A Houston plastic surgeon came home from a business trip to see a frightening sight: a strange truck backing out of his driveway and speeding down the street.
The surgeon and his daughter sped right after them.
The daughter filmed the pursuit with her cell phone camera and called police.
The chase quickly turned ugly, KHOU-TV reported, as the suspected burglars realized they were being followed and started backing into the surgeon’s car.
Eventually, the burglars turned and charged.
Image source: screengrab via KHOU-TV
Image source: screengrab via KHOU-TV
The wreck threw the suspects into a ditch, KHOU-TV reported, and police arrested two of the alleged burglars — a third suspect got away.
While cops don’t usually recommend such DIY law enforcement, the surgeon said he was moved to action because his neighborhood has seen a string of burglaries recently and he was tired of putting up with it.
“I’m tired of these people taking advantage of us,” said the victim, who did not wish his name to be made public. “We’re not going to tolerate it anymore in our neighborhood.”
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Fri Jun 20 18:38:10 PDT 2014

Texas Father and daughter chase down burglars caught leaving their home

A plastic surgeon coming back from a business trip caught a group of burglars leaving his south Houston home. While some people may have simply called the police, he and his daughter took things a step further — they chased the suspects. view full article
The surgeon’s daughter suffered whiplash but has been released from the hospital, according to KHOU-TV, and the family was able to retrieve some of their stolen belongings from the burglars’ truck.