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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Learn About Sweden--It's Not The Country You Think It Is!

The Truth about Sweden

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During a recent speech given to supporters, Donald Trump talked about his pledge to stop illegal aliens from using the United States as a safe haven. He also talked about his travel pause on seven Middle Eastern countries for three months in order for the United States to sort out how best to vet out terrorists from actual refugees.
During the speech, he brought up the example of Sweden. Sweden has gone through a mass immigration period over the last several years, allowing in hundreds of thousands of people seeking asylum from Middle Eastern countries. They have also see a rather large jump in violent crime and terrorism in the last several years.
Liberals naturally decided to have a field day on this. Without using facts or logic, they simply said that nothing is wrong with Sweden and that Donald Trump doesn’t know what he is talking about.
As if the immigrants were mocking Democrats just a day later, riots broke out in a large immigrant neighborhood in Sweden. Why did the riots break out? Because the police arrested a drug dealer, and local immigrants, most of which are not actual citizens, protested, burned vehicles and injured police officers.
With all of this taking place, liberals have suddenly become quiet about what happened in Sweden. Those who are talking are actually saying Donald Trump caused the riots. Saying the president caused the riots by pointing out the problem within Sweden is beyond ridiculous.
The truth about Sweden may be rather shocking if you haven’t followed the trend in this formerly peaceful nation. What exactly is going on? Make sure to watch the video to learn more about it.