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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

For Environmentalists, Dakota Pipeline Protesters Don't Seem Interested in The Environment (Or Puppies)

DESPICABLE: Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Left Behind Trash . . . And Puppies

Photo by Onur Coban/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
FEBRUARY 28, 2017
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It was incredibly nasty when protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline trashed the environment by leaving their tons of garbage strewn so widely thousands of trucks will be needed to haul it away before it pollutes the area’s water supply. Gov. Doug Burgum (R) told KFGO, “This is probably the biggest ecological mess on the entire Missouri River system from top to bottom in this country.”
But the protesters went beyond nasty; they were also heartless, leaving behind puppies to fend for themselves in the cold.
VIDEO Fires burn as Dakota Access protesters prepare for departure deadline

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As The Washington Free Beacon reports, Furry Friends Rockin Rescue, a local animal rescue in Bismarck, North Dakota, found and rescued two abandoned dogs and six puppies that were left behind. Julie Schirado, founder of Furry Friends, said some of the dogs have frostbite, wounded paws, and signs of hypothermia, as well as other issues. She told KFYR, “It’s a mess down there, so it’s really, really hard to find these animals and get them. She told, “We don't know if they have parvo distemper from what they might be eating or feeding if they don't get fed properly."
Over one dozen abandoned dogs left the protest site have no permanent homes; roughly 20 dogs have been left there.
Tiffany Hardy, a Furry Friends volunteer, told KFYR:
We have a couple cases of mange, we might have had some, I know we've had some problems with claws that haven't been clipped before . . . Extremely sad being these guys were left behind. But we offer, Furry Friends offers hope. I mean there's so much hope within Furry Friends as far as these puppies finding homes. If we can offer them luck and offer them a home, we're going to try and find that for them.
“We don't know if they have parvo distemper from what they might be eating or feeding if they don't get fed properly."
Schirado concluded, "It's a collaborative effort for everybody. We thank our law enforcement and all the people helping clean the site up.”
Furry Friends is seeking food, blankets, and money to offset the cost of veterinarian bills. Their website is