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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Even The Comedians Are Coming Out Against ObamaCrapCare--Is This A Sign Of Its Inevitable End.


All Democrats needed to do in order to secure a political advantage was execute the implementation of Obamacare in a “mildly competent” fashion, at least according to comedian Jon Stewart.
Well, they failed — and Stewart is letting them know it.
Jon Stewart Delivers Scathing Obamacare Rollout Critique
Comedy Central
After slamming the GOP’s shutdown strategy, Stewart claimed that the country was ready to “turn blue.” Now, there’s just one big problem… or 99 of them.
“Yes, apparently the website has 99 problems, but a glitch is all of them,” Stewart joked.
After playing a clip of a news report outlining the problems users are having with simply logging in on the website, he then noted that “the first step” doesn’t even work. The horrific rollout of Obamacare has left Democrats completely unable to “spin this turd,” he added.
Watch the rest of Stewart’s scathing Obamacare takedown via Comedy Central (Warning: Some strong language):

Work Smart And Hard. Contrary Advice From Mike Rowe. Is He Right Or Is A College Degree The ONLY Route To Success?


Mike Rowe, widely-known from the hit TV show “Dirty Jobs” and a series of Ford commercials, appeared on The Glenn Beck Program Wednesday to discuss his efforts with themikeroweWORKS Foundation in challenging “the absurd belief that a four-year degree is the only path to success.”
“We’re lending money we don’t have, to kids who will never be able to pay it back, for jobs that no longer exist,” he explained, echoing what he told TheBlaze TV’s Andrew Wilkow earlier this month. “That’s crazy, right? That’s what we’ve been doing for the last forty years.”
Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs and Glenn Beck Speak About Hard Work and mikeroweWORKS
Mike Rowe speaks with Glenn Beck about mikeroweWORKS. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)
Rowe’s motivation for the work largely began with what he described as “the worst advice in the history of the world” – a poster he saw in high school challenging students to “work smart, not hard.”  The picture of the person working “smart” was holding a diploma, and the person working “hard” looked miserable performing some form of manual labor.
“Today, skilled trades are in demand. In fact, there are 3 million jobs out there that companies are having a hard time filling. So we thought that skilled trades could do with a PR campaign,” he said with a smile. “So we took the same idea, went ahead and vandalized it. Work smart AND hard.’”
And with that, he unveiled a similar photo — but with the person working hard now more successful than the person simply holding a degree.
Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs and Glenn Beck Speak About Hard Work and mikeroweWORKS
(Photo via mikeroweWORKS)
When Beck thanked him, saying that not everyone needs an Ivy League education and he would recommend you shy away from it, though, Rowe said he wanted to make something clear.
“I’m not against a college education. I’m againstdebt,” he said. “That was the only four letter word in my family…”
What he’s against, Rowe added, is that we started promoting college “at the expense” of the vocational training that, in many cases, is what’s actually needed for the career.
“It’s not about, this is good or this is bad,” Rowe said. “It’s about, when did it make sense to say one size fits everybody? It never ever ever made sense to do that, and yet we’re still selling education the same way we sold it when you and I were in high school.”
Of the roughly three million jobs that companies are struggling to fill, Rowe said only 8 to 12 percent require a college degree.
“That’s not me saying don’t go to college. I’m saying, to start your life [$150,000] in the hole, [$80,000] in the hole with your art history major…that’s why you’ve got a trillion dollars in debt. These kids can’t find a job that they’ve been trained for, and the expectation is, it should be waiting for me. It ain’t.”
At mikeroweWorks, they’re flipping the traditional notion of scholarships on its head by aiding students who demonstrate a solid work ethic, not financial need or academic or athletic merit.
“Why don’t we reward kids who are willing to learn a new trade, a useful skill, and…prove that they’re willing to get up early, stay late, and volunteer for every crappy task there is?” he said. “Let’s reward the thing we want to encourage. Long story short, we raised $800,000 for work ethic scholarships for this one school [Midwestern Technical Institute].”
And he said that’s only the beginning. Be sure to watch the full clip, below:


Rowe said there’s a difference between work and labor, explaining that “work is the thing you admire, [and] labor is the thing you have to do.”
“This whole topic always boils down to management vs. workers…the blue, the white collar. Enough with the color of collars,” he declared. “The way to talk about work is through the context of, what are you addicted to? Are you addicted to smooth roads? …Cheap electricity? Indoor plumbing? I am. So if you share my addiction to the fruits of skilled labor, you’ve got skin in this game.  So I think if you start to engage a bigger hunk of people, not just management and not just labor, if you really start to have a conversation about work and education, about affordability, everybody can take a micro-macro look at this thing.”
When asked to summarize what he needs to continue the effort, Rowe directed people, saying it’s a “PR campaign for hard work, skilled labor, alternative education, entrepreneurship and invention – but most of all, hard work.”
He added that he’s uncomfortable asking people for money outright, but if you buy a “work smartand hard” poster, not only does it further the scholarships, but you can “hang it up at a high school…a factory floor, a construction site, just to get people talking about the idea that not all knowledge comes from college.”
Beck said he believes in what Rowe is doing, and concluded the program by giving him a $20,000 check from his Charity, Mercury One.


Jib Jab Reviews 2013. As Usual, It Is Great

Every year Jib Jab does it's review of the previous twelve months.  They always are on point. We hope you enjoy this year's posting.

Conservative Tom

1% Of The Budget Goes In Foreign Aid. Mostly To Countries Who Hate Us.


The United States spends billion of dollars each year on foreign aid .
In fact, the U.S. sent approximately $37,680,000,000 overseas in 2012 for foreign aid, according to Finance Degree Center, a website dedicated to finance education.
The total amount, which includes investments in national security concerns, counterterrorism efforts and commercial and humanitarian interests, is really rather impressive when you think about it. Indeed, no other country comes even close in terms of providing other countries with monetary aid.
Here to help you visualize just how much the U.S. spends every year is a chart from the folks at Finance Degree Center. Enjoy:
Just How Much Does the U.S. Spend on Foreign Aid Anyway? This Chart Will Explain
Click here for more data on the chart’s numbers.

Another NSA Spying Target--Ehud Olmert


The National Security Agency previously targeted the Israeli prime minister, according to new top-secret documents leaked by Edward Snowden.
NSA Reportedly Targeted Israeli Prime Minister, Defense Minister
The documents, obtained by The Guardian, reportedly reveal that the NSA, in cooperation with the British Government Communications Headquarters, targeted an email address belonging to the Israeli leader.
“One GCHQ document, drafted in January 2009, makes clear that the agencies were targeting an email address listed as belonging to another important American ally – the ‘Israeli prime minister,’” The Guardian reported, noting Ehud Olmert was in office at the particular time.
The Israeli defense minister also appears to have been targeted by the spy agencies, according to the British newspaper.
The Guardian reported that the NSA and GCHQ also targeted various charities and organizations, including the United Nations development program and children’s charity.

ObamaCrapCare Now Into Heroin. Does Obama Know About This? Probably Not.


Massachusetts State Police announced on Friday they had confiscated 1,250 individual bags of heroin, many of them labeled “Obama Care.”
Huge Stash of Obama Care Heroin Confiscated by Authorities
Police seized on Friday a massive stash of individual heroin bags labeled “Obama Care.” (Image source: Massachusetts State Police)
According to a statement posted on their Facebook page, the massive stash of illicit drugs was located during a routine traffic stop Friday morning.
Huge Stash of Obama Care Heroin Confiscated by Authorities
Police seized on Friday a massive stash of individual heroin bags labeled “Obama Care.” (Image source: Massachusetts State Police)
“During the stop, evidence of illegal narcotics led to a request for a State Police K9. Trooper David Stucenski and K9 Frankie located 1,250 individual bags of heroin in the vehicle,” the statement said. “Four people were taken into custody and charged with narcotics violations.”
Pictures released of the drugs show them labeled “Obama Care.”

One Person's Opinion On When To Take Social Security

Social Security Strategy Shows Some Retirees Should File Younger

DECEMBER 18, 2013 
Waiting until age 70 to collect the maximum amount of Social Security may not be the best strategy for couples who want to retire early, according to Christine Fahlund, senior financial planner at T. Rowe Price.
Financial advisors frequently tell clients to wait as long as possible to collect Social Security because benefits increase by 8 percent a year for each year payments are delayed beyond age 66.
At the same time, almost 70 percent of Americans are taking benefits at age 62 – the earliest time possible. This strategy reduces benefits for life. Only 5 percent wait until age 70.
Fahlund says there is a third choice that can be as financially and emotionally beneficial to couples as either of the above two options.
“A lot of people realize they should wait until age 70 to retire and take benefits, but they say that is not for them. They want to retire early,” she says. “There is a third option we call the split strategy.”
Under this option, the person who earns less retires at age 62. [For simplicity, the example assumes the wife is the lower wage earner.] The higher wage earner waits until he reaches full retirement age of 66, but instead of filing for his own benefits, he files for spousal benefits under his wife’s earnings record. Typically he will receive half of what his spouse is receiving.
While he is receiving spousal benefits, he lets his benefit continue to increase at 8 percent a year until he reaches age 70. He then switches to his own benefit and receives the highest amount possible.
This not only helps the couple while they are both receiving benefits, but also helps the survivor after one partner dies. Assuming the wife lives longer, she can then switch from her lower benefit to survivor benefits, which in most cases will be equal to her husband’s higher benefit amount.
If the couple wants to retire in their 60s, but delays receiving benefits until age 70, they will have to dip into their portfolio and savings until they start receiving benefits. The split strategy gives them an income from Social Security and reduces the amount that has to be taken from their portfolio or delays when they have to start taking money from the portfolio, allowing it to continue to grow.
“It is important to focus on the front end (by delaying dipping into savings),” says Fahlund. At the same time, you are “making sure whoever survives gets the highest possible benefit from Social Security for the rest of his or her life. You want to optimize for the survivor.”
The mantra from advisors always has been that the client should wait until age 70 to receive the maximum amount in Social Security, Fahlund says. But her research shows that this may not be the best strategy for a couple.
“You need to consider this as part of a larger strategy. It’s not only about taking Social Security. It is also about taking withdrawals and what year you take withdrawals. An advisor can control, with the clients, the actual year the clients begin taking withdrawals.” If the couple wants to retire early, they “better have some Social Security or they are going to have to withdraw from savings and that is not healthy.”
Fahlund gives the following example to illustrate the three possibilities. Ben was born in 1951, makes $98,000 a year and wants to retire at age 62. Sally was born in 1954, makes $68,000 and wants to retire at age 59. He is assumed to die at age 83 and she at 95. They want an income of $124,000 a year during retirement.
If they claim benefits early, total Social Security income over their lifetime will be $1.1 million and withdrawals from their portfolio will be $3.4 million.
If they use either of the other two options, waiting until they are 70 or using the split strategy, the total from Social Security will be $1.5 million and from portfolio withdrawals $3 million. The delaying strategy allows them to wait to withdraw from the portfolio.
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Sharia Courts In Action. Is This The Type Of Justice That Liberals Want?

Al Qaeda's Sharia Courts in Syria Lock Up and Torture Children

Daniel Greenfield - FrontPage Magazine,  December 20th, 2013

Islamic law. It’s everywhere you don’t want to be.
The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), which has seized control of territory in northern Syria, has reportedly committed horrific abuses in its prisons in the region.
Sources told Amnesty that some of those imprisoned by ISIS are as young as eight years old. Witnesses reported seeing teenagers being tortured, including a 14-year-old boy who was given 90 lashes during an interrogation.
Prisoners have also reportedly been tortured with electric shocks.
Those who are given a trial face a Sharia court (court of Islamic law) overseen by a judge who regularly shows up to court wearing a bomb belt, according to the report. Trials often last just minutes; some of the “sham” trials end with summary executions.
Ah the majesty of Islamic law. It really does make for a more moral society. Let’s hear some more about how Islamic Law is making Syria a better place.
Some of those held by ISIS are suspected of theft or other crimes; others are accused of “crimes” against Islam, such as smoking cigarettes or zina, sex outside marriage.
On one occasion, an anguished father had to endure screams of pain as ISIS captors tormented his son in a nearby room. Two detainees related how they witnessed a child of about 14 receive a flogging of more than 90 lashes during interrogation at Sadd al-Ba’ath, an ISIS prison in al-Raqqa governorate.
Smoke a cigarette and you commit a crime against Islam. Now I know why liberals love Islam.
The Sadd al-Ba’ath prison is beside a dam on the Euphrates River at al-Mansura, where the local Shari’a court judge, who invariably appeared wearing an explosives belt, has instituted a reign of terror over its detainees.
Bomb belts are now a fashion accessory among the trendier aspirational martyr who is busy martyring others.
Former detainees accuse him of presiding over grotesquely unfair “trials” lasting no more than a few minutes as other detainees look on, and handing down death penalties which are subsequently carried out. At his direction, detainees have been mercilessly flogged; on at least one occasion, he is said to have personally joined in the flogging.
I’m sure it’s Koran-approved.
“The Turkish government, in particular, should prevent its territory being used by ISIS to bring in arms and recruits to Syria,” said Philip Luther.
The Turkish government is linked to Al Qaeda. Erdogan’s rogue Islamist regime has been backed by Obama and the European Union. So Amnesty might want to tell it to them.
Another man, aged 20, told Amnesty International that masked ISIS gunmen abducted him from the street in a crowded part of the al-Bab neighbourhood of northern Aleppo
They [the masked gunmen] dragged me into a yellow taxi, and I was surprised that the driver was also masked, and they drove off. They blindfolded me… Then the driver said, ‘Let us get closer to Allah by killing him.’ He stopped the car, and I could hear that he loaded a rifle and said, ‘Say the shahada [the Islamic creed] because you’ll die.’ I didn’t say anything. He repeated it but I did not respond. I was not scared. I was detained by the regime before
Now that’s a man with courage.
One was about eight years old; the other was 14. As they pushed them into the cell, one of the guards shouted “Teach this donkey how to pray”, in reference to the younger of the two boys, who was crying and continued weeping in the cell.
Such religious folks these Al Qaeda fighters are.
Another detainee held there at the time described the same incident and said:  “I counted 94 lashes falling on this child… and then I could count no more.”
Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.

Phil Robertson Is Censored


Obama Is Winning! His Poll Results Worse Than Nixon. How Low Can He Go?

Poll: At Same Point In Term, Nixon Approval Rating Higher Than Obama

 15 16
 1 142

NEW YORK (UPI) — At the same point in his second term, President Richard Nixon had better job approval ratings than President Barack Obama, a Harris Poll released Friday indicted.
Thirty-seven percent of respondents gave Nixon positive ratings on his overall job in November of 1973 — just months before he resigned over the Watergate scandal — while 34 percent of Americans said Obama was doing a good job this month, results indicated.
Harris, based in New York, reviewed approval ratings for two-term presidents since Nixon — Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama — noting each had highs and lows during their eight years and had different approval numbers at the end of their first years into their second terms.
Thirty-four percent gave positive marks to Bush, who was dealing criticism over two wars and over his Administration’s initial response to Hurricane Katrina, in November 2005.
In November 1997, 57 percent were positive about Clinton a month before the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke and as the economy was humming along, Harris said.
Sixty-eight percent expressed approval of Reagan at the beginning of Glasnost and the first meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev and before the Iran-Contra scandal made its way into public awareness.
Results are based on an online survey of 2,311 adults Dec. 11-17 conducted by Harris Interactive. A margin of error was not provided.

Without A Gun, Man Unable To Defend Himself. He Dies.

Gun Control Laws Left Murder Victim Defenseless In Protecting His Wife

Gun Control Laws Left Murder Victim Defenseless In Protecting His Wife

New Jersey’s reasonable gun control laws have caused the death of a man simply trying to protect his wife. Hoboken native Dustin Friedland was laid to rest this week after two carjackers brutally gunned him down in front of his wife. Friedland was unable to protect himself with a firearm because the law-abiding attorney adhered to New Jersey regulations which state permits to carry a firearm can only be given to those working in security or who have a “justifiable need.”
His wife, Jamie, was forced out of their vehicle at gunpoint but not physically harmed. The two carjackers, who are still on the loose, took the car for a joyride of approximately 10 miles before leaving it on the side of the road.
“I want [the suspects] dead. In a heartbeat. I would like to see them dead because of what they did,” said Jamie’s uncle, Dr. Mark Schare. “And for what? What did they gain? It’s just evil. They should not have a day of peace, ever again.”
New Jersey isn’t the only state to adopt extreme gun control laws in recent years. California took the step this year of seizing legally purchased guns from rightful owners after they were suddenly classified as “prohibited persons.” The state legislature approved new language earlier this year for what is defined as a prohibited person, expanded to include people who are behind on state taxes, did not pay toll fees in a “timely” manner and other minor misdemeanors or mental health concerns.