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Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's A Clown Making Fun Of A President--It Is Not Anything New! Get Over It!

We have definitely lost our sense of humor in this country, when a rodeo clown is banned for wearing a mask.  Since this country was founded, we have made fun of our politicians. Some of it has been funny, some not so and some just rude. However, this is the first time that we can find that someone has been prohibited from working due to his take on the President.

There are many examples of cartoon and speeches which called the then current President something lower than the lowest form of human existence. This incident does not come even close to that.

For the NCAAP to request an investigation of the incident is ludicrous.  Kind of reminds me of the riots over the cartoon of Muhammad.  Are we that sensitive?

Isn't it time we regain our sense of humor or are so uptight anymore than humor has no place in our country?

Conservative Tom

White House spokesman: Rodeo clown not one of Missouri’s ‘finer moments’

By Justin Sink 08/14/13 12:41 PM ET
White House spokesman Josh Earnest on Wednesday said the flap over a rodeo clown who donned a mask of President Obama and mocked the commander in chief was "not one of the finer moments" for the state of Missouri.
Earnest, though, declined to comment on a request by the NAACP for the Secret Service to investigate the incident at the Missouri State Fair last week.
"I haven't heard about the president's reaction or if he had one," Earnest told reporters at Martha's Vineyard, where Obama is vacationing. "I can tell you as a native Missourian, it was certainly not one of the finer moments for our state, and not the way I like to see our state depicted in the news."
According to news accounts, the rodeo clown donned the Obama mask before being chased by bulls around a pen, leading to condemnations from lawmakers, including Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) and Republican Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder. He was introduced by an announcer who asked the audience if they wanted to see “Obama run down by a bull.” 
"We are better than this," Kinder said in a tweet earlier this week.
The performer has subsequently been permanently banned from performing at the state fair, and officials have mandated sensitivity training for future performers.
The Missouri chapter of the NAACP has asked the Justice Department and the Secret Service to open a federal investigation into the clown, accusing the performer of inciting violence against the president.
“The activities at the Missouri State Fair targeting and inciting violence against our president are serious and warrant a full review by both the Secret Service and the Justice Department," Missouri NAACP President Mary Ratliff said in a statement obtained by 
"Incidents involving individuals acting out with extreme violent behavior in movie theaters, schools, churches, political appearances, and outdoor events in general speaks volume to the irresponsible behavior of all the parties involved with the incendiary events at the Missouri State Fair,” she added.
Earnest referred questions about possible criminal investigations to the respective departments.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sick People Congratulations, ObamaCrapCare Just Crapped On You

Obamacare Limit on Consumer Costs To Be Delayed a Year

Tuesday, 13 Aug 2013 09:29 AM
By Melanie Batley
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The implementation of Obamacare is suffering another setback,  after it was discovered that a rule establishing a maximum limit in the out-of-pocket expenses people may have to spend on their own health care will be delayed until 2015.

The health care law stipulates that individuals will not have to spend more than $6,350 per year on their own, including deductibles and co-payments, while families would not spend more than $12,700.

But a little noticed rule in the legislation grants a one-year grace period to some insurers, allowing them to set higher limits or no limits at all on some costs in 2014, The New York Times reports.

The clause was established on the premise that insurers and employers may need more time to streamline the way they administer coverage and upgrade their computer systems to centrally keep track of individual out-of-pocket expenditures.

"We knew this was an important issue. We had to balance the interests of consumers with the concerns of health plan sponsors and carriers, which told us that their computer systems were not set up to aggregate all of a person's out-of-pocket costs. They asked for more time to comply," an unnamed senior administration official told the Times.

The delay is bad news particularly for people with chronic illnesses, including cancer and disabilities, many whom have tens of thousands of dollars a year in out-of-pocket expenses for treatment and medications.

The news represents the second significant delay in the roll-out of the president's signature health care plan. In July, the administration announced it will not require employers to provide health insurance for their workers until 2015, prompting a wave a criticism about the viability of the law and the renewal of calls to repeal the program.

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Missiles Stolen From US Now In The Hands Of al-Qaida

We wonder what our government will say when these missiles start downing our planes. What if one took out the Secretary of State or some other government official? Would they then be more concerned with what happened at Benghazi?

Conservative Tom


A former U.S. attorney representing Benghazi whistleblowers is claiming that 400 surface-to-air missiles were “stolen” and “taken from Libya” and are now “in the hands of some very ugly people.” He also said the Obama administration is “deeply concerned” that the weapons may be used to shoot down airliners.
In an interview with WMAL radio, Joe DiGenova explained that the stolen missiles also represent one of the reasons the U.S. State Department shut down 19 embassies across the Middle East last week.
400 Surface to Air Missiles Were Stolen During Benghazi Attack, Says Whistleblower Attorney
This file photo taken on September 11, 2012 shows a vehicle and the surrounding area engulfed in flames after it was set on fire inside the US mission compound in Benghazi. Credit: AFP/Getty Images
400 Surface to Air Missiles Were Stolen During Benghazi Attack, Says Whistleblower Attorney
This file photo taken on September 11, 2012 shows an armed man waving his rifle as buildings and cars are engulfed in flames after being set on fire inside the US consulate compound in Benghazi. Credit: AFP/Getty Images
He said the development has the Obama administration “deeply concerned” and on alert.
Even more potentially shocking, DiGenova claimed the missiles are now in the hands of Al Qaeda operatives, according to his sources. His sources include “former intelligence officials who stay in constant contact with people in the Special Ops and intelligence community.”
“And it’s pretty clear that the biggest concern right now are 400 missiles which have been diverted in Libya and have gotten in the hands of some very ugly people,” he added.
What was not immediately clear is why the U.S. government had stockpiled 400 surface-to-air missiles somewhere in Libya, or when exactly they were stolen and where they were taken from, although the suggestion seems to be the were taken around the time of the attack.
When asked if the weapons were taken from the annex on the night of September 11, DiGenova said “that I do not know, whether they were at the annex.” However, the attorney said “it is clear that the [CIA] annex was somehow involved in the process of the distribution of those missiles.”
DiGenova’s wife, Victoria Toensing, also represents Benghazi witnesses and other individuals with direct knowledge of the attack.
Editor’s note: This story has been updated for clarity, and to note that DiGenova is uncertain whether the weapons were at the CIA annex on the night of the September 11 attack.

Iron Dome Gets Another--This Time In the Sinai

  • .
Associated Press
JERUSALEM (AP) — The Israeli military shot down a rocket launched toward a Red Sea resort town near the border with Egypt on Tuesday, the army said.
It was the first time Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system successfully intercepted a rocket attack on the resort of Eilat, the military said. The incident came after days of heightened tension along the Egypt-Israel border.
The army said the rocket was intercepted early Tuesday and that there were no injuries. It didn't provide more details and declined to comment on the origins of the projectile.
An al-Qaida-inspired militant group based in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, Ansar Jerusalem, claimed responsibility for launching the rocket in an email to The Associated Press. The little known group is hostile to both Israel and Egypt and was behind an attack in August 2011 near Eilat that killed eight people.
In Cairo, Egypt's state MENA news agency quoted an unnamed security official as saying authorities could not confirm that the rocket was launched from Sinai. The report said Egyptian forces were investigating.
Most Iron Dome batteries have been deployed along Israel's border with Gaza, and the missile defense system intercepted rockets during Israel's fighting with Gaza militants in 2012. Other batteries have been placed on Israel's border with Lebanon.
Last Thursday, Israel briefly closed the Eilat airport in response to unspecified security warnings.
The following day, five suspected Islamic militants were killed in Egypt's volatile Sinai Peninsula, and a rocket launcher there was reportedly destroyed, according to Egyptian officials. Ansar Jerusalem said four of its men were killed in the strike and blamed the deaths on Israel. The discrepancy between the group's death toll and the one offered by Egyptian authorities could not be reconciled.
Egyptian security officials attributed Friday's strike to a drone fired from the Israeli side of the border, but Israel has remained silent about the attack, likely out of concerns about exposing Egypt's military to domestic criticism over an Israeli strike on its soil.
Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty in 1979, but many in Egypt still view Israel with suspicion.
Associated Press writer Ibrahim Barzak in Gaza City, Gaza Strip, contributed to this report.

Bad News--Mexico The New Hotbed For Islam

The title of this Fox News Latino article may be benign  however, we feel there is much more to the story than meets the eye.  For example, earlier today we posted an article about Mexican immigrants into the US coming here as they felt they were under "extreme duress" in Mexico. How many of these men and women are stealth Muslims?  How many are coming here with "unpure" aspirations?  Lots of questions and very few answers.
However, the one issue that is clear, without a defensible and controlled border, we cannot know what is going on. If we don't make sure that the southern part of our country is under our control, how can we protect the country.  

Please understand, we have nothing against those Muslims who want to come to this country to improve their and their children's lives. All we ask is that they adopt American ways, speak and write
English as their language and do not try to impose their religious views on anyone.  Live and let live.  

Will that be the way that Muslim converts who come to the US will act? We doubt it. Most people who take up another religion are more fervent than those born or educated in the same faith.  Will that mean that converted Muslims are more dangerous? Possibly, it all depends on the individual.

We hope that we are wrong, however, this new "invasion" of Mexicans could be a
Trojan Horse to the US and with our borders being so porous, who knows how many have already come here.

Conservative Tom

Muslim Converts In Mexico Make Up A Diverse, Fast-Growing Community

When Moroccan national Said Louahabi arrived in Mexico City in 1994, he and fellow Muslims had to attend religious services at the Pakistani embassy because there were no mosques or Islamic centers.  
“I started looking for Muslims and a mosque when I first arrived,” Louahabi, an English teacher, told Fox News Latino. “At the time, we met at the Pakistani embassy, and there were only about 80 people — most of us were foreigners.”
Now, Louahabi prays alongside hundreds of other Muslims — foreigners and Mexicans alike — at the three-story Muslim Community Educational Center in the city’s upscale Anzures neighborhood.
Friday prayers at the Islamic Center are given in Arabic and Spanish. The crowd is diverse: Mexican converts to Islam, expatriates, embassy staff from the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan and Central Asia. The Islamic Center even fields a soccer team.
The mosque was packed at a service just before the beginning of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, this year falling in July.
Many Mexicans who converted to Islam say they’ve been impressed with the religion’s growth in Mexico.
“I used the Internet and books to learn about Islam,” said Mexican convert Alexander Huttanos, an airline pilot who goes by his Islamic name, Ahmed Abbas. “Islam has come a long way in Mexico.”
He actually spent quite a bit of time researching different beliefs and faiths before making a final decision.
“I studied many religions, from Christianity to Judaism, Buddhism, African religions, until I found Islam,” he added.
“Allah’s path is very mysterious,” said Omar Remy, a Mexican who adopted Islam after a visit to Egypt in 1979 and now works for the Community Educational Center. “The Internet has helped. It allows people to communicate and investigate the religion.”
According to Louahabi, many Mexicans actually ended up converting after the 9-11 attacks drew their attention to the religion, piquing their interest.
“I think Islam is expanding mostly because of the Internet, and what happened on September 11,” he explained. “People were waking up, digging and searching to see whether we are really terrorists.”
And many realized that’s not the case, Louahabi said.
“We are just the opposite of what the media proclaim,” he added. “Islam is against terrorism.”
Estimates of the number of Muslims in Mexico vary widely. The Mexican government, for example, said there are about 3,700 Muslims in the country, while the Washington-based Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life estimated there are approximately 110,000.
Numbers aside, among Muslims in the country, there is little doubt that the community is already robust.
“It’s growing fast, incredibly fast,” Louahabi said of the community, pointing to his own experience.
“There are a lot of similarities with Christianity and Judaism, so it’s not difficult for people to grasp,” said Eduardo Luis Leajos Frias, a Mexican convert who adopted the Islamic name Lokman Idris.
“It will keep growing,” he added. “It will be comparable to the growth of evangelicals we’ve seen in recent years.”
Among the most prominent members of Mexico’s Muslim community is British-born convert Mark Omar Weston. Formerly a world-class professional water-skier, he runs an Islamic Center and hotel in the Mexican state of Morelos. The hotel serves food prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary practices, known as halal.
“Most Mexican converts to Islam discover the religion via the Internet,” he said in an interview with Fox News Latino. “It may become like evangelicals, or any of the many other Bible reading traditions that now exist in the country.”
According to Zidane Zeraoui al Awad, a professor of international relations at the Technological Institute of Monterrey, Islam in Mexico dates back to the Spanish conquest. “In all of Latin America, not just Mexico, Islam arrived with Spanish colonialism.”
But it was an Islam practiced covertly, he noted, by camp followers who had been forcibly converted to Catholicism.
Zeraoui added that while the children of many Muslim immigrants in Mexico have lost their religion, the number continues to grow because of Mexican converts.
“On one hand, the children of (immigrant) Muslims in Mexico tend to be non-Muslims,” he said. “But Islam is growing through converts. They are compensating for the loss of Islam among those with Muslim origins.”
“There is a bit of a cultural divide between immigrants that already came as Muslims and have taken their religion seriously and Mexicans converts who are curious,” noted Omar Weston.
“But generally speaking, teenagers and people in their 20’s have been around and see that there are other options,” he added. “I think that education as a whole helps people be more open to it (Islam).”
Although still a small community in comparison to other Latin American countries, the Muslim community in Mexico is extremely diverse. In Mexico City alone, there exists a Shi’ite Muslim women’s organization, a Sufi organization headed by two women, and a fundamentalist Salafi organization run by Muhammed Ruiz al-Mekisi, a Mexican convert to Islam.
Additionally, in the southern state of Chiapas, there exists a small community of indigenous Mayans who have been persuaded to convert to Islam by members of the Spain-based Murabitun World Movement. The Mayans have blended Islam with traditional practices.
“Here, we see a form of Islam that has been adapted to an indigenous culture,” Zeraoui said. “They are putting an indigenous angle on the religion, like they did with the Catholicism that was introduced during the colonial period.”
Percentage-wise, the largest Muslim population in the Americas is in Suriname, where nearly one out of five people are Muslims, according to the 2013 CIA World Factbook. Significant Muslim communities also exist in Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Argentina and Brazil.

Read more:

Aetna Withdraws From Maryland Exchange As Limitation On Premiums Would Force It To Operate At A Loss--This Is Only The Beginning Of The Decline Of The Health Insurance Industry

In About-Face, Aetna Backs Away from State-Based Exchanges

AUGUST 13, 2013
At least one big insurer is rethinking its plans to sell healthcare policies through the state and federal online marketplaces next year.
Aetna has dropped plans to offer health policies through the insurance exchanges in Ohio and its home state of Connecticut, the company revealed last week.
The Buckeye and Nutmeg state exchanges are the latest to join a growing list of local markets in which the carrier has reversed course and decided not to participate. Since June, it has also backed off plans to sell coverage via the exchanges in six other states, including California, Georgia, Maryland, New York, Tennessee and Texas.
In the case of Connecticut, at least, the decision was made "reluctantly," according to a letter to the state's Insurance Department signed by Bruce Campbell, Aetna's senior actuary. "Please be assured this is not a step taken lightly, and was made as part of national review of our Exchange strategy," Campbell wrote.
As in some other states, Aetna abandoned its plans after Connecticut regulators questioned the rates it proposed to offer through the state’s exchange, known as Access Health CT or AHCT. Three insurers will still offer individual coverage through AHCT, including Anthem, ConnectiCare and the nonprofit HealthyCT.
"The good news today is that consumers and businesses will retain several, high quality choices, and today's decision also shows we at AHCT are doing our best to hold rates down," Kevin Counihan, the chief executive of AHCT, said in a statement. "Our goal is clear: we want to bring affordable, quality health care to Connecticut's residents and small businesses."
The story is similar in Maryland, where the insurer said the state’s requirements for rate reductions would force it to operate at a loss. “Unfortunately, we believe the modifications to the rates filed by Aetna and Coventry would not allow us to collect enough premiums to cover the cost of the plans,” Aetna said in a letter to insurance commissioner Therese Goldsmith. Eight other carriers will continue to offer individual policies through Maryland’s web-based insurance market.
In Ohio, Aetna said it’s withdrawing from the individual exchange market for 2014, but plans to continue offering its individual products from its Coventry subsidiary on the exchange. The carrier also said it will continue to provide its individual product in Ohio’s off-exchange market.
Aetna’s decision will leave 12 companies offering 200 individual health insurance plans on the Ohio exchange

The Real Threat To America Is Not In The Middle East, It Is With Mexican and South Americans Being Radicalized By Iranians. Wake Up America! Another Reason For Strong Border Security!

Iranians Could Be Radicalizing Mexicans; Border Patrol Letting In Aliens With ‘Credible Fear’ Of Cartels

August 12, 2013 by  
Reports indicate that an Iranian outreach program is targeting young adults from countries south of the American border. The program is responsible for sending hundreds of Latin Americans to the Middle Eastern nation for “intensive Spanish-language instruction in Iranian religion and culture,” and is heavily supervised by a man who is wanted internationally on terrorism charges.
According to U.S. officials, the initiative is part of an Iranian government sponsored plot to gain influence in the Western Hemisphere by building an army of supporters in the U.S.’s backyard.
…The initiative includes not only the recruitment of foreign students for special study inside Iran, but also direct outreach to Latin countries through the construction of mosques and cultural centers and, beginning last year, a new cable-TV network that broadcasts Iranian programming in Spanish.
Regional experts say such “soft power” initiatives are mainly political, intended in particular to strengthen Tehran’s foothold in countries such as Venezuela and Ecuador, which share similar anti-American views. But in some cases, Iranian officials have sought to enlist Latin Americans for espionage and even hacking operations targeting U.S. computer systems, according to U.S. and Latin American law-enforcement and intelligence officials.
A report issued in May by an Argentine prosecutor cited evidence of “local clandestine intelligence networks” organized by Iran in several South American countries.
Singled out in the report is an Iranian cleric and government official, Mohsen Rabbani, who runs several programs in Iran for Latin American students…
…Rabbani has made no secret of his interest in drawing in young Latin Americans who admire Iran’s fiery defiance of the West. A report for Congress by IBI Consultants, a Washington-based research company that advises U.S. government agencies on Latin American terrorism and drug-trafficking networks, estimated that more than 1,000 people from the region have undergone training, mostly under Rabbani’s supervision, in Iran since 2007…
Meanwhile, a Fox­ affiliate in Pheonix, Ariz., reports that illegal aliens may be exploiting a  U.S. Customs and Border Protection loophole to get into the Nation. All the aliens have to do, according to the report, is claim that they have a “credible fear” of being attacked by Mexican drug cartels.
Nearly 200 people claimed a “credible fear” of drug cartels in a single day at the Otay Mesa crossing south of San Diego, according to the report.
Reckon they learned the immigration trick from Iranian training?

UnConstitiutional Gun Control Legislation Explodes In California

California Legislature Moves Forward With UnConstitutional Bills Regulating Guns And Ammo

August 13, 2013 by  
California Legislature Moves Forward With UnConstitutional Bills Regulating Guns And Ammo
The California Legislature is pressing forward on a number of bills in both the Senate and the State Assembly that, taken together, would give the State the dubious distinction of having the most unConstitutional gun laws in the U.S.
Described in the San Jose Mercury News as “a fusillade of gun-control bills that could move California far beyond what any other state has enacted,” the laws are designed to restrict citizens’ access to both firearms and ammunition.
A bill before the State Senate Monday aims to establish a Statewide database that tracks all point-of-sale ammunition purchases, as well as make it a crime to have a gun that isn’t “locked up” when it’s not being carried.
The State Assembly is also expected today to take up legislation that, if passed, would ban outright all semiautomatic firearms with detachable magazines and force owners of high-capacity magazines to dispose of them. The Assembly bills also include their own language criminalizing the presence of a firearm in the home that isn’t kept under lock and key when the owners are away.
Larry Keane of the National Shooting Sports Foundation told the newspaper Saturday that it’s folly for the anti-gun lobby to pin its hopes of shaping National gun control legislation on big Blue States like California.
“While they may try to reignite their lost momentum, I don’t think anything California does is going to affect what Washington does,” said Keane. “We constantly see a barrage of anti-gun, anti-industry legislation being introduced in California, far more than in any other state.”
California Governor Jerry Brown has given no assurances that he would sign any of the legislation into law, if it passes. But Brown does have an oddly mixed record on 2ndAmendment issues. He also signed an open carry ban on both handguns and “long guns” in 2011. But as State Attorney General in 2009, Brown also sided with the National Rifle Association in filing an amicus curiae brief opposing Chicago’s ban on handguns.
Review the bevy of gun control proposals at the San Jose Mercury News website.

O'Donnell IRS Case Is Starting To Look Like The Agency Has Been Doing More Dirty Dealings

Grassley Says Officials Stonewalling in O'Donnell Tax Case

Monday, 12 Aug 2013 01:55 PM
By Audrey Hudson
More . . .
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Delaware state revenue officials are refusing to cooperate with a congressional inquiry into the disclosure of tea party favorite Christine O'Donnell's federal tax records, The Washington Times reports.

The tax snooping incident under review by Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa occurred during O'Donnell's unsuccessful 2010 race to fill the Senate seat vacated by Vice President Joe Biden. 

On March 9, 2010, the IRS filed a lien on a home once owned by O'Donnell, but later admitted the lien was placed in error.

The Washington Times broke the story last month that O'Donnell's tax records had been accessed by David Smith, an investigator with Delaware's Division of Revenue, an action that prompted the inquiry by the U.S. Treasury Department. 

The action is one of several under investigation by congressional committees examining claims that politicians and campaign donors had their personal tax records improperly accessed since 2006.

O'Donnell says the state wrongfully accessed her federal tax information to deliberately target a political candidate. Grassley says the case exemplifies how federal information is vulnerable to snooping by state officials.

Grassley says Delaware officials have not responded to repeated requests for information and have refused to allow Smith to speak with Senate investigators.  Grassley has also questioned the legitimacy of the answers he has received from Delaware officials.

In a letter to Division of Revenue Director Patrick Carter, Grassley wrote, "On July 23, 2013, you reported to my staff that the Tax Data Services database utilized by Delaware only maintains an electronic audit trail of systems access for three months. This leads me to question how you were able to confirm information about systems access and its appropriateness when it occurred two years before your interaction with the Treasury Department."

Carter told the Delaware News Journal he is not able to respond to the senator's request without written permission from O'Donnell.

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