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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hillary And Staff Played Quick And Loose With The Lies About Benghazi. This Should Disqualify Her From The Presidency.

Emails Show Clinton's Aides Ran Interference During Benghazi

Saturday, 07 Mar 2015 09:41 AM
By Newsmax Wires
Two of Hillary Clinton's top aides ran interference while the 2012 Benghazi terrorism attacks were going on, the former secretary of state's emails, obtained through a Judicial Watch federal lawsuit, reveal.

The aides named were Clinton's main gatekeeper, Philippe Reines, and Cheryl Mills, who has worked with Clinton for years, reports Fox News. They mainly show Mills' role in how the events rolled out publicly.

"Cheryl Mills was instrumental in making sure the big lie was put out there," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

While the assault was happening that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and several other embassy staff, Mills told then-State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland to quit answering reporters' questions about Stevens' status, the emails show.

Further, the emails contained references to a "Benghazi Group," which a diplomatic source told Fox News was a inside code name for Mills' task force, which handled damage control.

Judicial Watch has not received emails to or from Clinton herself from the night of the attack, Fitton said.

“You have to wonder whether these aides went offline and were using secret accounts to communicate with her about the Benghazi attack," he said.

The emails are emerging while Clinton, the frontrunner among potential 2016 Democratic nominee candidates, is being criticized over revelations that she used a personal email account through a private server during her entire tenure as secretary of state.

She has asked State to make thousands of emails she has turned over to the department public, reports Fox.

The State Department said Friday it will review the emails but denied being pressured to remove politically damaging revelations ahead of her likely presidential run. Clinton, the presumed Democratic frontrunner for 2016, found herself in a political furor this week when it was revealed she conducted her official email business from a personal account on a private email server connected to her New York home.
Latest News Update

Pressure has mounted, particularly from Republican adversaries, for Clinton to release the entirety of her email correspondence.
Deputy State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf acknowledged the agency was reviewing the emails "for public release," in accordance with the guidelines of formal US Freedom of Information Act requests.
Harf was vague about whether reviewers intended to report sensitive but unclassified material in their findings should they come across such detail in the emails.
"I'm not going to speculate on what might happen in that situation," she said.
"I'm not going to prejudge the outcome of the review for release of the 55,000 pages."
Asked whether there was political pressure from the White House, or those in Clinton's orbit, to scrub information that could potentially damage a Clinton campaign, Harf said: "No. No."
Team Clinton has been barraged by Republican accusations that she set up the private system to prevent politically sensitive material from going public.
Former New York governor George Pataki, a potential 2016 Clinton rival, called it "outrageous" behavior and poor judgment from a national figure.
"We don't know what sort of classified information that Clinton may have... shared with others," Pataki told CNN.

Harf declined to provide details when pressed whether the State Department made efforts to improve the security of Clinton's email server at her home, or provided strict guidance to Clinton for keeping her emails secure.
On Wednesday, the House of Representatives panel investigating the deadly attacks in Benghazi announced it had issued subpoenas for Clinton's emails, prompting accusations by Democrats that Republican leaders were "targeting secretary Clinton for political reasons."

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The 5.56 Ammo Ban Is An Trojan Horse To Get Around The Second Amendment. Also The Government Is Buying As Much Ammo As Possible To Make It Expensive.

Did You See This? What Obama’s Press Secretary Said the 5.56 Ammo Ban Is Really About

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 12.00.48 PMThis should get you pretty upset.
While speaking about the 5.56 ammo ban, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the point of the new executive order was to keep guns out of people’s hands.
Yes, that’s what he said.
You can see the video below.
Look at the :20 second mark.
Here’s what Gun Owners of America wrote:
A smirking White House spokesman Josh Earnest couldn’t conceal his glee, yesterday, as he reveled in the trick Obama had played on the Second Amendment movement.
Think back to April 17, 2013, when the Senate killed the Feinstein amendment to ban the AR-15 by a vote of 60-40. This fell 20 votes short of the needed 60, even though Democrats controlled the Senate at the time. But now Obama is trying to effectively ban the AR-15 by “regulatory fiat” by banning the most common ammunition used in that firearm, M855 ammunition.
But a gushing Earnest was unrepentant: “The President has long believed that there are some commonsense steps that we can take … taking some commonsense steps to prevent people who shouldn’t have guns from getting guns.”
There are a couple of things which are interesting about this statement:
(1) Certainly the first is the Orwellian use of “Bloomberg-speak” — using the gun control nuts’ “commonsense steps” jargon TWICE IN THE SAME SENTENCE. To try to come up with an analogy would be almost impossible, but it’s as though a Gestapo soldier was so stuck in a discredited pattern of behavior that he gave a Hitler salute at his war crimes tribunal.
(2) The second is a Freudian slip, but it says volumes: Earnest talks about keeping GUNS out of the hands of “inappropriate” persons.
But hold on a second: This was supposedly a ban on AMMUNITION, not a ban on guns. But, as Earnest made clear — however haplessly — this is an effort to BAN GUNS by banning ammunition used in guns.
So what is to be done?
Over and over again — on immigration, on ObamaCare, on guns, on the Internet — Obama ignores any legal or constitutional restraints on his actions. And then he dares congressional Republicans to do anything about it — and mocks and laughs at them in the process.
But Senate Republicans do have leverage. And they are in a position to deprive Obama of something he very much wants — that is, holding a vote on the nomination of Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General.
Lynch is a leftist, anti-gunner and she deceived Senators on the Judiciary Committee with respect to gun control, making it as clear as a bell that she intended to continue and expand Eric Holder’s unlawful executive actions and gun bans.
Imagine a nominee for Attorney General claiming that she was “not familiar” with the gun legislation that was hotly debated in the public square for months after the Sandy Hook shooting. While taking questions from Senators in the Judiciary Committee, Lynch refused to give her opinion on universal background checks which, similar to the Toomey-Manchin language, would have effectively imposed a universal gun registry on millions of Americans.
Furthermore, it also seems clear that Lynch is being groomed to replace Supreme Court Justices Anthony Kennedy or Antonin Scalia — which would turn the court into an anti-gun juggernaut.
Republican Leader Mitch McConnell can put the Lynch nomination on hold by simply refusing to bring her up. And while Senate Republicans should ultimately oppose her nomination, they should urge McConnell (at a minimum) to let her nomination languish without a vote.
So why don’t they? Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and a liberal anti-gun press are laughing at the GOP. And it’s time the GOP showed a little backbone.
The only thing that can be done at this point is to get in touch with your senators and have them do what they can to oppose the nomination of Loretta Lynch as well as work to get the ammo ban reversed.
Make sure they know just how important your 2nd amendment rights are to you, and how their position in office is only guaranteed when they stand up for the constitution.
Right now the only recourse Americans have legally is to defer to the power of their elected representatives to fulfill their oath to office.
Obama’s going to do all he can in the next two years to strip you of your rights. Fight back.
Do you think all hope is lost?
Or is there still a fighting chance to get the ban reversed?
Tell us in the comments below.

Ferguson Will Be The Model For Obama Administration To Keep Police Under Their Control. City Officials Will Be Held Legally Responsible If They Do Not Follow The Regime's Edicts.Chilling!

Holder Says Will Use Full U.S. Authority to Reform Ferguson Police

Friday, 06 Mar 2015 05:23 PM

Attorney General Eric Holder said on Friday the Justice Department would use its full authority to reform the police department in Ferguson, Missouri, including potentially dismantling the department.
The Justice Department issued a report this week that found that police there overwhelmingly arrested and issued traffic citations to black residents, creating a culture of distrust that erupted in August when a white officer shot an unarmed black teenager.

Asked by reporters if the federal government would shut down the police department, Holder replied: "If that's what's necessary."

A federal investigation into the police killing of an unarmed, black 18-year-old in Ferguson lays bare what officials contend are racist, profit-driven law enforcement practices in the small St. Louis suburb.
While the Department of Justice cleared officer Darren Wilson of federal civil rights charges in the August death of Michael Brown, it also called for sweeping changes in a city where officers trade racist emails, issue expensive tickets mostly to black drivers and routinely use what investigators called excessive force on people stopped for minor or non-existent offenses.

Holder said Wednesday that the department "found a community that was deeply polarized; a community where deep distrust and hostility often characterized interactions between police and area residents."
Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III said steps are already being taken to correct problems.The city has fired three city employees and is pursuing a range of other reforms in an effort to negotiate a settlement with the Justice Department, the mayor said on Friday.

"We must do better not only as a city, but as a state and a country," Knowles said.
The shooting of Brown sparked a national dialogue on race and law enforcement. Separate federal investigations into the shooting and the police department began soon after Brown was killed.
In pairing the announcements on the investigations' results, the Obama administration sought to offset community disappointment over the conclusion that the shooting was legally justified with a message of hope for Ferguson's majority-black citizens.
Latest News Update
Officials announced 26 recommendations, including training officers in how to de-escalate confrontations and banning the use of ticketing and arrest quotas.
Wilson was cleared in November by a state grand jury, a decision that set off protests, looting and fires. The federal report concurred that there was no evidence to disprove Wilson's testimony that he feared for his safety. Nor were there reliable witness accounts to establish that Brown had his hands up in surrender when he was shot, Justice Department lawyers said.
An attorney for Wilson, Neil Bruntrager, described the officer as "very happy" with the outcome.
Ben Crump, the attorney for Brown's parents, said the family was "extremely disappointed. This underscores the need for change and reform when there is continued use of excessive deadly force on people of color by police officers."
Another lawyer for the parents on Thursday announced plans for a wrongful-death lawsuit against Wilson and the city of Ferguson.

While the federal government declined to prosecute Wilson, it raised grave concerns about the operation of Ferguson's police department and municipal court. Though about two-thirds of the city's 21,000 residents are black, only four of 54 commissioned officers are African-American.
That lack of diversity undermines community trust, the Justice Department's report said. It also found Ferguson relies heavily on fines for petty offenses, such as jaywalking, to raise revenue.
Holder said the city collected more than $1.3 million in fines and court fees in 2010, but $3 million more is projected for the current fiscal year.
"Our review of the evidence, and our conversations with police officers, have shown that significant pressure is brought to bear on law enforcement personnel to deliver on these revenue increases," Holder said.
He cited a 2007 case where a woman received two parking tickets costing $152. Because of court fees and other expenses, she has paid $550 so far, spent six days in jail, and still owes $541.
Another woman, Tiffany Tunstall, 34, told The Associated Press that she received "threatening" letters for nearly two years after paying off traffic tickets through an installment plan.
"I didn't want to have anything to do with the city I was raised in," she said. "I felt disrespected."
Activist John Gaskin III, a member of the national NAACP board of directors, said lines outside of municipal court are often long.
"You'd think we're buying tickets to a Beyoncé concert," Gaskin said. "The common theme is: Everyone there is African-American."
Federal investigators found many other examples of discrimination. A lawful protest was broken up with a police warning of "everybody here's going to jail." And a black man sitting in a car with tinted windows was accused without cause of being a pedophile by an officer who pointed a gun at his head.
Between 2012 and 2014, black drivers were more than twice as likely as others to be searched during routine traffic stops, but 26 percent less likely to be carrying contraband.
The report also included seven racially tinged emails that did not result in punishment. The writer of one 2008 email stated that President Barack Obama would not be in office for long because "what black man holds a steady job for four years."
Knowles said three employees were responsible for those emails. One was fired Wednesday, and the other two are on administrative leave pending an investigation, he said. The mayor did not take questions, and Police Chief Tom Jackson was not at the news conference where he spoke.

The report's recommendations, if accepted by city officials, could lead to an overhaul of basic practices by police officers and court officials. Those include improving officer supervision, doing better recruiting, hiring and promotion and adopting new mechanisms for responding to misconduct complaints.
Federal officials described Ferguson leaders as cooperative and open to change and said there were already signs of improvement. The city, for example, no longer issues failure-to-appear warrants, has eliminated a fee for towing cars and rescinded warrants for nearly 600 defendants.
Under Holder, the Justice Department has investigated roughly 20 police departments over alleged civil rights violations. Some have led to the appointment of independent monitors and have been resolved with agreements in which police commit to major changes.
"It's quite evident that change is coming down the pike. This is encouraging," Gaskin said. "It's so unfortunate that Michael Brown had to be killed. But in spite of that, I feel justice is coming."
© 2015 Thomson/Reuters. All rights reserved.

Get Off The Reservation And Obama Sends Out The "Justice Posse" To Get You. Menendez Will Be Kicked Out Of The Senate.

Menendez Says 'Not Going Anywhere' After Reports of Charges

Friday, 06 Mar 2015 09:52 PM

Senator Robert Menendez denied any wrongdoing on Friday and said he was "not going anywhere" after multiple reports that the U.S. Justice Department is preparing criminal corruption charges against the New Jersey Democrat.Citing unidentified sources briefed on the case, CNN said the charges center on allegations Menendez used his office to promote the business interests of a Democratic Party donor and friend in exchange for gifts.

"I have always conducted myself appropriately and in accordance with the law," Menendez said in a statement he read to reporters in Newark, New Jersey.
"I am not going anywhere," the senator said. He did not take any questions.
CNN said Attorney General Eric Holder has given the green light for prosecutors to proceed with charges and an announcement could arrive in coming weeks.
Holder, who was traveling in South Carolina with President Barack Obama, said he could not comment.
Justice Department officials declined to comment.
Federal authorities have probed Menendez's relationship with Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen, a Democratic donor who has been accused of over-billing the Medicare program.
The senator said his friendship with Melgen had spanned decades and they "have given each other birthday, holiday and wedding presents - just as friends do."
Latest News Update

Two law enforcement officials told Reuters the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been conducting a major corruption investigation of Menendez for some time, and one said it was nearing completion.
Menendez is the former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where he is now the top Democrat. He has been a critic of the Obama administration's policy on Cuba and Iran, but he is a staunch supporter of the White House on other issues.
Media reports over the past two years alleging wrongdoing by Menendez have not been substantiated. At least one, involving underage prostitutes, has been discredited.
Menendez, who is Cuban-American, is among the most senior Hispanic politicians in the country. He was re-elected to a second Senate term in 2012, and spent 14 years in the House of Representatives.
CNN said the government's case focuses on Melgen and, in part, on plane trips that Menendez took in 2010 to the Dominican Republic as a guest of Melgen.

In 2013, Menendez's campaign repaid Melgen $11,250 for a flight on Melgen's private plane three years earlier.
Prosecutors are focusing on whether Menendez promoted Melgen's business interest in a Dominican Republic government contract for port screening equipment, CNN said.
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