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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tea Party Members Way Different From Current Leftist Protesters.


Wannabe Tea Partiers Trash 

American Values

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The Tea Party was a turning point in American politics. After Establishment
 Republicans and Democrats came together to rob the American taxpayers
 blind with big corporate bailouts, and the Obama administration passed
 Obamacare, millions of Americans rose up, demanding limited government
 and a return to accountable democracy. They got it. 

Now angry liberals are trying to hold their own Tea Party, and they're off to a
horrific start. How bad is it? Well, I'll let Guy Benson explain:
Americans have a right to show up, and speak up, in public meetings with

their elected representatives. That civic principle applies to the anti-Trump

"resistance" just as much as it applied to the Tea Party. Americans also

 have a right to judge their fellow citizens' comportment and approach to

influencing the political process. The Left is organizing to swarm forums

held by Republican members of Congress, several of whom have

 demonstrated constructive methods of dealing with unruly and hostile

crowds.  The resulting confrontations are churning out made-for-television

moments for which the media has a bottomless appetite -- especially since

these aggrieved citizens are on the "good" side of things, unlike the

unseemly hoards in 2009 and 2010.  But here's what the sanitized and

curated evening news soundbytes aren't likely to show: In Louisiana on

Wednesday, Sen. Bill Cassidy hosted a town hall meeting to discuss

various policies, including Obamacare. The organized Left showed up

in full throat, behaving boorishly before the Senator even took to the

podium. They shouted and heckled throughout a pastor's opening prayer,

then many refused to stand or even maintain any semblance of decorum

during the pledge of allegiance, which was led by a local veteran. Deplorable:

These people are out of their minds. As Benson notes, they're also ignorant:
The rude, furious screeching of "separation of church and state!" betrays an

embarrassing ignorance of American history. Our founding document guards

against the intertwining of religion and governance by prohibiting the

establishment of a national religion, but the notion that a public prayer prior

to a gathering like this somehow violates the constitution is ludicrous. In fact,

the legislative body in which Sen. Cassidy serves opens each daily session 

with a prayer from its appointed in-house chaplain.  But the angriest shouters

weren't interested in facts or perspective, as their frenzied tantrums then

carried on through the pledge of allegiance.  One of their grievance themes

 is that Cassidy is a mean-spirited demon who wants to rip healthcare away

from innocent children. 
The Tea Party didn't succeed because it was well organized and well funded. 
It succeeded because it stood up for the interests of ordinary Americans.
 Unless liberals are willing to accept the diverse religious beliefs and interests
 of people on main street, they'll never make any headway. 

The long and short of it is this: Liberals dug a big hole the last eight years, and 
instead of trying to climb out, they're calling in the earth movers.