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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Legislative Modernization Act

I want your opinion on some new legislation that may be introduced after the November elections. The working title is the Legislative Modernization Act. When passed it will:
Require Committee meetings in the House or Senate three business days after the bill is submitted
Require a vote in the respective House or Senate within 30 business days of the bills submission. If the bill comes over from the other house, the bill would have to have hearings start within three days and a vote within 30 days.
Would require that all votes be on a simple majority, no super majorities for any vote.
Elimination of the fillibuster in the Senate.
The President, if he designates the bill as "of significant national importance", can override any action the Congress takes, including an override of a Presidential veto.
The objective of the legislation is to improve the productivity of Congress by moving legislation from submission to action more rapidly and to eliminate the abusive use of the fillibuster. Congress operates as if it were still in the 1700's and not in the 21st century.
What is your opinion?