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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Only Country That Hamas And Palestinians Want Is One Without Israel

Murder as Politics

Even as growing numbers of Palestinian terrorists stab madly at Israeli men, women, and children, much of the world still endorses creation of “Palestine.” Such mindless support continues, moreover, despite the fact that the Palestinians themselves reject any sort of two-state solution. Indeed, the latest such poll (September 2015), conducted by Palestinian research organizations, concluded that almost half the resident Arabs strongly favor the use of armed force and generalized violence against Israeli noncombatants.
For the most part, western news reports notwithstanding, knife wielding attackers are not “lone wolves.” Rather, they have been conspicuously spurred on by vitriolic PA incitements, and by carefully synchronized calls from the mosques to murder “The Jews.”
The Palestinian Authority shares with Hamas the irredentist vision of a one-state solution. There is nothing hidden or ambiguous about this true plan for Israel’s disappearance. It is plainly codified on the official maps of both factions, where Israel is identified only as “Occupied Palestine.”
For virtually all Arab forces in the Middle East, the conflict with Israel is never about land. It is about God, and about always-related promises of personal immortality. It is about power over death.
For the Palestinians, their carefully sanitized public rhetoric notwithstanding, the enemy is not the Israelis (that term is just subterfuge, for the media), but “The Jews.” The screaming young Palestinian, who strikes indiscriminately with his serrated blade, fully expects to become a “martyr.” He only risks “death” in order not to die.
There is more. A Palestinian state — any Palestinian state — would rapidly be taken over by ISIS, or by related jihadi adversaries. Already, ISIS is operating in parts of Syria that could bring it to the critical borders of Israel’s Golan Heights. Significantly, it has also set recognizable operational sights on Jordan and West Bank (Judea/Samaria).
Over the next several months, and even while the Palestinian Authority continues to orchestrate more “Third Intifada” attacks on Israelis, ISIS will commence its fated march westward, across Jordan, ending up at the eastern boundaries of West Bank. These boundaries, of course, would represent the territorial margins of what PA/Fatah both already affirm as the geographic heart of “Palestine.”
Palestinian forces, primarily Fatah, would then yield to ISIS, and to its local proxies. Fatah would then have to choose between pleading with the Jewish State to become an ally against a now-common foe, or abandoning all its residual military operations to the Israel Defense Forces directly. Arguably, without IDF assistance in such desperate circumstances, “Palestine” wouldn’t stand a chance.
One additional irony ought to be noted. In Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has long made acceptance of any Palestinian state contingent upon prior Palestinian “demilitarization.” Should the Palestinian Authority and Hamas somehow accede to this problematic expectation, it could make ISIS’ predictable destructions in the area much easier to carry out. Paradoxically, a “Palestine” that had properly stood by its pre-state legal concessions to Israel, could effectively increase the overall danger posed to both Palestinians and Israelis.
What about Jordan? Under pertinent international law, the Hashemite Kingdom has incurred certain binding obligations regarding joint cooperation with Israel against terrorism. These obligations, as reinforcing complements to more generally binding legal rules, are expressly codified at the 1994 Treaty of Peace Between the State of Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Could this treaty still have any palpable effect upon Jordan’s capacity to militarily block anticipated ISIS advances?
Not at all. The more generic problem of enforcing treaties had already been identified back in the 17th century, by Thomas Hobbes. Said the English philosopher, in his “Leviathan,” a work well known to America’s founding fathers: “Covenants, without the Sword, are but words …”
From the 17th century onward, the world political system has been anarchic, or, in Hobbesian terms, a “state of nature.” In the anarchic Middle East, especially, considerations of raw power routinely trump international law. Here, too, truth here may be counter-intuitive. On those endlessly perplexing matters concerning Palestinian statehood, for example, it is finally time to understand that “Palestine’s” true enemy in the region is not Israel, but rather a hideously sordid amalgam of Islamist Arab forces. Going forward, any further Palestinian advances toward statehood would likely be solely to the longer-term tactical advantage of ISIS.
Is this the sort of statehood cause that should be enthusiastically supported in Washington, and in most European capitals? It is, but only if we should first want to see an expansion of “Third Intifada” terror to the homeland. Not likely.
If you like Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, you’ll love “Palestine.”


It Is Time For All Jerusalem Religious Sites To Be Under Israeli Control Including The Temple Mount

Church Leaders Urge Retention of Israeli Control Over Jerusalem’s Holy Sites

“Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the LORD guards the city, The watchman keeps awake in vain.” (Psalm 127:1)
Since the recent outbreak of terrorist attacks in Israel over the course of the past few weeks, the Israeli government has repeatedly condemned the PA for its incitement and denounced the claim that Israel is seeking to change the status quo as a “big lie.”
Prime Minister Netanyahu sought once again to rebuff the accusations of any such intended change vis-a-vis the Temple Mount last Saturday, October 24, stating that “Israel re-affirms its commitment to upholding unchanged the status quo of the Temple Mount, in word and in practice. As we have said many times, Israel has no intention to divide the Temple Mount, and we completely reject any attempt to suggest otherwise.”
Nevertheless, the spate of violence which has swept across Israel during the past few weeks has brought the religious site of the Temple Mount into question yet again, prompting the international community to place a question mark over its status and the way in which it is controlled.
In an interview with TPS (Tazpit Press Services), the senior Pastor at King of Kings Jerusalem Community, Chad Holland concurred with Netanyahu’s comments stating that he was unaware of any ongoing official change to the visiting rights of Muslims.
Some international figures, including PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, have made various recommendations such as installing a UN presence to monitor the situation and restore calm.
However, Pastor Holland rejected the notion that such an initiative would allay the recent tensions. “I do not think an international presence would be better for the Old City in Jerusalem. Israel maintains order and peace very well until Islamic leaders seek to inspire their people to lash out in violence, and seemingly to instigate a security response from Israel,” he said.
In addition, Reverend Pileggi from Christ Church Jerusalem, the oldest Protestant church in the Middle East, echoed similar sentiments to TPS.
“From our point of view, as Christians, Israel has done a good job of guaranteeing access to holy places although there is some room for improvement,” he said.
However, when asked about the proposal of an international presence, his answer was unequivocal: “The solution isn’t the internationalization of Jerusalem but finding a way in which different faiths can better understand one another.”
He added that while the recent rise in violence may convince Israel to abandon its claim over the Jerusalem issue, “we hope that the recent disturbances would renew Israel’s commitment to the welfare of all residents of this city and the protection of holy sites for all believers.”
Under Jordanian control of the Old City from 1948-1967, Israeli Arabs were denied access to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the rock. Similarly, while Christians were granted access to their holy sites, the number of pilgrims authorized to enter the Old City and Bethlehem during Christmas and Easter was restricted.
Moreover, property restrictions forbidding Christians from purchasing land in Jerusalem were imposed on the Christian residents while institutions of faith were compelled to abide by strict state controls. Religious Christian schools were required to teach Arabic and forced to be closed during Islamic holy days.


Is The Bible Repeating History?

The Ten Plagues in Our Time: Are We Experiencing a Modern-Day Biblical Curse?

“‘I sent a plague among you after the manner of Egypt; I slew your young men by the sword along with your captured horses, And I made the stench of your camp rise up in your nostrils; Yet you have not returned to Me,’ declares the Lord.” (Amos 4:10)
The Ten Plagues that struck Egypt as described in the Book of Exodus are the Biblical epitome of indisputable signs of divine intervention.
Today, it could be argued that a similar process of divine messages in the guise of natural disasters are happening in front of our eyes. If we only took the time to notice, we would see freak animal attacks, inexplicable natural events, threats from those seeking to eradicate God’s presence – all of these and more come together in modern day phenomenon akin to the Ten Plagues.

 1. Water into blood (דָם): Exodus 7:14–24

  1. image:
    (Photo: Screenshot of video made by ISIS after a massacre.)
On August 5, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) personnel released toxic wastewater into Cement Creek in a Colorado nature reserve. Workers accidentally destroyed the dam holding back the pond, spilling three million gallons of wastewater, including heavy metals and  toxic elements, such as arsenic, into scenic Cement Creek, turning it bright orange.
Off the coast of California, an ongoing toxic algae bloom, one of the largest known, has turned parts of the water into an unusual color. The algae, Pseudo-nitzschia, gives the water a brown-green tinge and produces domoic acid, a powerful neurotoxin.

2. Frogs (צְּפַרְדֵּעַ): Exodus 7:25–8:15

  1. image:
    (Photo: Trevor Rickard/ Wiki Commons)
Modern day Pharaohs can breathe a sigh of relief. This plague seems to be elusive, perhaps biding its time. Scientists have recently identified a highly infectious tadpole liver disease in a diverse range of frog populations across the world. Professor Thomas Richards from the University of Exeter said in Science Daily, “Global frog populations are suffering serious declines and infectious disease has been shown to be a significant factor.

3. Lice (כִּנִּים): Exodus 8:16–19

  1. image:
    Trinoton anserinum (Fabricius, 1805) collected from a Mute Swan, dorsal view. (Photo: Lajos.Rozsa / Public Domain / Wiki Commons)
    Trinoton anserinum (Fabricius, 1805) collected from a Mute Swan, dorsal view. (Photo: Lajos.Rozsa / Public Domain / Wiki Commons)
There has been a resurgence of lice in America. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates lice now affects 6-12 million children, age 3-11, in the US each year. However, experts predict that number is about to jump even higher. Mutations are making lice immune to permethrin, the active ingredient in many over-the-counter remedies. Lice in 25 states in America are now resistant to  permethrin. There has also been an unexplained rise in head-lice among teenagers which many attributed to a modern plague of Biblical proportions – selfies.

4. Wild animals (עָרוֹב): Exodus 8:20–21

  1. image:
    Cougar. (Photo: Graphic Stock)
    Cougar. (Photo: Graphic Stock)
With new housing encroaching on wild habitats and eco-tourism becoming popular, wild animal attacks have been steadily on the rise around the world. Where animals and humans come in contact, more attacks are being reported, like the recent rash of attacks in a park in Kashmir that killed seven people.
Residential area Huntington Beach in California has reported almost 20 coyote attacks against domestic animals every month, and the trend is growing worse. Similarly, after a 20-year ban, Florida is considering legislation that may permit bear hunting in order to stop the expanding population of black bears that are becoming a menace in suburban neighborhoods.
This particular plague seems to have taken hold in pop-culture too. “Zoo” is a new American television series about a mysterious pandemic of wild animal attacks caused by a man-made virus.

5. Diseased livestock (דֶּבֶר): Exodus 9:1–7

  1. image:
    Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease. (Photo: Dr. Art Davis / Public Domain / Wiki Commons)
    Bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease.
    (Photo: Dr. Art Davis / Public Domain / Wiki Commons)
Nineteen years after the first outbreak of Mad Cow Disease, Canada and America are just now opening their markets to European beef. So great is the threat that USAID has invested $320 million over the last decade on controlling animal diseases, and they are increasing their investment by $50 million in order to fight the threat of animal borne Ebola Virus.

6. Boils (שְׁחִין): Exodus 9:8–12

  1. image:
    Skin reaction to anthrax. (Photo: United States Army / Public Domain / Wiki Commons)
    Skin reaction to anthrax. (Photo: United States Army / Public Domain / Wiki Commons)
We are much closer to this plague than ever before as, counter intuitively, it may be our medical expertise that will bring us crashing down. The US Department of Defense is currently investigating possible mishandling of samples of anthrax and bubonic plague in its laboratories. The samples were shipped to other labs, including those outside of the United States. It would not take much human error or nefarious plots to release these nightmares.

7. Thunderstorm of hail and fire (בָּרָד): Exodus 9:13–35

  1. image:
    A United Hatzalah worker at the Western Wall in Jerusalem during a recent snowstorm. (Photo: United Hatzalah)
    A United Hatzalah worker at the Western Wall in Jerusalem during a recent snowstorm. (Photo: United Hatzalah)
According to Jewish midrash, a collection of parables and oral tradition that explain the Bible, the hail that fell on Egypt was miraculous, described as ice that contained fire. Last month, Israel was in the midst of the worst dust storm in its history, accompanied by unseasonably hot weather. Suddenly, in the middle of a heat wave, ice fell from the sky. Israelis were pelted by a hailstorm and torrential rains in a manner that baffled weather experts.

8. Locusts (אַרְבֶּה): Exodus 10:1–20

  1. image:
    locust desert plague
    Desert locust. (Photo: Christiaan Kooyman / public domain/ Wiki Commons).
Last March, just before the holiday of Passover commemorating the Exodus from Egypt, southern Israel was overrun by a mini-plague of locusts, as if the Children of Israel were being treated to a sneak preview before the Seder night.
Last July, Russia declared a state of emergency when its southern farm region was hit by the swarm of locusts that devoured 10 percent of the crops. Though locusts are not uncommon in this region, local farmers say it was the worst they have seen in over 30 years, blaming it on high temperatures and flooding rather than divine wrath.

9. Darkness (חוֹשֶך): Exodus 10:21–29

  1. image:
    Crossed wires shorting out. (Photo: Robert Lawton / Wiki Commons)
    Crossed wires shorting out. (Photo: Robert Lawton / Wiki Commons)
Our high-tech society is particularly susceptible to this plague should our enemies decide to “turn out the lights.” This became painfully clear in April 2013 when PG&E’s Metcalf Substation in California came under attack. Fiber optic cables in a vault were cut and then gunmen shot at 17 transformers. Using military rifles and techniques, they caused $15 million in damage that required 27 days to repair. The perpetrators of the attack were never caught and Jon Wellinghoff, who was chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) at the time of the attack, said that he feared the incident could have been a dress rehearsal for a larger event. An FERC analysis found that if a surprisingly small number of US substations were knocked out at once, it could destabilize the entire grid enough to cause a blackout that could affect most of the US.

10. Death of firstborn (מַכַּת בְּכוֹרוֹת): Exodus 11:1–12:36

  1. image:
    (Photo: Steve Evans/ Wiki Commons)
As fantastic as it may sound, there are today known diseases that target the first-born. Recent studies found that first born children, especially males, have a higher risk for diabetes and other metabolic and cardiovascular disease. Other diseases, such as Pyloric stenosis, are found to be four times more likely to be present in first-born males.


How Could A Republican Operative Donate Money To Democratic Senator? He Should Be Dumped Immediately!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

MIGOP Co-Chair Jeff Sakwa Donated Thousands To Democrat Senator Gary Peters

Sakwa, left, with MIGOP Chair Ronna Romney Mcdaniel
By Brandon Hall
(Email him at
MIGOP Co-Chair Jeff Sakwa is second in command of the Michigan Republican Party and popular with the organization's grassroots wing: that's why recent revelations are raising questions.

Federal records show that Sakwa gave Democrat Senator Gary Peters, then a Congressman, nearly $5,000 in a series of four donations from February 2009 to March of 2011.

Jeff Sakwa  03/15/2011
Jeff Sakwa  09/25/2009
Jeff Sakwa  08/11/2010
Jeff Sakwa  02/18/2009

Sakwa was elected MIGOP Co-Chair in February of 2015 as the running mate of Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel...

Gary Peters
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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