Within hours of the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling more than 1,000 points today we managed to get a hold of Marc Faber of the Gloom Boom Doom Report at his home in Thailand to get his take on the current crisis.
Marc predicted the crash in China that continued today, with the Shanghai market down another 8% and says that the US markets could fall 40% in the coming months and a bear market could last for a number of years.
We spoke about how this fall is looking to be incredibly volatile and it is all due to central banking and “arrogant” politicians driving Western governments ever deeper into debt.
That’s a main theme of The Dollar Vigilante, of course. And it’s one that has been aggravated by this Shemitah cycle that we’ve been writing about.
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Over time these trends will drive the dollar down along with fiat-money markets. And gold and silver will just as surely go up. We asked Marc for his opinion on precious metals during this critical time. As well, we had the opportunity to ask him his thoughts on leaving the West and living in a place like Asia.
TDV Interviews Marc Faber The Dollar Vigilante