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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Can You Spare A Buck To Help A Child With Cancer Go To College?

I am writing tonight to all those who read Conservative Musings  to ask you to support my family's charity named Stephens Soldiers Foundation. We are a 501c(3) charity which helps support kids who have had cancer.  Our son had cancer in 2008 and we are blessed that he survived the experience and is now in his first year of medical school.

To support our mission, we provide activity bags at The University Of Michigan Mott Children's Hospital  in Ann Arbor, Michigan and at William Beaumont  Cancer Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.  We also provide education and parent and patient support at both of those facilities.

In addition, a local company, Producers Choice, and Stephens Soldiers have joined together to annually give  scholarships to incoming freshman college students who have had cancer previously in their lives and live in southeast Michigan (Detroit area). The amount given to each awardee is $2500. On top of that, this year we are also starting a new scholarship for kids who have had cancer but are going into graduate school. The award is the same. Those scholarships will be awarded in a week.

To support these efforts, we raise money through different events.  In the fall, we have Shave To Save, where Conservative Tom goes totally bald.  However, what I want to bring to your attention is the upcoming comedy night which will be held on June 24 in Novi, Michigan.  We will have four comedians, the headliner is Connie Ettinger (a reformed, rehabilitated lawyer.)  She is hilarious and if you are in the area please contact me at 248-645-6920 and we will set up your reservations.

We know that many of you are elsewhere in the US and around the world.  So how can you help out our charity?   Money of course works, but we also need items for our silent auction.  Any contribution from $1 to a million would be welcome and will help us help kids who have had cancer.Please email me at or and tell us how you want to help out.

Can you spare a buck?

Thanks for all of your support.

Conservative Tom

If Americans Don't Fight For Trump And His Issues, The Country Will Be Lost

Conservative Tom says:

The media's stampede to indict, impeach and convict Trump is remarkable in US history. It started the day of his election and has been on a march since. Never in the life of this country have we seen such an obvious declared war on a newly elected President. And the American people have noticed. His approval ratings are low, not because of what he has done but because the news media has made it so.  He can't even get credit for the rising stock market, the dropping unemployment numbers and the efforts he has made to make
America safe. The media will not mention it or give him credit.

Americans of all stripes elected this man because he spoke to the problems that we see in our everyday lives.  We knew he was rich and we don't care to see his taxes because we know he paid lots. We know that he is not  politically correct and we respect him for saying what he says.  We know that he is not the best speaker but understand what he says.  We know that he does not get any respect from the news media because they do not reflect what his and our beliefs are.  We know that he loves America and is doing what he can to make America great again. (It has not been declining since 1950 but that is a story for another day.)

If Trump is not going to be hung out to dry it is the responsibility of every American who believes 1)  that the US can be great again, 2) that we need secure borders, 3) that we need every citizen  to pull their weight and to pay their fair share and 4) that we need to think about America first and the world second ---to support Trump and let their Representatives (especially those wavering Republicans) that we have his back and will fight against anyone who doesn't.

It is our choice, the time has come for all good men and women to speak out, to let Congress know that we support Trump 100% as he is our elected President. He needs to be able to put through his agenda, the one on which he ran and was elected. At the end we can evaluate if it was good but he has to be "given a chance" to advance his agenda.

Are you with us or are you going to let the news media and the Democrats ruin our country?  This is our LAST chance folks, stand up and be counted.

Conservative Tom

Alert: Gingrich Says Americans Only Have 1 Choice on Trump… GOP Appalled


Former House speaker and current Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich has a message for conservative Americans: It’s time to fight.
In an op-ed published Thursday entitled, “Surrender or fight, our country is at stake” and published on Fox News, the former Georgia congressman explained his belief that the leftist mainstream media has declared war — and that they are winning.
Republicans in Congress have been led to believe that remaining silent will keep them out of the cross-hairs, but Gingrich charged them with a much more active task: Get up and fight.

“Congressional Republicans are rapidly approaching a crossroads,” he wrote. “Some have already surrendered by giving up on town hall meetings. Others have accepted the news media’s false narrative as the truth.
“Republicans must decide if they are going to fight for what they believe in or retreat to the tenuous safety of the beltway bubble,” Gingrich argued.
The false news, which President Donald Trump repeatedly calls out to anyone willing to listen, often attacks Gingrich, the president, first lady Melania Trump, first daughter Ivanka Trump, and literally anyone else willing to risk the media’s wrath by daring to stand with Trump and not against him. The leftist media label these Trump allies enemies of the state and continually assails their reputation here and abroad.

Gingrich spoke to this situation specifically: “I have been overseas for the last three days, and it has been sickening to see so many foreigners terrified because they unknowingly believe the news media’s false reports and vicious attacks. The only version of President Trump they know is the one portrayed in the 24-hour cesspool of CNN and the daily acrimony of the New York Times. Sadly, our own nation’s news media is doing more to undermine America’s image than Al Jazeera or Pravda combined.”
Gingrich outlined the only rational response: Give House and Senate Republicans a real “talking to.”
“If Senate Republicans implement an all-out campaign, they could pick up all 10 seats and have the largest GOP majority since the election of 1868,” Gingrich said, adding that while House Republicans have a steeper hill to climb, “Defeating the left’s attacks will require House Republicans to engage in significantly more training and planning than they are used to.”
At the end of the day, if we do not stand up for something, we will fall for anything — and in this case it will be falling for false narratives designed to keep Trump from fulling his campaign promises, one of which was to drain the swamp that perpetrates these kind of willful attacks on American democracy.
“Further, surrendering will destroy America as we know it. Far from making America great again, we will have yielded our country to left-wing thugs, liars and intimidators,” Gingrich concluded. “Those of us who truly want to make America great again have one choice: Fight.”
Newt Gingrich has never been one to mince words. The question remains: Will enough Americans listen to make a difference?
Share this story on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think about what Newt Gingrich had to say about the American mainstream media.
What do you think about Gingrich's op-ed and call to Republicans?

News Media Is Proven To Be Anti-Trump And His Issues Nearly All TheTime

Conservative Tom says:

The news media (newspapers, radio, television) is one of the hallmarks of a free society. Their role is
to keep the politicians honest by reporting the news in an unbiased way by telling the whole, unvarnished truth.  Well, at least that is the way it used to be.

Currently in the US as the recent Harvard study indicates, a vast majority of stories about Trump (80%) and about immigration (90%) were negative. Some of the outlets were 93-95% negative.  That is not reporting the news, that is being a political action machine fronting as a news organization.

When the media becomes corrupted, as we are seeing here in the US, one only has to wonder how long will it take before alternative sources of information (for example: the web, Breitbart, Drudge) are outlawed. It would be in the main stream media's financial and power best interests to eliminate the competition.  We believe this will happen soon.

Lastly, without a free and honest media, the Republic will be lost as the country's leaders will demand that ONLY their story be told.  It is that way in all dictatorships.  Do you want that for the US?

Conservative Tom

Tucker Carlson crushes anti-Trump mainstream media over Harvard report that reveals major media bias


Tucker Carlson crushes anti-Trump mainstream media over Harvard report that reveals major media bias
Fox News host Tucker Carlson slams the mainstream media for their overwhelming negative coverage of President Donald Trump. (Image source: YouTube)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson panned the mainstream media in a monologue on his show Friday following the release of a new study from Harvard University that confirms what President Donald Trump, his supporters and the White House have been saying for months.
According to the new study from Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, the overwhelming majority of press coverage in the opening months of Trump’s presidency has been negative.
In fact, the study found that in the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency, 80 percent of news coverage from leading news sources was negative, while only 20 percent was positive. That is significantly more than Trump’s three predecessors, Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, who received 41 percent, 57 percent and 60 percent negative press in their opening months as president, according to the study.
“The news media are liberal,” Carlson declared in the opening of his show Friday. “It’s obvious in the stories they chose and maybe even more evident in the ones they ignore.”
“About the only people who deny widespread media bias these days are the people who are directly benefiting from it,” Carlson explained. “And that would include progressive activists posing as reporters and the Democratic politicians whose water they carry.”
Harvard’s study found that Trump coverage from left-leaning news outlets CNN and NBC News was as much as 93 percent negative in Trump’s first 100 days, which Carlson equated to “advocacy” — not journalism.
“It’s not really news coverage at that point. It’s advocacy,” Carlson explained.
But it’s not just Trump the media dislikes. According to Carlson, it’s also the issues that Trump stands for and the issues that American voters supported in last November’s presidential election that the media has disdain for.
“The media disagree with those too, and they skew their coverage accordingly,” Carlson said, citing issues like immigration, which the Harvard study found had 96 percent negative coverage.
Carlson went on illustrate how the media has covered immigration reform under Trump, touting headlines from the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Washington Post — which Carlson labeled American’s “most dishonest newspaper” — that negatively portrayed immigration reform and never told the stories of how American citizens feel about illegal immigration.
“[It’s] news with a message at its core — just like in a political campaign,” Carlson said, “which in many ways is exactly what this is.”
Trump and top White House staffers have urged the press for months to focus on positive news stories and legislative accomplishments coming from the Trump administration. The press, however, has been unrelenting in their negative coverage as illustrated by Harvard’s study.
Watch Carlson’s monologue below:

The "Answer" To The West's Problems Will Arrive Soon

  • French authorities imposed on students ridiculous books such as Daddy Wears a Dress. It would have been comical if the following years would not have been so tragic. What, in fact, wrecked these French illusions was Islamic terrorism.
  • The only enemy these French élites knew were patriarchal privileges, since for them "domination" comes only from the white male Europeans.
  • Obsession with gender is a convenient distraction to avoid facing matters that are more difficult and less pleasant. If the West will not commit itself to preserving Western societies and values, it will fall. And its extraordinary progress will be blanketed over by darkness, along with all those gender rights.
Welcome to the progressive "next frontier of 'liberation'", where the most urgent question in Western democracies is "genderism".
North Carolina was subjected to a year of being boycotted, until it withdrew its transgender bathroom law. Last month, the National Union of Teachers in Great Britain asked the government to teach children as young as two new transgender theories. New York recently presented the first "trans-doll". American universities are wracked with hysteria over the correct use of neutral pronouns. Even National Geographic, instead of writing about lions and elephants, started covering the "Gender Revolution". One of the first announcements of Emmanuel Macron, as the French President-elect, was that he would appoint officials from a "gender equal" list.

(Image source: Sara D. Davis/Getty Images)

What does it mean that this gender mania is permeating every corner of Western societies and culture? According to Camille Paglia, the contrarian feminist, it is a sign of the decline of Western civilization. In her new book, Free Women, Free Men, she writes:
"Civilizations have gone through recurrent cycles. Extravaganzas of gender experimentation sometimes precede cultural collapse, as they certainly did in Weimar Germany. Now as then, there are forces aligning outside the borders, scattered fanatical hordes where the cult of heroic masculinity still has tremendous force".
She then asks:
"How has it happened that so many of today's most daring and radical young people now define themselves by sexual identity alone? There has been a collapse of perspective here that will surely have mixed consequences for our art and culture and that may perhaps undermine the ability of Western societies to understand or react to the vehemently contrary beliefs of others who do not wish us well. Transgender phenomena multiply and spread in 'late' phases of culture, as religious, political, and family traditions weaken and civilizations begin to decline".
It is not a coincidence that this obsession with gender grew out of Western culture during the 1990s, the decade of peace and prosperity before 9/11. The decade was free of any existential angst, consumed by the Monica Lewinski scandal and dominated by Francis Fukuyama's "End of History". According to Rusty Reno, editor of First Things, gender ideology is a symbol of our epoch of "weakening", pointing to a globalized future "governed by the hearth gods of health, wealth, and pleasure". The high priests of this ideology, however, did not take into account the rise of radical Islam.
Before the French cities of Paris, Nice and Rouen came under the assault of jihadist groups, the French Socialist government had just one cultural priority: the "ABC of gender equality". The name came from a controversial program that France's women's rights minister, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, had launched in 500 schools.
After approving same-sex marriage, the French government apparently thought it also had to promote a cultural revolution. According to Education Minister Benoît Hamon, who failed miserably in the recent presidential elections, schools are "a battlefield". Half the pupils boycotted "gender theory" lessons. Then French authorities imposed on students ridiculous books such as Daddy Wears a Dress. It would have been comical if the following years would not have been so tragic. What, in fact, wrecked these French illusions was Islamic terrorism.
The effect on Western culture of this gender ideology is the rejection of the critical spirit combined with a kitsch appeal to sentiment against reason. The same gender-obsessed culture refuses to see the burkini as an Islamist tool, and instead turns it into a symbol of human rights. The consequence is that the jihadist threat is perceived merely as an unacceptable disruption of Western lifestyles. Europe risks to losing all its historic gifts: human dignity, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of expression and its colossal culture.
The erotocratic French élites were not prepared for what turned out to be the most severe terror assault since 9/11. France, obsessed with the "ABC of equality", was caught off-guard and ready to be disarmed when terrorists attacked it during the day that celebrates equality. In France, there was simply no public resistance to sharia law and jihadist ideology. Intoxicated with the obsolescence of identity, the only enemy these French élites knew were patriarchal privileges, since for them "domination" comes only from the white male Europeans.
The presidency of Emmanuel Macron has already been hailed by gender activists. "Macron is like a breath of fresh air in this country," said Natacha Henry, a writer on gender issues, at the New York Times. "I think he won because he didn't do any kind of macho performance, and that's what we need."
Anesthetization by an obsession with gender rights further seems to have become a fixture of countries after terror attacks. Soon after jihadists targeted Spain in 2004 and forced it to withdraw troops from Iraq, the Socialist government of Jorge Louis Zapatero embraced the titillation of gender ideology, including gay-friendly "diversity" training at elementary schools. The "Zapatero Project" was based on the "scorn of nature, reinvention of what is human, exaltation of desire". Former U.S. President Barack Obama's years were also marked by an "obsession" with transgender rights. Obsession with gender is a convenient distraction to avoid facing matters that are more difficult and less pleasant.
There is a saying that civilizations can be destroyed from within, rather than by armies from without. If the West will not commit itself to preserving Western societies and values, it will fall. And its extraordinary progress will be blanketed over by darkness, along with all those gender rights.
According to Camille Paglia, "a purely secular culture risks hollowness and, paradoxically, sets itself up for the rise of fundamentalist movements that ominously promise to purify and discipline". Such as -- name it -- radical Islam.
Giulio Meotti, Cultural Editor for Il Foglio, is an Italian journalist and author.
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Modern Justice--Ineligible Judge In Texas

Conservative Tom says:

An ineligible judge (not an American citizen) sits on the bench in Texas and the city attorneys say that her rulings were perfectly legal. Huh?  She was not qualified for the bench therefore her judgments have to be overturned. The only reason the city's lackeys don't want the city to have to re-litigate all those cases on which she ruled.  Is this justice?  If so, Judge Roy Bean would have been proud of Corpus Christi.

This is justice in America today. No one checked the judge's citizenship before she took the oath. No one cares when a Federal District Judge raises money for a political party and then, surprisingly, stomps on Trump's sanctuary city ruling.  Paid for justice.

Justice is what keeps the country a country of laws and not men.  It appears as if justice has been evicted from the public square in the US.

Conservative Tom

Texas judge suspended because she’s NOT a US citizen … has 90 days to gain citizenship and keep job

A sitting municipal court judge in Corpus Christi, Texas, has been placed on unpaid leave after it was discovered that she was NOT an American citizen.
And while Judge Young Min Burkett is not in the U.S. illegally — she is reportedly a permanent resident eligible for lawful employment — her case offers an example of just how thoroughly non-citizens have permeated American society.
U.S. citizenship is a requirement to be a municipal judge, the Corpus Christi Caller-Times reported, but the city is taking responsibility for the mishap.
“The error was a city error and we don’t feel Judge Burkett was insincere or did anything in her application or interview that led to any dishonesty on her part,” city councilman Rudy Garza Jr. said, insisting the application didn’t have any questions about citizenship.
It did have a question on being eligible for legal employment in Texas, according to the Caller-Times.
Burkett, who is from South Korea, has not commented, but her husband did.
“The job posting specified only the ability to work in the U.S.,” Nathan Burkett told the Caller-Times. “She has never made a representation that she is a citizen.”
Not too worry, though, she faces no real consequences.
Mayor Pro-Tem Lucy Rubio said the city placed Burkett on a 90-day unpaid leave — to give her time to obtain citizenship, so she can keep her job.
As for U.S. citizens who’ve come before Burkett in the courtroom, Rubio said city attorneys have “determined that past rulings of this judge are not invalidated by this status.”