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Friday, May 19, 2017

Would It Be Better If Trump Just Stopped Tweeting And Meeting With The Press?

An Open Letter To President Trump

Dear President Trump,
I’m under no misimpression that you give a damn what I think. Obviously, you
 feel you’ve been well served by listening not to your critics but to your
 sycophants; you clearly believe that being reinforced in your behavior by those
 around you makes you a stronger leader, rather than a weaker one.
I get it, too. I understand that you’re under fire nearly all the time, and that it’s 
dangerous to take every critique seriously.
But you’re running out of chances to get this right.

If you won’t take it from me, take it from Ann Coulter. If you won’t take it from
 Ann Coulter, take it from Michael Savage. If you won’t take it from Michael 
Savage, take it from the Senators and Congressmen who are now stampeding 
away from you.
You came into office with a Republican House and a Republican Senate and 
a massive legacy of Obama failure. You came in promising to get things done 
quickly and efficiently, to win and never stop winning. And you had the
 opportunity to fulfill some of those promises. Instead, aside from the wonderful
 nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, nothing of note has 
gotten done.
And that’s because of you.
Yes, dealing with Congress is like trying to herd cats. But you can’t herd cats 
if you’re too busy shooting yourself in the foot. Yes, dealing with media is like
attempting to feed a pack of hyenas. But you can’t deal with them if you’re too
 busy providing them red meat to dissect.
Here’s the sad truth: your problems right now are of your own making.
 Democrats were always going to try to pillory you. But you had a defense: they
had no evidence. And you could say that freely, because it was true! You could
 go along with their investigations, just keep saying that you wanted everything 
out in the open more than they did, and everything would have been hunky dory. 
If you’re innocent, sunlight would show it.
Instead, you decided that you were so irritated by the necessity of investigation
 or the possibility that aides had deceived you that you ignored input and then
 attacked the investigators. In doing so, you looked guilty, you bred accusations 
of obstruction, and you seemed petty and vindictive. Why is there a special 
counsel now looking at Trump-Russia issues? Because you hired a National 
Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, that everybody knew had connections to
 foreign governments, despite all outside advice; you then fired him when 
those connections became apparent; you reportedly asked the FBI director
 to let Flynn off the hook; you asked your deputy attorney general to involve
 himself in creating a justification for firing your FBI director; you fired your FBI
 director and then admitted on national television that you fired him thanks to 
frustration over the investigation — necessitating that the deputy attorney 
general put forth a special counsel.
This isn’t on Democrats. This isn’t on the media. This is on you, because 
you decided that the political universe would bow to you, and when it refused, 
you crapped the bed.
Now, here’s the good news: you can fix this.
You can fix this by removing your ego from the equation. Your detractors will 
always believe that you’re guilty of something nefarious; your fans will always 
love you. But how you treat the special counsel will say something about how 
everyone else thinks. The appointment of Robert Mueller has removed 
Democratic ability to claim bias in the investigation; if you appoint a bipartisan 
FBI director, you’ll be able to remove their empty claims of quashing the
 investigation. Then, for the love of God, sit back. Sign off Twitter. Let people 
jabber and complain. Just keep saying over and over again that the
 investigation is moving forward with full speed, and you can’t wait to be
And then work.
Pass your agenda. Bring the growth you promised. Sign executive orders.
Or don’t. Keep feeding your ego. Keep complaining. Keep castigating the 
investigation as a witch hunt and playing the martyr. Keep insisting that your
 aides defend every indefensibly stupid thing you do — even when four simple 
words, “I made a mistake,” will buy you loyalty and instill the image of honesty. 
Keep saying there’s nothing to see, then reacting in the most suspicious 
possible way every time negative information leaks.
Right now, Mr. President, it’s you. You’re the problem. You can solve it. But 
only if you get over yourself.
For the sake of country, I pray you do.