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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Due To Immigration, Sweden Is Changing Every Day

Ten Incidents in Ten Days That Proved Trump Right on Sweden’s Migration Problem


The media and Swedish politicians were in an uproar after President Donald J. Trump chose to highlight the negative effects of mass migration in Sweden. But ten days later, here are ten incidents that proved him right.

When former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt asked the U.S. president “what is he smoking?” on Twitter and other celebrities berated President Trump over his comments on 19 February, many wondered what is actually going on in Sweden. Here is a list of incidents that have occurred since that speech proving President Trump may have even been downplaying the situation in the Scandinavian nation:
1. Large scale riots in the No Go Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby
Firemen extinguish a burning car in Kista after youths rioted in few differant suburbs around Stockholm on May 21, 2013. Youths in the immigrant-heavy Stockholm suburb of Husby torched cars and threw rocks at police, in riots believed to be linked to the deadly police shooting of a local resident. AFP PHOTO/JONATHAN NACKSTRAND (Photo credit should read JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/AFP/Getty Images)
Less than 48 hours after Trump gave his speech, the infamous migrant-populated No Go neighbourhood of Rinkeby was engulfed in violence when several cars were set on fire, shops were looted, and others attacked after police arrested a man in the area. A group of 30 young men also attacked police, who were pelted with rocks and stones; and officers had to retreat to a nearby petrol station to escape the violence.
2. Left wing newspaper photojournalist attacked in No Go Zone
During the Rinkeby riots, left wing major Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter sent one of their photographers to take pictures and cover the looting and destruction. He arrived on the scene around 10 pm and was approached by several men who beat him and stole his camera. After escaping and calling the police, authorities told him he would have to make it to a hospital on his own because the area was too dangerous for them.
3. Hand grenade randomly found in a park in Malmö
Photo: Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images
Imagine strolling through your favourite park. The last thing you would expect to find is a live hand grenade. But not in the heavily migrant city of Malmö, where one was found by police in the Pildamma park. Even more bizarre is the fact the police were looking for a gun in connection with a recent shooting in the area by a 15-year-old boy and said the hand grenade had no connection to the shooting.
4. Another hand grenade found in Stockholm
"Upon the request by the judge, the investigator tried to demonstrate the working of the grenade by pulling something out of it," defence lawyer Abdul Jabbar Lakho told reporters in Pakistan
Photo: AFP
On Monday in Stockholm’s Kista square, another hand grenade was found left in a garbage bin near the local headquarters of the police. The bomb squad was called in and detonated it in a controlled explosion. Police have no idea why the grenade was left in the trash bin and have no suspects.
5. Grenade attack in Malmö injures a man 
Cover Up
With all the hand grenades lying around in random bins and parks, it is inevitable that one eventually gets used. This was the case earlier this week in Malmö’s Lindängen district when police were alerted to an explosion in a residential area. No one was killed in the incident, which police are treating as an attempted murder case, but one man suffered shrapnel wounds to his leg and was hospitalised.
6. Sympathies for Islamic State growing in Sweden
Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters
Swedish security services have announced the number of sympathisers of the terrorist group has gone up. This is due to the many Swedes who went to fight with Islamic State in the Middle East who return, spread their ideology, and are recruiting new members. Many of them have been encouraged to return to Sweden by some city governments like Lund who have offered them debt relief, free housing, and driving lessons.
7. Swedish library bans book critical of mass migration
The world's largest fine for an overdue library book is $345.14 (323 euros) according to Guinness World Records
Photo: AFP
Many Swedes are afraid to speak up about mass migration because they are afraid of being called racist. But even a Kurdish Iranian-born economist is not free from the politically correct mindset. Economist Tino Sanandaji wrote a book on mass migration called Mass Challenge and because it offers real facts when looking at migration a library in Stockholm is refusing to stock it because they claim it “promotes racism”.
8. Swedish ambulance workers demand “military” defence equipment to service No Go Zones 
AP Photo
Photo: The Associated Press
Gordon Grattidge of the Swedish ambulance union demanded the government give paramedics access to body armour and helmets because of the numerous attacks they receive when trying to answer calls in No Go Zones.
“It’s too dangerous to enter. We can be prevented from entering. We may be blocked from getting out. Vehicles can be sabotaged at the site. We can be exposed to physical violence. In seconds it can turn to attacks on our vehicles or against us personally… It can be stone throwing and even worse. Hand grenades have been thrown at police so that is a great concern,” he said.
9.Sweden refuses to charge migrant who got his then 14-year-old wife pregnant
Sweden's highest court finds Wikimedia Sweden guilty of violating copyright laws by providing free access to its database of artwork photographs without the artists' consent
Photo: AFP
Swedish prosecutors have dropped charges of child sex assault on a man who married a girl in Syria when she was 13 or 14 and got her pregnant due to the fact that the act occurred before they were in Sweden. By contrast, any Swedes that try the same thing abroad will be subject to criminal charges.
10. … and despite everything, Swedish politicians still think migration makes their country STRONGER!
Of course, after President Trump called Sweden out on their failure to manage the migrant crisis Swedish politicians had no choice but to double down and stick to the party line, no matter the facts. Former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt was one of many who wanted to hit back, speaking “warmly about continued migration and [saying] that it strengthens the country” to a mainstream Swedish newspaper, remarking that his homeland is a “country of immigration”.
So, who has it right. President Trump, or the Swedish political establishment? Let us know below.

Is This The Type Of "Immigrant" That You Want In The US?

Iraqi Asylum Seeker Jailed for Raping Drunk Woman in London



An Iraqi asylum seeker has been jailed for luring a “vulnerable”, drunk woman into his basement and raping her after she missed the last bus home.

Ismael Ali Omer, 32, approached the “clearly drunk” woman in August last year, after seeing her stranded at a bus stop following a night out in Shepherd’s Bush, West London.
Mr. Omer claimed asylum in the UK after being tortured by Saddam Hussain’s regime. He is still unable to return because his hometown is now controlled by Islamic State.
On the night of the crime, he persuaded the “naïve” victim she would be safe with him in his nearby home in Notting Hill, Court News reports. She soon realised “something was wrong” once inside, but was unable to fend him off as he raped her in the cramped room, said to be “little more than a cupboard”.
When she fled and pressed charges, Mr. Omar attempted to exploit her memory loss by claiming she had made advances towards him. However, CCTV footage of the “vulnerable” women stumbling near his house revealed she had not initiated any sexual activity.
He denied the allegation against him but was convicted of one count of rape following a trial at Southwark Crown Court. He cried as he was jailed for five years.
Detective Inspector Ash Hornsby of the Sexual Offences Exploitation and Child Abuse Command said in a statement:
“This was a violent assault on a lone female and that is reflected in the sentence. Londoners should feel safer today as a dangerous offender has been taken off the streets.”
Judge Martin Beddoe said: “On that evening in August last year you came across a very drunk, rather naive, and thus vulnerable young lady who was lost, who had lost her mobile phone and because of that circumstance and because of her condition could not find her way or get back to where she really wanted to be.
“Having watched the CCTV material on a number of occasions in the course of the trial I’m in no doubt that the reality is that at the bus stop you spotted her and gave her the indication that you could help her with her predicament, and you took the lead as to where she then went.
“I’m in no doubt that she didn’t come on to you as you falsely described in your evidence and she didn’t then make sexual overtures towards you.
“You have exploited her memory loss to try and portray her as the initiator of the sexual activity that subsequently resulted between you.”
He continued: “This lost young woman who missed her bus… and you led her to believe that she was safe with you. I have no doubt that when you persuaded her into what is little more than a cupboard she realised something was wrong.
“You then took advantage of her drunkenness and vulnerability. The sex is the only sex there was and which she tried to persuade you not to perform.”

Democrats Plant Their Butts While Trump Honors SEAL

Badass Green Beret Soldier Publicly DESTROYS Snotty Dems Who Refused To Stand SEAL’s Honored Widow

On Tuesday night, President Trump addressed the nation and paid tribute to our fallen Navy SEAL William ‘Ryan’ Owens who perished in a Yemini raid several weeks ago. He then led the audience in a standing ovation that lasted over 3 minutes for Owens’ tearful widow who was in the crowd, honoring the distraught woman for her incredible sacrifice.
But as the cameras panned the crowd, an entire row of disgusting Democrats could be seen firmly planted on their asses, looking smug and unamused.
VIDEO Stein Defends Trump’s Media Disdain

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While lining these ungrateful anti-American idiots up and repeatedly throat-punching would be fully justified, a Green Beret Soldier is speaking his mind over the incident. And what he had to say in his fiery rant will leave you cheering.
Tim Kennedy served several tours in Iraq and is also a current MMA fighter. So understandably, these Democrats’ disgusting antics did not sit too well with him. Taking to social media, he put these anti-American idiots on notice, telling them what would happen if they ever try to pull such a a similar stunt with his wife:
Hell yeah! I completely concur with his sentiments! As a military veteran myself, I’ve never been so outraged in my entire life after witnessing what these Democrats did to this poor woman. That’s fine if you want to sit on your ass when the president is talking about his foreign policy or immigration stance. But when the nation is honoring our fallen Soldier who GAVE HIS LIFE to defend your freedoms, you get OFF YOUR ASS and you clap despite your malicious feelings towards our president!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Unbiased Reporting? There Is NONE!

MEDIA BIAS: CNN Deploys Valerie Jarrett’s Daughter To Cover Trump Justice Department

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
MARCH 2, 2017
5926363242 Comments30709
In yet another indicator that the mainstream media is rife with corruption and
 conflicts of interest, CNN has now hired Laura Jarrett, daughter of Valerie
 Jarrett, to cover President Trump’s Department of Justice. As The Blaze reports,
 CNN touted Jarrett’s background defending “companies and individuals in
government investigations brought by the Justice Department.”
Valerie Jarrett wasn’t just President Obama’s top advisor. She’s also personally
 close to the Obamas to the extent that she’s reportedly moving in with them
 in their new Washington, D.C. digs. Jarrett called Trump’s election a “punch in
 the stomach…soul-crushing.” According to Vanity Fair, Laura Jarrett is
dedicated to “promoting civil rights and social equality for women and minorities.”
So she’s probably going to be completely objective about covering the Trump
This is nothing new from the mainstream media-Democratic Party complex.
 Ben Rhodes, the National Security Advisor to President Obama who actively
lied to the entire media about the Iran deal, is brother to David Rhodes, president
 of CBS. ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is the wife of Jay Carney,
former Obama press secretary. George Stephanopoulos, ABC News’ leading
 anchor, is a former Clinton staffer. Ben Sherwood, president of Disney-ABC
 television group, is brother to former Obama special assistant Elizabeth
The media claim that such relationships have no bearing on coverage. Perhaps.
Or maybe, just maybe, people with close relationships to those in power tend to
 favor those people in their coverage. After all, that’s the entire basis of the
rumors about President Trump’s conflicts of interests with regard to his
businesses, which are now supposedly run by his children – their relationship
 makes him more likely to act in corrupt fashion to benefit those businesses.
 Why wouldn’t that same logic apply to the media?
There’s nothing wrong with assigning Valerie Jarrett’s child to cover the DOJ.
 But there is something wrong with pretending objectivity when it is clearer
ever day that such objectivity is a figment of the media’s imagination.