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Thursday, August 16, 2012

How Romney Should Use Ryan

In the following post, Wayne Allyn Root suggests a brilliant way to use Paul Ryan on the campaign trail. Athough Root was not an initial supporter of Ryan, he has become one.  We do not want to blow the proposal that the author makes so we will not expound on it, however, we agree with it wholeheartedly.  
So what do you think?
Conservative Tom

Welcome to Personal Liberty. I’m Wayne Allyn Root. My commentary this week is about Mitt Romney’s choice for Vice President: Congressman Paul Ryan.
But first, a comment on last week’s video: I told you about Obama’s college scandal at Columbia University. That video went viral. Over 80,000 of you viewed it in just the first day. Over 150,000 in the first week. It is well on its way to unheard of numbers in the hundreds of thousands — spreading from coast to coast — and I just want to thank all of you for watching and telling your conservative friends.
Well, I’ll tell you what: My commentary sure struck a chord with Americans. In one 24-hour-period I was on Sean Hannity radio, Sean Hannity TV, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Governor Mike Huckabee, Geraldo and the late night national radio show Red Eye. That’s all in one day. Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham and CNBC were blogging about my commentary; andInvestors Business Daily published an entire editorial based on me and my revelations.
And I want to let you know I’m working on an update right now. I’ve had over 3,000 emails from my fans, and the most-asked questions are:
  • “Why does this matter?”
  • “What do you hope to accomplish?”
  • “Can your revelations bring down Obama?”
I’ll have my Part II soon. Please look for it.
Now, to Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan as Vice Presidential running mate. From a former Vice Presidential nominee to another, I have some advice. I’m going to tell Mitt the strategy that wins him the election: Use Paul Ryan as “Obama’s Shadow.” Because if there’s one man in America born for the job of debunking Obama’s myths and lies, it’s Paul Ryan.
Now, as a political pundit, I have to admit my initial reaction to Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for V.P. was surprise and disappointment. Because most Americans don’t know who Paul Ryan is. And the Democrats will, of course, paint him as the mean man about to take Grandma’s Social Security away. Another issue is that Ryan won’t gain Romney any Latino votes or expand Romney’s base. And, quite frankly, he’s not the most exciting guy in the room. Ryan is a policy wonk extraordinaire and boy genius. But those are not ideal attributes for giving rousing speeches. Not surprisingly, my first choice for the job was Florida Senator Marco Rubio. In my opinion Rubio solved all of the issues above.
But after a day of thought, my opinion has changed 180 degrees. Romney made a brilliant move: He found himself a stealth weapon — someone that proves that Obama is a phony, someone who proves that Obama is not the smartest guy in the room. My advice (from one former Vice Presidential nominee to another) is to capitalize on Paul Ryan’s unique — actually one-in-a-million — brainpower and knowledge of budgets. More on that later.
First, Romney made a bold move by not taking the easy road with a Pawlenty or Portman (“old white guys” just like him). He picked the architect of the GOP Congressional budget plan: the only plan by any politician that at least attempts to slow the growth of spending (although I believe Ryan should have gone even further). Picking Paul Ryan embraces cutting government spending as the centerpiece of Romney’s campaign. He’s not hiding from controversy or what Obama’s socialist cabal calls “radical ideas.” Romney is going for it. To be blunt, I didn’t think he had it in him. Bravo.
The image Team Romney has created is simple and stark: Vote Romney/Ryan to at least try to control the size of government, cut spending and debt, reform entitlement programs to save them for future generations, and encourage small business to create jobs.
Or stick with Obama/Biden and choose pure insanity: Embrace even more spending, more debt, bigger government, and keep demonizing and punishing the small-business owners that create the jobs and actually pay for all government programs. Keep telling them “the private sector is doing fine” while you raise their taxes and ruin their businesses, and keep demoralizing them by telling them: “You didn’t build that.” Voting for Obama is like killing the goose that laid the golden egg.
Romney has laid down the gauntlet. Like the heroic firefighters running into the burning World Trade Center towers, Romney ran toward the tough choices, controversy and claims by liberals that women, children and elderly will starve. Romney doubled down. Again, I just didn’t think he had it in him.
Romney’s choice of Ryan also shows that his strategists made the decision that this election will be won in the “Heartland of America” with Midwestern values. The Midwest has been ignored for decades. Midwesterners are starving for attention. This is a brilliant move. This is a battle cry for every Midwestern, Catholic, Christian, suburban, hunter, fisher, NASCAR/NFL lover (especially if you love the Green Bay Packers), married-with-kids American voter. There ain’t no foolin’ around here.
Romney will win this election by out-raising and outspending Obama to bring out record numbers of those disillusioned by Obama’s lies and divisiveness: white, middle-class, Catholic, Christian, suburban, married and those voters who — regardless of race, religion or location — believe in those values that have made America the greatest Nation on Earth. The choice of Ryan as VP makes it clear that if you vote for Romney, you won’t get something for nothing, money doesn’t grow on trees and the way to solve a debt crisis is not with more spending and debt. Is it working? Romney raised $3.5 million in 24 hours after announcing Ryan as his VP choice.
Romney is gambling that the battle will be won in the Midwest: Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa (with Pennsylvania thrown in for good measure). Can Romney sweep those states? Ask Governor Scott Walker, who passed major union reforms in Wisconsin and then won his recall by a landslide. Congressman Paul Ryan has won by landslides year after year in a pro-union, heavily Democratic, Wisconsin Congressional district. Ryan knows how to win over moderate, independent, married-with-children voters who hunt, fish and go to church on Sundays.
But most importantly, as a former Vice Presidential candidate myself, I have advice for how Romney can put Paul Ryan’s brainpower and policy-wonk talents to use. Earlier today, I watched Congressman Ryan on YouTube debating and making mincemeat of both President Obama and Congressional leader Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the topic of Obamacare. This guy is seriously smart — as in boy-genius smart. So here’s my advice: Turn policy genius Paul Ryan into “Obama’s Shadow.” Send Ryan to crisscross the Nation to shadow Obama’s every move. Wherever Obama speaks, Ryan follows — in the same town, only hours or a day later. Ryan’s job is:
  • To intelligently rebut everything Obama says.
  • To call Obama on his fraudulent math.
  • To expose Obama for the phony he is.
  • To show by comparison that Obama is only a good talker, but he’s not as smart as advertised.
Ryan really is the smartest guy in the room. Put him side by side with Obama to prove it.
Ryan will expose Obama as a phony — in the same town and on the same local evening news. Ryan proves that Obama is full of hot air. Ryan unmasks him as a teleprompter reader with no understanding of the nuts and bolts of the budget. Ryan turns Obama into “the emperor with no clothes.”
This is Paul Ryan’s role of a lifetime. He is the brightest policy wonk in America. Unleash him to use his intelligence and mastery of facts to hound Obama and debunk Obama’s tall tales. If there is one man perfect for framing in detail how Obama’s ideas have damaged the U.S. economy and killed jobs, it’s Ryan. If there is one man who can paint the devastating picture of what happens to our children and grandchildren if we follow Obama’s plan for another four years, it’s Ryan.
I want all of you to YouTube the video of Paul Ryan schooling Obama about the lies and math fraud of Obamacare. Ryan clearly knows more about Obamacare than Obama does. My educated guess is that Ryan knows more about every issue than Obama does.
Paul Ryan is “Obama’s Shadow” — and the real smartest guy in the room. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week, same time, same place. God Bless.
–Wayne Allyn Root

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Lame Stream Press--Another Example

This an example of press bias. For 99% of the article it is blasting Ryan by painting him as a legislator who says one thing and does the other.  Only in the last sentence is Ryan's rationale mentioned. 

He fought against the stimulus, said it was wasteful but then when the funds are available, he must represent his state, his constituents and try to obtain dollars from the bad program. That is what a representative should do.

For a second let's say that Ryan told his people, "I do not believe in the program and will not help you get money."  The press would be jumping on him for not "representing his constituents.  He is in a no win position with the press. 

In our opinion he did what he should have done. We support him.

Do you? 

We are interested in your opinions, let us know and we will post your comments.

Conservative Tom

Ryan called stimulus wasteful, then sought funds

Ryan pursued federal economic stimulus money, though calling President Obama's plan wasteful

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Paul Ryan has been one of the harshest critics of President Barack Obama's 2009 economic stimulus package. But that hasn't stopped the Wisconsin congressman from trying to help companies in his home state tap into the funds.
Ryan's actions in Congress are drawing fresh scrutiny since he was chosen as the running mate for GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.
In 2009, Ryan wrote letters to the Energy and Labor departments seeking stimulus money for two Wisconsin energy conservation companies. One company later won a $20.3 million grant.
Ryan's efforts to help obtain the money stand in contrast to his public statements denigrating the stimulus program as a "wasteful spending spree."
A spokesman says Ryan doesn't believe a flawed policy should get in the way of helping his constituents.

More Ammo Purchases, It's NOAA's Turn

This country is going crazy! Why in the bloody heck would the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) need bullets and paper targets? Combine this with the purchases by the USDA Forestry and Department of Homeland Security, there are nearly a billion bullets being purchased by non-military government agencies! There is something afoot and it is not going to be pretty.

What is going on? Do you have any idea? We want to hear your ideas, concerns. Please post them.  If we put our heads together maybe we can come up with the cause for all these purchases.

Conservative Tom

Armed Weather Forecasters

August 15, 2012 by  
Armed Weather Forecasters
The Department of Homeland Security is purchasing another 750 million rounds of ammunition.
Weather forecasting must be dangerous work. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is buying bullets and paper targets — and lots of them.
It needs, according to solicitation for bids, .40 cal. 180-grain hollow point ammunition and .40 cal. 125-grain ammunition. It’s ordering a total of 42,000 rounds of ammo for delivery at its offices in Ellsworth, Maine; New Bedford, Mass.; St. Petersburg, Fla.; and Wall, N.J. Paper targets go to the Maine, Massachusetts and New Jersey offices.
People in Florida can be comforted by the fact that weather forecasters there don’t need to practice with paper targets.
On the heels of its purchase of 450 million rounds of ammo, now the Department of Homeland Security is purchasing another750 million rounds. DHS is also in the market for large quantities of high-densityammonium nitrate and A-5 flake RDX.
Ammonium nitrate was used in the false flag Alfred P. Murrah Building bombing on April 19, 1995. Ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer, requires a boosting agent to make it explode. Racing fuel was used in Oklahoma City. A-5 flake RDX is a boosting agent fare more explosive than racing fuel.
DHS says the fertilizer and RDX are for training dogs. That’s a lot of dogs.
Something’s afoot.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free Sterilizations For 15 Year Olds

We read the following article and could not believe what it is saying. Can you?  ObamaCare allows a 15 (in Oregon or the age of consent in other states) year old boy or girl to decide they do not want kids and can have themselves sterilized for free without parental consent. Heck the kid can't drive, can't get stitches, can't vote, can't drink alcohol but they can decide to end their parenthood options.  If this is the world gone crazy, nothing is!

The more we find out about ObamaCare we are going to find this bill is so riddled with illogical, costly, stupid ideas that the current estimate of 2.7 billion (3 times the original estimate) will be many times underestimated. We would expect the bill to cost government 27 or 30 billion dollars before it is all over and we might even be low. This bill is MEANT to bankrupt the country.

ObamaCare must be ended and quickly!  The only way this will occur is if Romney gets elected and we can get a Republican House and Senate.  If we don't this country is gone. Dead. Over and Done with.

Conservative Tom

Obamacare Mandate: Sterilize 15-Year-Old Girls for Free--Without Parental Consent

Kathleen Sebelius, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi
HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, President Barack Obama and then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the White House on March 23, 2010, the day Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. (White House Photo/Pete Souza)
( - Thanks to an Obamacare regulation that took effect on Aug. 1, health care plans in Oregon will now be required to provide free sterilizations to 15- year-old girls even if the parents of those girls do not consent to the procedure.
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius finalized the regulation earlier this year.
It says that all health care plans in the United States--except those provided by actual houses of worship organized under the section of the Internal Revenue Code reserved for churches per se--must provide coverage, without cost-sharing, for sterilizations and all Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptives to “all women with reproductive capacity.”
In practical terms, "all women with reproductive capacity" means girls as young as about 12. That, according to the National Institutes of Health, is when girls usually start menstruating.
When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act--a.k.a. Obamacare--was enacted in March 2010 it included (in Section 2713) a non-specific requirement that health care plans must provide "additional preventive services" to women. These unspecified "additional preventive services," the law said, were to be "provided for in comprehensive guidelines supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration," a division of the Department of Health and Human Services.
In developing the regulation to define these "additional preventive services," HHS commissioned a federally funded committee at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to recommend what they should to be.
In July 2011, this committee issued a report that said: “The committee recommends for consideration as a preventive service for women: the full range of Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling for women with reproductive capacity.”
Barack Obama
White House staff toast Obama on the Truman Balcony early on March 22, 2010, after PPACA had passed Congress. (White House Photo/Pete Souza)
The committee report said that “with reproductive capacity” meant “from the time of menarche to menopause.” Menarche is the beginning of menstruation--again, on average, about the age of 12 for American women.
On Aug. 1, 2011, HHS announced that it was adopting the IOM committee's recommendation almost verbatim. In fact, it added just one word--placing "all" in front of "women with reproductive capacity."
Thus, the regulation issued by the Health Resources and Services Administration said: "Non-grandfathered plans and issuers are required to provide coverage without cost-sharing consistent with these guidelines in the first plan year (in the individual market, policy year) that begins on or after August 1, 2012. ... All Food and Drug Administration approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling for all women with reproductive capacity."
HHS said nothing about restricting the provision of these free "preventive services" to women who were 18 or older, or 21 or older, or even 15 or older. The regulation simply said "all women with reproductive capacity."
However, states have varying laws on the age of consent. took a look at Oregon and its rule of consent for sterilization--one of the free services required by the Obama administration's regulation.
Barack Obama
President Barack Obama fist pumps with a health-care professional at the White House on March 3, 2010. (White House Photo/Pete Souza)
In Oregon, the age of informed consent is 15, and the law and rules on sterilization are detailed in theOregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 436.205 to 436.335.
Under Oregon law, girls from 15 years of age and up are given complete control over whether to be sterilized or not. The parents or guardians of a minor girl--between 15 and 18--can neither grant nor deny consent for a sterilization.
The Oregon law says: "'Informed consent' means consent given by an individual 15 years of age or older for sterilization that is: (a) Based upon a full understanding of the nature and consequences of sterilization pursuant to information requirements set forth in ORS 436.225(1); (b) Given by an individual competent to make such a decision; and (c) Wholly voluntary and free from coercion, express or implied."
Oregon defines "sterilization" as "any medical procedure, treatment or operation for the purpose of rendering an individual permanently incapable of procreating."
The Oregon Health Authority has created a special consent form called "Ages 15-20 Consent to Sterilization."
"When I first asked for the information, I was told that the decision to be sterilized is completely up to me," says this Oregon form for 15-year-old children. "I was told that I could decide not to be sterilized."
"I understand that the sterilization must be considered permanent and not reversible," says this consent form. "I have decided that I do not want to become pregnant, bear children or father children."
The consent form even includes a section that can be signed by an interpreter, in case a 15-year-old child being sterilized by their own consent in Oregon is incapable of understanding English.
This section says: "If an interpreter is provided to assist the individual to be sterilized: I have translated the information and advice presented orally to the individual to be sterilized by the person obtaining this consent." After specifying what language the interpreter used to explain the sterilization to the child, the form asks the interpreter to stipulate: "To the best of my knowledge and belief he/she understood this explanation."
Additionally, the Oregon government makes the consent form available in Spanish--"15-20 anos Consentimiento para esterilizacion." specifically asked the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) by e-mail, “What is the legal age of consent to sterilization in Oregon?”
The OHA media contact, Christine Stone, replied, “In Oregon, the legal age for consent for sterilization is 15 years.”
Because the provision for coverage of sterilization under Obamacare applies to “all women of reproductive capacity,” which means girls younger than 15, followed up with the OHA, asking, “What is the rule regarding 12-, 13-, and 14-year-old girls who want to be sterilized?”
Stone said she could not provide any information other than what is cited in the Oregon statute.
However, a handbook published by Disabilty Rights Oregon states that the law governing sterilization “prohibits the sterilization of children younger than 15, and mandates that a parent, guardian or conservator may not give consent for sterilization of a minor child or protected person. The law allows a person who is 15 or older to consent to be sterilized. But if a person is not capable of giving ‘informed consent,’ sterilization cannot proceed until age 18, and then only in limited circumstances as determined by court order.”(Handbook: DRO-Sterilization_Handbook(2).pdf)
CNSNew.som also contacted the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and asked, “Can you confirm that under this regulation a girl as young as 12 must be offered the opportunity to obtain a sterilization free of charge?”
In addition, asked the HHS, “In Oregon, the age of consent for a sterilization procedure is 15 years or older. Can you confirm that under this regulation, a 15-year-old girl can obtain a sterilization free of charge?”
After following up with multiple phone calls and e-mails, was told by the HHS office of the secretary that there was no one available to answer these questions.
At a pen-and-pad meeting with reporters in late March at the U.S. Capitol, asked House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), “The administration has approved a regulation under Obamacare that says, quote, ‘all women with reproductive capacity,’ end quote, must be offered free sterilization--”
Hoyer then interrupted, saying, “How is that related to a pre-existing condition?” continued, “--hold on--free sterilization in their health care plans. Do you support the mandate for free sterilization for college-age women?”
Hoyer expressed surprise, stating, “Free sterilization? I don’t know anything about free sterilization. I don’t know anything about that. I’m sorry. The answer is, I don’t. But I don’t think anybody is proposing that.”
At a press conference in mid-July, which specifically focused on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), attempted to ask House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) whether she supported the HHS regulation insofar as it extends to teens and college-age women. Pelosi, however, cut the question off before it could be completed. asked Pelosi, “You mentioned the preventive services mandate. One of the services that health care plans have to offer free of charge are sterilizations. And I was wondering do you agree with the federal government mandating—”
Pelosi said: “You know what, I told you before, let’s go to church and talk about our religion—" asked: “No, no, but it’s—"
Pelosi said: “Right here we’re talking about public policy as it affects women and we’re not, you know that this bill is—" asked: “No, it has nothing to do with the religious views but do you—"
Pelosi said: “No, it does.” “--agree that the federal government should be mandating—"
Pelosi: “I believe that the legislation to allow women to determine the size and timing of their families and have access--" “--even for---”
Pelosi: “--to contraception. Next question.”
In another instance on Capitol Hill, asked Pelosi, "Do you support the regulation taking affect August 1 requiring all health plans to cover free sterilizations for teenage girls?"
Pelosi said, "I don't subsribe to your characterization of it," and then moved on to ther questions.
Also, in late July, asked Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), “The HHS preventive services mandate requires all health plans to offer free sterilizations, including to girls in their teens. Do you support the mandate as it applies to teens?”
At that point, Rep. Schakowsky started to walk away without answering but, while walking, she said, “I don’t--I’m unaware that it says that sterilization including teens is in that. I’ll check that out.” then followed up, “It says all women of ‘reproductive capacity,’ and it defines it as from menarche to menopause.”
“I’ll check that out,” she said.
Edwin Black, author of War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign to Create a Master Race, told “I find it abhorrent that a 15-year-old girl who is not old enough to consent to sexual activity, who is not old enough to consent to buying a beer, who is not old enough to drive herself to the hospital could possibly be considered old enough and mature enough to give informed consent for her own sterilization. And the most vulnerable of these girls will be those who are wards of the state who are presented a piece of paper and told ‘sign here,’  as they were in Virginia and California.”
“Right now, when our country is considering compensation, such as in North Carolina for sterilization victims [and] states are hopping on the bandwagon to issue formal apologies … is not the time to reverse years of awareness and dive back into state-sponsored sterilization,” said Black.
“The decades of genocidal sterilization are filled with numerous examples of fake consent forms being executed by young women who were being pressured by the state into sterilization.”
The IOM committee that recommended mandating coverage for free sterilizations to all "women with reproductive capacity" specifically argued that getting rid of cost-sharing requirements would lift a major barrier to what it considered more effective, long-lasting methods of contraception such as sterilization.
“In a study of the cost-effectiveness of specific contraceptive methods, all contraceptive methods were found to be more cost-effective than no method, and the most cost-effective methods were long-acting contraceptives that do not rely on user compliance," said the IOM committee's report.
"The most common contraceptive methods used in the United States are the oral contraceptive pill and female sterilization," said the report. "It is thought that greater use of long-acting, reversible contraceptive methods—including intrauterine devices and contraceptive implants that require less action by the woman and therefore have lower use failure rates—might help further reduce unintended pregnancy rates. Cost barriers to use of the most effective contraceptive methods are important because long-acting, reversible contraceptive methods and sterilization have high up-front costs.”
"The elimination of cost sharing for contraception therefore could greatly increase its use, including use of the more effective and longer-acting methods, especially among poor and low-income women most at risk for unintended pregnancy," said this report recommending free sterilization coverage for all women who could conceive a child.
"A recent study conducted by Kaiser Permanente found that when out-of-pocket costs for contraceptives were eliminated or reduced, women were more likely to rely on more effective long-acting contraceptive methods," said the report.

Beautiful Music--Hate-filled Message

We received the following link from a liberal friend of ours.  The message we received is so much different than we are sure the creators thought they were saying.  We found the tone to be hate filled, divisive, arrogant and scary.  If the other side thinks this is a wonderful response to the Republicans, my friends, the nation is in deep trouble!

Hitler (we hate using this theme, however, it seems to fit) used the music of Wagner to prove the superiority of Aryans. His music was played in dance halls, in beer halls and in the concentration camps. Music became a weapon.

This video is the same as Wagner music. How is someone to have a reasoned discussion when the other side is only interesting in demogoging the issues.  The recent ads accusing Romney of murdering a wife of a steel worker is patently inaccurate on so many levels however, the Obama Administration will not tell the creators to remove it.  If we are seeing this type of hateful, inaccurate, lying ads at this time, we can hardly wait until October when Obama's ratings really start to fall!

Should Obama get a second term, what harm he can do to this nation is beyond any normal person's imagination.  It could be the end of the nation as we know it.  His defeat is imperative. 

Here is the link:

Conservative Tom

Obama Brings Out Small Business Hostility

An Oregon man was so incensed about the Obama statement that small business owners did not build their companies that he put up a sign. The city of Portland then threatened him with a $150 per day sign ordinance violation. Hear his statement below.

Are there others who feel the same? We believe so, however, will it be enough to turn the election away from the Obamerator? We sure do hope so and will do everything in our power to make it happen.

How can you help?  Get involved, talk to friends and neighbors, put up yard signs, contribute to your favorite candidates, volunteer to help campaigns, and spread the word. If you want, please forward this blog to your friends and contact list, we would appreciate it.

Conservative Tom

Martial Law Innoculation

Are Americans being slowly inoculated against military operations within the US? Posse   Comitatus is a law that prevents military operations against Americans, however, it seems in slow doses, we are getting used to having troops in our streets. 

 Is this just paranoia or is there a real threat to our freedom?  Would soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines follow orders to take actions against Americans? Is the government creating detention camps for Americans?  Are there plans for civil insurrection?  Is this the reason for Homeland Security purchasing the 400 million bullets and other departments buying another 300 million?

All of these are questions are unanswerable at this point, however, we must be aware of the threat.

What is your opinion?

Conservative Tom

America’s Newest Vaccination

August 13, 2012 by  
America’s Newest Vaccination
In 2006, Louisiana National Guard troops took to the streets of New Orleans to stem rising crime in the area, which had begun to repopulate after Hurricane Katrina flooded more than 80 percent of the city in 2005.
In medicine under the germ theory of disease, vaccinations are supposed to provide immunity by introducing the disease to the body in small doses, allowing the body to build up its “germ-fighting” abilities. Of course, this is not so, as I pointed out last week.
But that theory is now being employed on Americans in another way that has nothing to do with medicine and everything to do with control. Americans are being “vaccinated” into acceptance of martial law and military rule.
Military vehicles from the U.S. Army Reserve patrolling the streets of Sheboygan County in Wisconsin that began Aug. 5 and will continue through Aug. 17 are part of a “training exercise,” according to Captain William Geddes of the 200th Military Police Command at Fort Mead, Md. But those soldiers have already “trained” in the use of the M117 Armored Security Vehicles in Afghanistan. So the training is more to train the American public.
Geddes said the U.S. Army Reserve wanted to alert to the public — but apparently not those in local government — ahead of the training so they wouldn’t be alarmed when a pack of heavily armored military vehicles is driving around.
Remember, there is nothing to see here. Just move along.
This is just the latest in a series of ongoing violations of the Posse Comitatus Act, which is supposed to prevent the military from engaging in domestic law enforcement activities. Recent “vaccinations” include:
Their frequency is increasing.
Similarly, local police departments are becoming increasingly militarized and the Department of Homeland Security is purchasing more and more military-grade weapons, ammunition andhardware.
On Jan. 1, President Barack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which legalized the indefinite detention of Americans and suspended habeas corpus. And although Federal Judge Katherine Forrest issued a preliminary injunction in May that prevented the Obama Administration from exercising the indefinite detention authority, that injunction has been appealed by the Obama Administration — a fact ignored by the mainstream media.
The USA PATRIOT Act, passed in the aftermath of the false flag 9/11 attacks, (see alsoArchitects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth) essentially stripped Americans of their 4th and much of their 1nd Amendment rights. While it was proposed by George W. Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress, it was approved by both Republicans and Democrats. It has since been reauthorized three times — again by both Republicans and Democrats.
Americans can now be assassinated by the President on a whim. Unemployment has been above 8 percent for 42 months. Gas prices are rising againFood prices worldwide are rising and food shortages are a real possibility, thanks to excessive heat and drought conditions across the United States.
Welfare is the only thing staving off mass riots and the complete breakdown of law and order. There are now more than 100 million Americans — or almost a third of the U.S. population —receiving some sort of Federal welfare. More than 54 million Americans are on Medicaid, and more than 45 million Americans are on food stamps.
Social Security recipients who have defaulted on student loans are having their Social Security checks docked. Their retirement and pension funds are stagnant at best. The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates at near zero for more than four years. This is a war on and destruction of American savers and retirees. Once these retirees begin seeing cuts to their Social Security checks and trying to buy more expensive food, gas and medicine with less money, something will have to give.
Clearly, the stage is being set for the imposition of martial law. The government is using false flag mass shootings to grease the skids for gun confiscation, the threat of homegrown terror attacks to overturn  Posse Comitatus once and for all and false flag FBI-orchestrated terror threats to keep the fear factor high.
The Founding Fathers feared a standing army as much as they feared anything that could take away liberties. That’s the main purpose behind the 2nd Amendment.
The collapse — or what I call the Great Reset — is coming. The elites are preparing for it by stocking up on weapons and inoculating Americans into acceptance of military rule.