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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Obama Is Going Full Bore On His Plan To Legalize Illegal Aliens. Action Will Encourage Millions From Overseas To Come Here

Obama Plan to Shield Up to 5 Million Immigrants From Deportation

Image: Obama Plan to Shield Up to 5 Million Immigrants From Deportation(Kristoffer Tripplaar-Pool/Getty Images)
Thursday, 13 Nov 2014 12:46 PM

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President Barack Obama plans to announce an overhaul of U.S. immigration policy through executive action that would shield up to 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation, the New York Times reported on Thursday. Such a move will set up a showdown with Republicans, who have blocked Democrats' efforts in Congress to reform immigration laws and warned the president not to take unilateral action on immigration.
The Times, citing unidentified administration officials with direct knowledge of the plan, said Obama's proposed overhaul may be announced as soon as next week. Officials said it would allow many parents of children who are U.S. citizens or legal residents to obtain work documents and stay in the United States.
The Times said Obama's plan will provide more opportunities for immigrants with high-tech skills and add security resources to the border with Mexico. Undocumented immigrants with family ties in the United States and no criminal record also would be considered lower priority for deportation than those with criminal records or who are considered security risks.

Republicans, who won control of Congress in Nov. 4 elections, have warned Obama not to take unilateral action on immigration.
Obama told congressional leaders last Friday he was committed to using executive powers to ease some restrictions on undocumented immigrants since Republicans in the House of Representatives had refused to advance immigration legislation.
Mitch McConnell, who will be Senate majority leader starting in January, said if Obama took unilateral action on immigration, it would be like "waving a red flag in front of a bull."
When the new Congress convenes in January, Republicans will have majorities in both chambers.
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The Land Of Israel Belongs To The Jews, The Rest Of The World Should Stay Out Of Their Business.

Editor’s note: Joseph Farah is in Israel this week leading a tour of the Jewish state with best-selling author Jonathan Cahn.
“Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.”
– Zechariah 12:2
JERUSALEM – Israel’s military response to thousands of rocket attacks from Gaza and infiltrations by terrorists through a maze of Hamas-built tunnels has, somewhat predictably, prompted its enemies and many others around the world to demand the Jewish state stop building what they call “settlements” in areas on the West Bank of the Jordan River, or, more accurately, Judea and Samaria.
Among those making demands that Israel stop building – and even repairing homes – even in and around its capital city, Jerusalem, is the United States of America.
As a former Middle East correspondent and an Arab-American, let me explain why Israel must never allow pressure from its enemies or foreigners to deter the building of “settlements” or consider ceding any more land to Palestinian Arab control.
Never. Not ever.
Israel dismantled similar “settlements” in Gaza in exchange for promises of peace. But “settlements” is a loaded word. What the world calls “settlements” are Jewish communities built on historically Jewish land – territory desperately needed by Israel to protect itself from the kind of attacks being perpetrated by Palestinian Arabs in Gaza. In fact, some 9,000 Jews were forcibly removed from Gaza by the Israeli military in 2005.
How did that work out for Israel?
Not so well.
Now the focus of the world’s attention is on so-called “settlements” in and around Jerusalem and throughout Judea and Samaria. Even the U.S. has, at various times, called for Israel to stop construction of houses – and sometimes even repairs on existing structures – in those areas.
Why do I put quotes around the word “settlements”? Because it’s an ugly word. These “settlements” are nothing but Jewish communities. If Jews don’t have the right to live in historically Jewish lands, where do they have a right to live?
It may be too late for Gaza, but with anti-Semitism rising around the world, Jews need a homeland more than ever. Israel’s population is growing, from immigration, rising birth rates and increased longevity.
In addition, Israel has experimented with land giveaways, and they have only resulted in more attacks on its population centers. In other words, the land-for-peace gambit has failed miserably.
What’s the solution? Israel needs to do what is right for the Jewish people.
But these communities are a thorn in the side of Arab Palestinians. Why? Simply because they don’t accept the idea that Jews have a right to live there. In fact, polls show most Arab Palestinians don’t believe Jews have a right to live anywhere in Israel – not even Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.
That’s not just the overwhelming opinion of the Arab people in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority; it’s the opinion of the leadership. The official position of the Palestinian Authority, including those supposedly negotiating “peace” terms with Israel, is that no Jews should be permitted to live in a future Palestinian state.
In other words, the Palestinian Arabs believe in religious and ethnic cleansing of their land.
Back in 1977, when Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin was negotiating a peace deal with Egypt’s Anwar Sadat, then-President Jimmy Carter was already pressuring Israel to halt Jewish “settlements” in Judea and Samaria.
In a meeting with Carter, National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski and Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, Carter raised the issue with Begin.
“Mr. President,” Begin responded, according to a new book called “Rebbe: The Life and Teachings of Menachem M. Schneerson, the Most Influential Rabbi in Modern History” by Joseph Telushkin. “Here in the United States of America, there are 11 places named Hebron, five places named Shiloh, four places named Bethel and six places named Bethlehem.”
Carter: “Indeed there are. Within 20 miles of my home there is a Bethel and a Shiloh.”
Begin: “May I be permitted to visit them one day?”
Carter: “Of course, with pleasure! There are three good Baptist churches there.”
Begin: “In that case, I shall bring along our chief rabbi to protect me. Allow me to put to you a hypothetical question. Imagine one day that the governors of the states in which these Hebrons and Shilohs and Bethels and Bethlehems were located were to issue a decree declaring that any citizen of the United States was free to settle in any one of these places except for one category – the Jews. Jews are forbidden to build homes in the Shilohs and the Hebrons and the Bethels and the Bethlehems of America – so it should be decreed. Oh dear! Everybody is welcome to settle in any of these cities whose names derive from the Book of Books except for the people of the Book. Good women and men everywhere would cry from the rooftops – ‘Scandalous! Discrimination! Bigotry!’ Am I not right?”
Carter: “Hypothetically.”
Begin: “So how can you expect me – a Jewish prime minister of the Jewish state, who heads a cabinet of 15 Jews – to forbid fellow Jews from acquiring a piece of land and building a home in the original Shiloh, in the original Beth El, in the original Bethlehem, and in the original Hebron from where our Jewish forefathers originally came? Would that not be scandalous?”
Indeed, it would be scandalous. In fact, it is scandalous for anyone to suggest that Jews don’t have a God-given right to live wherever they choose to live – but especially in those communities.

Today, as a result of this continuing, unrelenting, unwarranted and immoral international pressure on Israel to cede more territory to its sworn enemies – people who still call for the destruction of the Jewish state – Bethlehem is already devoid of a Jewish community. And this town once dominated by Christians – the little town where Jesus was born – is nearly devoid of Christians.
Tired of religious persecution, the payment of jizya taxes imposed by the new Muslim majority and getting caught in the crossfire of Palestinian Muslim attacks on Israel and the predictable responses, the small Christian community represents less than 10 percent of the population.
This proves Begin’s instincts were right – not only for Jews, but for the Christian Palestinian minority as well.
Can we all agree on one simple premise? Ethnic and religious cleansing is morally wrong. That recognition should be enough to put to rest the heckling for Israel to stop building houses for Jews – anywhere, anytime.
Israel should not be intimidated by what the world demands of it – not even when U.S. leadership turns its back. Israel has a far more potent ally – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

If Infomercial Huckster Can Go To Jail For Misleading The Public, Why Shouldn't The Promoters Of ObamaCrapCare?

Architects of Obamacare deserve prison

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Let me read you the definition of “fraud” straight from the dictionary:
Fraud: Act or course of deception, an intentional concealment, omission, or perversion of truth… Willful fraud is a criminal offense which calls for severe penalties, and its prosecution and punishment (like that of a murder) is not bound by the statute of limitations.
Now let’s take a look at how Obamacare was sold. Almost one year ago, I asked right here at Personal Liberty: “Is President Obama Too Big to Jail?”
I was referring primarily to the crime of fraud and misrepresentation used by Obama and his socialist cabal to sell Obamacare.
Right here at Personal Liberty months ago, I compared the fraud and deception used by Obama to sell Obamacare to the fraud committed by TV infomercial scam-artist Kevin Trudeau. I suggested Obama committed the crime of consumer fraud.
Trudeau was convicted earlier this year for using lies and misrepresentation to sell his products on television. The U.S. government rightfully claimed Trudeau couldn’t have sold his product (a book about weight loss) without lying to consumers. The government claimed without Trudeau’s lies, deception and misrepresentation, no one would have bought his book. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison. I said at the time this was exactly how Obamacare was sold.
Lo and behold, we now have proof that Obamacare was sold by Obama and his socialist cabal with the same kind of lies, fraud and misrepresentation used by Trudeau. The words of none other than Jonathan Gruber, the MIT professor and architect of Obamacare, have come back to haunt the Obama administration (clear as a bell on video).
I’m no lawyer (although I play one on TV), but it’s clear the selling of Obamacare was built on fraud. Gruber admits (actually brags) that Obamacare could never have passed if the American people knew what was in it.
Gruber brags that the bill was saved by a “lack of transparency.” Isn’t that a nice way of saying lying?
He calls American voters “stupid.” Isn’t that what con men like Trudeau and Bernie Madoff think of their victims?
He then admits the bill was written in a “tortured way” to hide the truth: that Obamacare was always designed as a big, fat tax to redistribute money. He says if the Congressional Budget Office “scored it” as a tax, it could never have passed into law. If a businessman says something in a tortured way to hide the truth, that’s the definition of fraud. Period.
Gruber doesn’t mention the biggest whopper of all: “If you like your insurance you can keep it.” Obama told this lie while his own internal White House reports showed that up to 93 million Americans would lose their insurance because of Obamacare. Yet Obama kept repeating that famous line to the media and at speeches and rallies across the country. Isn’t that the very definition of fraud? Obama lied to sell Obamacare to “stupid American voters.”
How does that differ from Madoff taking money from “gullible investors” by telling them he could produce massive returns year after year? How does that differ from Trudeau telling “gullible” TV viewers that he had a system that made weight loss easy? All these crooks and scam artists have one thing in common: They needed to lie and misrepresent to get victims (they would describe as “stupid”) to buy into their Ponzi schemes.
What any U.S. prosecutor could tell you is the architect of the crime (Gruber) just confessed to the crime on video. This is an ironclad case of fraud. Now use his words to take down the entire criminal enterprise.
If Obama had truthfully admitted, “This is a massive wealth redistribution scheme,” who would have supported it? If Obama had truthfully admitted, “If you like your insurance, there’s a darn good chance you’ll lose it,” who would have supported it?
Or “If you like your doctor, too bad. You’re going to need to find another.” Or “If you like your price for health insurance, too bad. Because your price is going to double or triple.” If Obama had truthfully admitted any of that, he never could have sold Obamacare to the American public. So he had to lie, deceive and misrepresent. That’s the definition of fraud. That’s exactly why Trudeau and Madoff are in prison.
But the selling of Obamacare was far more serious than typical consumer fraud. Madoff is in prison for life. Trudeau is away for 10 years. But neither put a gun to the head of their victims. They simply advertised or promoted. Victims willingly came to them or bought from them of their own free will. Yet that’s still (of course) fraud because victims willingly handed over their money based on lies and deception.
But Obama didn’t just lie and misrepresent. Obama sold his scam at gunpoint. No one had “free will.” Obama forced every American with the force of government and IRS fines to buy his fraudulent product. That’s more like a violent crime. That’s armed robbery. That’s a much more serious crime.
It’s time to put the architects and salesmen of Obamacare in prison. Trudeau cost about 1 million consumers a paltry $30 each. No one’s life was ruined. Madoff cost a few thousand wealthy investors a few billion dollars. Some lives were ruined, but the numbers are small.
But Obama is in a league all his own. Obamacare is the biggest fraud in world history. Over time, it could cost American consumers trillions of dollars in new taxes, higher premiums, deductibles, co-pays or, in the case of victims who are terminally ill and lose their insurance altogether, million-dollar bills. For a few victims who have terminal cancer, the stress of losing their insurance coverage or doctor may cost them their lives.
And how about the job losses and downgrades from full-time to part-time work for millions of American employees? Trudeau and Madoff damaged a few personal economies. Obama’s fraud damaged the entire U.S. economy. What kind of prison sentence do you get for that?
Now remember the second half of the definition of fraud straight from the dictionary:
Willful fraud is a criminal offense which calls for severe penalties, and its prosecution and punishment (like that of a murder) is not bound by the statute of limitations.
The words on video of Gruber prove this was “willful” fraud. He basically says: “We had to lie to the people, or these stupid voters would never have passed it. And we passed it, so wasn’t that worth it?” That’s willful fraud. It doesn’t get any more willful than that. It’s more proof — on video — that Obama and his socialist cabal believe “the ends justify the means.” Meaning any crime or fraud is OK as long as we achieve our goal of income redistribution and the destruction of capitalism. If this isn’t punished with prison terms, what crime will they commit next? How far will they go?
Republicans just won a massive, historic landslide victory. It was based on middle-class Americans’ disgust and rage at the lies, cancellations and unaffordable premium increases of Obamacare. Now it’s time for a Republican Senate and House to start criminal investigations.
Now it’s time to make the people who committed fraud to sell Obamacare pay. I think life in prison is getting off easy for the pain and loss they’ve caused to more than 300 million American victims — and for committing the first trillion-dollar fraud in world history.
I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless America.

Turks Want A Return Of Jerusalem To The Ottoman Empire!

Both Turkey's President Erdogan and its Prime Minister Davutoglu have declared countess times that Gaza and Jerusalem (in addition to Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Somalia, and the Maghreb) are Turkey's "domestic affairs."
In truth, there is no mention of any city's name in the Qur'an.
Turks have a different understanding of what constitutes an occupation and a conquest of a city. The Turkish rule is very simple: The capture of a foreign city by force is an occupation if that city is Turkish (or Muslim) and the capture of a city by force is conquest if the city belongs to a foreign nation (or non-Muslims).
For instance, Turks still think the capture of Istanbul in 1453 was not occupation; it was conquest.
In a 2012 speech, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (then Prime Minister) said: "Just like Mecca, Cairo and Istanbul are cities of the Qur'an." In truth, there is no mention of any city's name in the Qur'an. Never mind.
"Conquest," Turkey's top Muslim cleric, Professor Mehmet Gormez, declared in 2012, "is not to occupy lands or destroy cities and castles. Conquest is the conquest of hearts!" That is why, the top Turkish cleric said, "In our history there has never been occupation." Instead, Professor Gormez said, "in our history, there has always been conquest." He further explained that one pillar of conquest is to "open up minds to Islam, and hearts to the Qur'an."
It is in this religious justification that most Turkish Islamists think they have an Allah-given right to take infidel lands by the force of sword -- ironically, not much different from what the tougher Islamists have been doing in large parts of Syria and Iraq. Ask any commander in the Islamic State and he would tell you what the jihadists are doing there is "opening up minds to Islam, and hearts to the Qur'an."
Both President Erdogan and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu have declared countless times that Gaza and Jerusalem (in addition to Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Somalia and the Maghreb) are Turkey's "domestic affairs."
This author wrote in this journal on Oct. 30:
In reality, with or without the normalization of diplomatic relations between Ankara and Jerusalem, the Turks have never hidden their broader goals in the Arab-Israeli dispute: that Jerusalem should be the capital of a Palestinian state; and that Israel should be pushed back to its pre-1967 borders. Until then, it will be 'halal' [permitted in Islam] for Erdogan to blame Israel for global warming, the Ebola virus, starvation in Africa and every other misfortune the world faces.
As if to confirm this whimsical view, Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan has blamed Israel for democratic failings in the Arab world. "Israel works with [undemocratic] regimes and keeps its ship afloat." So, it is because of Israel that Arab nations have never established democratic culture -- before or after 1948; or before or after the Arab Spring revolts. But fortunately, Palestinians have a new "protector."
From Prime Minister Davutoglu's public speech on November 7:
Al-Aqsa [mosque in Jerusalem] will one day be liberated. The Israelis should know that the oppressed Syrians have a protector. The oppressed Palestinians too have a protector. That protector is Turkey. Just as Bursa [the Turkish city where he spoke] ended its occupation, the honorable Palestinians, honorable Muslims will end the [Israeli] occupation. Just as Osman Gazi [a sepulchre in Bursa] was liberated, al-Aqsa too will be liberated. Al-Quds [Jerusalem] is both our first prayer direction and has been entrusted with us by history. It has been entrusted with us by Hazrat Omar. The last freedom seen in Jerusalem was under our [Ottoman] rule. Al-Quds is our cause. It is the occupying, oppressive Israeli government that has turned the Middle East into a quagmire.
Echoing that view, President Erdogan said that protecting Islamic sites in the Holy Land is a sacred mission (for his government), and bluntly warned that any attack against the al-Aqsa mosque is no different than an attack on the Kaaba in the holy city of Mecca.

Spot the difference: In the eyes of Turkey's political and religious leadership, Istanbul and its Hagia Sophia (once a Greek Orthodox Basilica) were legitimately "conquered" by the Muslim Ottomans, while Jerusalem and its al-Aqsa mosque (built atop the ruins of the Jewish Temples) are illegally "occupied" by Israel. (Images source: Wikimedia Commons)

No doubt, after Gaza, al-Aqsa (and Jerusalem) has become a powerful Turkish obsession, and a treasure-trove of votes, especially in view of Turkey's parliamentary elections next June. And do not expect the Turkish leadership only to corrupt facts. Plain fabrication is a more favored method. All the same, someone, sometimes, would unwillingly reveal the truth often when trying to corrupt other facts.
Since Davutoglu claimed that "Jerusalem has been entrusted with the Turks by Hazrat Omar," it may be useful to refresh memories. Hazrat Omar is Omar bin Al-Khattab (579-644), one of the most powerful and influential Muslim caliphs in history. Within the context of "conquest vs. occupation," he was referenced by the top cleric, Professor Gormez in a 2012 speech:
After Hazrat Omar conquered al-Quds [Jerusalem], he was invited to pray at a church [as there were no mosques yet in Jerusalem]. But he politely refused because he was worried that the [conquering] Muslims could turn the church into a mosque after he prayed there.
Since medieval historical facts cannot have changed over the past two years, the top Turkishulama [religious scholar], referencing a most powerful Muslim caliph, is best witness that when the Muslims had first arrived in Jerusalem there was not a single mosque in the city. Why? Because Jerusalem was not a Muslim city. Why, then, do Turkish Islamists claim that it is Muslim? Because it once had been "conquered." Would the same Turks surrender Istanbul to the occupying forces that took the city after World War I because its capture in 1920 made it a non-Turkish city? No, that was not conquest, that was occupation!
Had Messrs Erdogan and Davutoglu been schoolchildren, such reasoning might have been called bullying and cheating.
Burak Bekdil, based in Ankara, is 

Dr. Gruber Made It Plenty Clear What He Thinks Of Americans. Not Once But Three Times! It Was No Slip Of The Tongue!

That video of the Obamacare architect deriding ‘stupid’ American voters wasn’t just a one-time thing

Jonathan Gruber, the ideas man who consulted with the Department of Health and Human Services to help craft the theoretical underpinnings of Obamacare, has spent the past couple of days explaining why he described American voters as “stupid” in a video that recently surfaced on the Internet.
But, as it turns out, that one video was only the beginning. Two others have since surfaced — thanks largely to the efforts of a nonplussed investment adviser who began digging into the origins of the Affordable Care Act, after he reportedly lost his insurance when Obamacare was implemented in 2013.
Gruber told Fox News on Tuesday that he regretted having made the comments in the controversial video and that he was simply speaking “off the cuff” at an academic conference. Then Fox’s Megyn Kelly tossed out a second video in which Gruber essentially made the exact same point, including his “too stupid to understand” refrain.
Then, lo: a third video of Gruber dissing the hoi polloi began drawing attention Wednesday, after The Daily Caller published a story calling attention to its existence (the video has lingered on YouTube since November of 2012).
Speaking at a forum at the University of Rhode Island, Gruber stood for a full hour to delve into the thinking behind the Obama administration’s restructuring of health insurance policy. He spoke rapidly, but his statements were anything but “off the cuff.”
“It’s a very clever, you know, basically an exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter,” Gruber helpfully explained.
Gruber also helped develop an Obamacare comic book to sell the Affordable Care Act to people who best understand complex information when there are few words and many pictures. Sounds like those people and “stupid” American voters might be one and the same.

Democrats Not Only Lost The Election, They Keep On Losing With The American People

Post-election polling shows Democrats’ popularity continuing downward slide

For the first time in a long time, Democrats fare worse than Republicans in nationwide political polling — a striking phenomenon that suggests the midterm elections may have been a mere harbinger of worse things to come for Democrats, rather than the momentary nadir of their popularity during the waning years of a troubled presidency.
Gallup revealed Wednesday that Democrats are perceived favorably by only 36 percent of Americans, compared with a (not impressive) 42 percent favorability rating for Republicans.
After the 2012 election, many political analysts focused on the GOP’s “image problem.” Now, it is the Democrats who appear to have the more battered image. Their favorability rating has never been lower, and they are reeling from defeats that cost them control of the U.S. Senate and strengthened the Republican House majority to levels likely not seen in 90 years.
On the other hand, the American public does not admire Republicans more, their numerous election victories notwithstanding. Neither party can say it is making significant progress in improving its image among the U.S. population, but undoubtedly the 2014 elections augmented the GOP’s ability to shape the agenda in Washington and in state capitals across the country. This newfound power could pose its own problems for the GOP.
The 36 percent approval rating for Democrats marks a record low, according to Gallup. Democrats have polled higher than their GOP foes in every Gallup survey since Sept. 2011. Whether that advantage broadens in coming months will largely depend on how the new Republican majority in both houses of Congress carries out the will of the voters who sent GOP candidates to Washington, D.C., predicts Gallup.
“The [Republican] party could be on the verge of winning over a greater segment of the country or, not unlike the Democrats this year, could see its brand go into a free fall,” the survey states. “This will depend on what Republican leaders do in the coming two years.”

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

So Much For Working With The Republicans. White House WILL DO Immigration Reform Before The End Of The Year.

WH's Earnest: Obama 'Looking Forward' to Executive Amnesty Order

Wednesday, 12 Nov 2014 11:32 AM
By Melanie Batley
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President Barack Obama is "looking forward" to imposing an executive order that will give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants currently in the country, said White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

Just two days after the election, the president announced his intention to unilaterally move forward with executive plans on immigration, even as House Speaker John Boehner and incoming House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned that it would be a bad start to establishing a constructive working relationship with Congress.

"Jorge, I'll just be as clear and candid as I possibly can,” Earnest said on Fusion TV's "America with Jorge Ramos."

"The president made a promise in the fall that if Congress didn't act that the president himself would take executive action to try to solve the problems of our broken immigration system before the end of the year. The president is going to keep that promise and is going to make that announcement before the end of the year.

"And it reflects a disappointment on part of the president."

Story continues below video.

Earnest added that House Republicans were to blame for failing to pass immigration reform, which has forced the president to take action himself.

"The president is disappointed that this legislative solution won't be achieved, but the president is looking forward to taking executive action on his own to solve as many of these problems as he can."

Obama has vowed to act before the end of the year, but the White House has not elaborated on what the executive order will entail.

The possibilities include halting deportations of the parents of children brought to the United States illegally. But it could also be broader, affecting as many as the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently estimated to be living in the U.S.

Obama's action could also drive a wedge between Republicans, with some who say the party must take steps to modify its position against undocumented immigrants and others who continue to believe they are lawbreakers who should be returned to their home countries.

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