show pimps) and anyone who might be more interesting than the way we view ourselves? If so, "get a life." Find something interesting and make your life interesting. Stop wishing we were like these people. I have news for you, most of them are very plastic, as shallow as tin foil and as interesting as watching paint dry. Of course, there are some who are very real, but the majority are not! In fact, in most cases, you are more interesting than they are!

So next time you see a celebrity, whether it is President Obama or Cher, realize they put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you! They are not more important or more interesting than you. Most of these celebrities pine for the day they did not have the fame and the trappings that come with it. How would you like to be followed 24/7 by photographers? Celebrity is not what it is made up to be by the press. Yes, they may have money or fame, but what they have given up is a "personal" personal life.

And getting back to the apartment, who cares if the President lived there? Do you really think that his charma will rub off on you? Will it make you more interesting? Will it make you rich or successful? I doubt it. I repeat "get a life."

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gulf Oil and contribution

Obama until late has been very quiet when it comes to the oil spill in the Gulf. According to press releases, he is "monitoring" the situation and allowing BP to take the lead in the solving the problem. Only lately has the White House started to take a more visible approach. This occurs after Obama's popularity and job performance numbers keep falling like a sinking ship. Yesterday in the Los Angeles Times comes an article which sort of explains the tepid response by our Commander in Chief. Seems that Obama, Rahm Emanuel and the Democrats are up to their ears in complications with BP. Could not happen to a better bunch of guys. And on top of that, seems that the Interior Department last year (yes, that is '09--well after Bush left office) exempted BP from an environmental study. Could that be the result of money and influence? That would not happen in this crystal clear transparent administration!!

The article is entitled "The ties that bind. Remember Rahm Emanuel's rent-free D. C. apartment? The owner: A BP advisor." June 7, 2010 posted at 3:34 pm.

So what do you think?