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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Secret Agreements On Jerusalem

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TEL AVIV – Now that he has secured his second term, President Barack Obama has already secretly pledged to the Palestinians he will press Israel into a new round of so-called land-for-peace negotiations, a top Palestinian Authority negotiator told WND.
The negotiator said top members of the Obama administration told the Palestinians the U.S. president will renew talks aimed at creating a Palestinian state in the so-called 1967 borders – meaning in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and, notably, eastern Jerusalem.
The negotiator further revealed when it comes to dividing Jerusalem, Obama wants to rehash what is known as the Clinton parameters.
That formula, pushed by Bill Clinton during the Camp David talks in 2000, called for Jewish areas of Jerusalem to remain Israeli while the Palestinians will get sovereignty over neighborhoods that are largely Arab.
WND previously reported how Palestinians are building illegally in Jewish-owned areas of Jerusalem, changing facts on the ground and resulting in Arab majorities on certain neighborhoods.
This is not the first time the Palestinians are claiming Obama will push for new talks during a second term.
Just before November’s presidential election, a senior PA negotiator claimed to WND if Obama secures another four years in office, he will use his second term to target Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the main party to blame for the collapse of Mideast peace talks.
The negotiator further claimed Obama quietly pledged to the Palestinians a campaign at the United Nations to renew U.N. Security Council Resolution 242, which calls for a Palestinian state in the “1967 borders.”
The negotiator further said Obama had promised the PA that the establishment of a Palestinian state will be one of the main priorities for a second term.
“We were told that the negotiations for a Palestinian state will be a main goal for Obama,” said the negotiator. “Netanyahu will be declared the main person responsible for the collapse of the peace process.”


Thursday, November 27, 2014

What A Fall From The Heights. Obama Goes From Best Leaders To Least Influential In 6 Years!

GQ magazine ranks Obama among ‘least influential’ people of 2014

For the past year, the Obama administration has seldom gone more than a few days without having to answer questions about political scandals, foreign policy ineptitude, failed promises or presidential overreach. That appears to be why GQ magazine is the latest in a list of unlikely Obama critics as the president enters the final stretch of his White House tenure.
The magazine, in its “The Least Influential People of 2014″, includes Obama on a list that includes the likes of U2’s Bono, former NBA owner and racist Donald Sterling, the Malaysia Airlines searchers at CNN, former Alaska Gov. and matriarch of white trash brawlers Sarah Palin, perpetual war hawk John McCain, and others.
Here’s what the magazine’s Drew Magary has to say about Obama:
Why are you still on Martha’s Vineyard?! Missouri is BURNING. Putin is conquering Europe. The CDC is playing nude Twister with Ebola patients. U2 is forcing bad songs on everyone. The NSA won’t stop watching me masturbate. I need you ON THIS. Are you even president anymore? When Obama got blasted for golfing shortly after ISIS beheaded journalist James Foley, he said, “I should’ve anticipated the optics.” How do you win the presidency without knowing that golfing makes you look rich and indifferent?
The president also made the magazine’s “least influential” list last year and years prior.
Magary wrote for the 2013 list:
He can blame Republicans in Congress all he likes and get away with it because congressional Republicans are the worst. But the fact remains that I have spent the majority of this man’s presidency watching bad things happen, then hearing a thoughtful speech about how we gotta make sure the bad things never happen again, and then watching as nothing gets done. Next time there’s an election, I want Nate Silver to analyze the data and tell me who to vote for so that I don’t end up casting my ballot for a very eloquent hat stand.
The president’s failure to live up to his hope and change rhetoric has evidently caught up to him in recent years, as GQ notably named the president “Man of the Year” in 2008 and “Leader of the Year” in 2009.

Are Ferguson And Palestine One In The Same? Only In The Rat Infested BDS Movement!


While it was previously just a small town in the Midwestern United States known primarily as a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, Ferguson is now a household name.
On August 9, 2014, an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white police officer. As a result, racial tensions in the town of 20,000 people came to a boil, with the killing sparking a wave of rioting and violent protests that sent ripples throughout the United States.shutterstock_212253745
In an attempt to bring calm to the area, police came out in full riot gear, using crowd dispersal methods, including tear gas. Trying to portray the clash between protestors and law enforcement as a war zone, some demonstrators made a bizarre connection between Ferguson and the situation in Gaza, where Hamas waged a war this summer against Israel.

Ferguson as the New Gaza?

Given the current trend of anti-Israel media bias, it didn’t take long for the staggeringly inaccurate comparison between Ferguson and Gaza to become fashionable.
Ferguson palestine twitter Hamde Abu
Picture of Palestinian posted to Twitter
One Facebook commentator observed, “Interesting how they didn’t say it felt like: Crimea, Hong Kong, Dimashq [Damascus], Baghdad, Kobane, Mosul, Argentina, etc but were so specific in their comparison.”
As protesting turned into uprising, the comparisons between Ferguson and Gaza became more frequent. People with no understanding as to the reality on the ground in Ferguson characterized Gaza as a place where people get shot because of their ethnicity.
Yesterday, after three long months, a St. Louis grand jury announced that it would not be indicting the police officer.
That decision set off a wave of anger among gathered protesters awaiting the verdict. Into the night, the violence grew more intense as rioters set buildings on fire and rampant looting ensued.
Meanwhile, in cities across America, people began to protest in the streets in solidarity with the community of Ferguson and what they deemed a grave injustice. In Seattle, Washington, for instance, protesters hit the streets in the hundreds to show their indignation at the decision.

What does Israel have to do with it?

Ferguson palestine signBDS’ attempt to capitalize on a young man’s death and the unrest that erupted in its wake is yet another example of the movement’s desperate attempts to smear Israel. Here at United with Israel, we are doing our best to combat media bias that fosters an environment in which such comparisons are tolerated.We need YOUR HELP to make sure we can continue our work.  Click here to Donate and support the fight against mainstream media bias against Israel.
Author: Penina Taylor, United with Israel

Another Example Of The Acceptance Of Non-Muslims In Pakistan. Wrong!

The mob beat them and broke their legs so they would not be able to flee. "They picked them up by their arms and legs and held them over the brick furnace until their clothes caught fire. And then they threw them inside the furnace." — Javed Maseeh, family spokesman, to NBC News.
The attack was not an isolated one. Rather it seems to be part of systematic killings, community by community.
Imagine you are a person of Christian faith living as a citizen in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan: every moment your life is at risk. Imagine a Pakistani Muslim shouting that you have burned a page of holy Quran when you have not; or accusing you of having desecrated the Prophet Mohammed: you have hardly any chance of saving yourself. There would be no question of providing evidence or proof against you. You would be killed either by the mob or by the country's legal system.
If you were one of the 3% minority Christians of Pakistan, you would fear for your life every moment among the majority Muslims; any one of them could shout and point at you as the Nazi collaborators did during the Second World War against the Jews. You inevitably would be beaten to death by your fellow countrymen.
This month in Pakistan, a Christian couple and their unborn child were burned to death, because of a false accusation of burning pages of a Quran.
Local villagers, called through the mosque's loudspeakers, came by the hundreds. They tore apart the room where Shama Bibi and her husband, Shahzad Masih, had taken shelter and took the couple out by force.
The mob beat them and broke their legs so they would not be able to flee. They were then held over an open kiln until their clothes caught fire. "They picked them up by the arms and legs and held them over the brick kiln until their clothes caught fire. And then they threw them inside the furnace," according to Javed Maseeh, a spokesman for the family. When Shama's clothes would not burn, the mob wrapped her in cotton "so she would set alight faster."

Shama Bibi (left) and Shahzad Masih, a Christian couple and parents of three children, were burned to death by a Muslim lynch mob in Pakistan because of a false blasphemy accusation.

As is typical in these cases, a Muslim man said that he had witnessed Shama Bibi, 24, a Christian mother of three and four months pregnant, burning pages of a Quran. The accuser went to the neighboring villages in the Kasur district and incited the Muslims against her and her husband. On November 12, 2014, about 1,000-2,000 people from five nearby villages gathered at the clay kiln in the village of Chak (south of Lahore), where the couple lived andworked as indentured laborers.
While the Masihs were burning to death and crying out their innocence, the mob was shouting "Allahhu Akbar!" ("Allah is Greater!"), "Death to the blasphemer!" and "Kill the infidel Christians!"
The murders followed reports that Shama Bibi had carried out a cleansing ritual on Sunday evening, after the death of her father-in-law. She had collected some unneeded possessions of the deceased and burned them.
This incident is not an isolated one. Rather, seems to be part of systematic killings, community by community.
People of a country learn their way of life in the light of the country's laws. Many people around the word consider that the constant slaughtering of Christians in Pakistan is morally supported by the country's destructive blasphemy law, used and often abused whether anyone has blasphemed or not. Pakistan's Penal Code states that the desecration of the Quran is punishable by life imprisonment under section 295c, while insulting Muhammad can merit the death penalty.
The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, in his reaction to the murder of the couple, said, "The murderers of Christian couple will be brought to justice. It is unacceptable. A responsible state cannot tolerate mob rule and public lynching with impunity."
Many, however, assumed Sharif's statement to be nothing but parroted rubbish. Father James Channan, coordinator of the United Religions Initiative and director of the Peace Center of the Dominican Order in Pakistan, said," Our present government has the worst record of not punishing the culprits of these cases. All of them are set free after a short time. There is a big question for us: Where is justice?" He stated what has long been known, that Pakistan's controversial blasphemy laws were subject to widespread abuse and were frequently invoked to settle personal scores.
The president of the Pakistan Christian Congress, Dr. Nazir Bhatti, said, "There are blasphemy cases registered in more than a dozen police stations. While the courts have ordered the arrest of one Muslim media station boss and another Muslim artist from a TV channel, they are enjoying a police escort and attending meetings, and no one dares to arrest them. But one false allegation of blasphemy, and the police put Christians behind bars, and courts award them death sentences. That practice indicates that blasphemy laws are only legislated to target religious minorities in Pakistan."
He added that in Pakistan, blasphemy laws are a license to kill Christians at the hands of Muslims.
"The incidents of violence against Pakistani Christians and the Ahmaddyia community have risen to 200% after becoming PML in power in the province of Punjab," said Dr. Bhatti. The Chief Minister of Punjab province, Shehbaz Sharif of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) [PML-N], is the younger brother of Pakistan's current Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, commonly known as the Lion of Punjab. Both Prime Minister Sharif and his brother were extremely loyal to the late General Zia-ul-Haq, who was solely liable for introducing the harsher blasphemy laws in early 1980s. In the period of 1984-2004, 964 people were charged with blasphemy, including 119 Christians.
Among those charged with blasphemy, 35 people were killed extra-judicially. About 81% percent, or two million, of Pakistan's Christian population live in Punjab province.
Moreover, the fundamentalist madrassa schools of Pakistan have become an influential power supporting the blasphemy laws. Pakistan has 16,059 high schools and 15,725 madrassas. Total madrassa attendance stands at 1.5 million students, while the regular schools have 1.6 million students. These religious schools are producing a particular world-view called Alem-e-kufr (the World of Infidels). The concept of these religious schools is: "The world is divided into two antagonistic parts: the Islamic world, and the infidel world. With little common ground between them both, clash is eternal, natural and unavoidable, because the forces of evil and forces of good are predestined to be at war. The West is after us, they want to destroy Muslims, Islam and our culture."
Sadly, the leadership and media of the West do not even notice that three million Christians in Pakistan live in fear for their lives. While some international organizations are struggling to make blasphemy laws obsolete, the world's most powerful leaders have been mostly silent about these crimes.
Dr. Nazir S. Bhatti remarked in a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama that the U.S. Administration -- the custodian of human rights, liberty and freedom of speech and expression around the world -- did not even bother to condemn the horrific murder of the Christian couple by Islamic extremists in Pakistan. Moreover, the U.S. State Department has never uttered any comments at all about Christian persecution or the genocide of Christians.

Is Pope Francis So Naive To Believe He Could Have A "Dialogue" With ISIS? Even Though He Has Been Targeted For Death?

Despite Everything, Pope Still Open to Dialogue with ISIS

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and they that indulge it shall eat the fruit thereof.” (Proverbs 18:21)
Speaking to reporters in flight following a speech at the European Parliament and the Council of Europe Tuesday, Pope Francis said he would “never close the door” on dialogue, even with the Islamic State terror group.
“I never count anything as lost. Never. Never close the door. It’s difficult, you could say almost impossible, but the door is always open,” he said, in response to a specific question about Islamic jihad. The Christian Post reported his comments.
The Pope’s attitude is generous, considering reports in September, including one by Israel National News, that IS was targeting the pontiff. Iraq’s ambassador to the Vatican, Habeeb Al Sadr, warned, “What has been declared by the self-declared Islamic State is clear – they want to kill the Pope. The threats against the Pope are credible.”
Pope Francis has spoken out in the past about war, warning it was “never a satisfactory way to right injustices” back in September, according to The Christian Post.
“War leads people into a spiral of violence which becomes difficult to control. It destroys what it has taken generations to establish and leads the way to even worse conflicts and injustices.”
During his conversation with reporters Tuesday, the Pope also noted the fine line between defeating terrorists and becoming terrorists. He decried states acting unilaterally, believing they have “the right to massacre terrorists and with the terrorists many innocent people fall.”
In addition to terrorism, he noted slavery as a major danger to the world today.

It Is Clear Ferguson Verdict And Resulting Rioting Was Predictable.

Lessons from the Ferguson verdict — from a middle-class white guy


The smoldering remains of a beauty supply store at the corner of Chambers Road and West Florissant Avenue on Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014, in Ferguson, Mo. (Cristina Fletes-Boutte/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/TNS)
Hi I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
The Ferguson, Missouri, rioters put on one heck of a show for all the world to see on Monday night, didn’t they? That was not your traditional American Thanksgiving display. But what do I know? I’m just a middle-class white guy. I was raised to respect property, respect police, never say “F– the police,” never desecrate the American flag, never burn down stores in my own neighborhood, love my country, believe in the American dream, study hard, get straight A’s, work hard and good things will happen. And funny enough, my life has worked out pretty well.
Maybe there’s a lesson there for the Ferguson protesters.
I’ve watched the proceedings in Ferguson from August until the verdict was read on Monday night. I watched on Monday night as the Ferguson crowd rioted, set police cars on fire, set buildings on fire, fired shots at police, threw bottles and stones at police, and attacked small businesses.
And to me, the lessons of Ferguson are crystal clear.
First, if the verdict had gone the other way (against the police officer) and angered law-and-order conservatives like me, conservatives wouldn’t have rioted, or thrown bottles, or burned our neighborhoods down. We don’t do things like that. We have too much respect for law and order and property rights.
We also own homes and businesses, so we have too much to lose. Maybe the people protesting and rioting should learn a lesson here. Liberals and media elites will say “people riot and loot because they have nothing.” I believe the opposite is true; people have nothing because they riot and loot. It’s their attitude that causes them to have nothing in life.
Secondly, it’s not smart to burn down your own community. The rest of the world stops feeling sorry for you and just wants to avoid you. The stores you’re burning or looting are often owned by blacks, or other minority small-business owners. They will be forced to leave and never come back. The rest of the world won’t dare replace them. Who’d want to invest in a neighborhood where people burn, destroy or rob their own community businesses?
Third, I was taught by my father that when a cop stops you or asks you a question, you hand over your ID and say “Yes, sir” or “No, sir.” Respond politely, with respect. That could be why no policeman has ever hurt me, shot me or killed me — or anyone I’ve ever known. If you choose to curse, or shove, or punch, or struggle with a man with a badge and gun, there is a strong likelihood you’re going to wind up injured or dead. So instead of complaining about racism, or protesting, or rioting, how about saying “Yes, sir” or “No, sir.” Then you won’t have anything to protest or riot about.
Fourth, open your eyes and mind to the truth, not to liberal media propaganda. Millions of people are surprised, saddened and shocked by the Ferguson grand jury’s verdict. Really? Why? My educated guess about the case was published here at Personal Liberty in August (“I Stand with Police Officer Wilson”). My gut instincts about what happened that day — only days after the incident — have proven to be 100 percent accurate.
From simply taking the time to look at the facts in multiple media, I figured out what happened. Evidence that anyone could find in the media left me convinced the officer had probable cause to stop Michael Brown. He probably knew (or quickly figured out) that Brown was the suspect in the strong-armed robbery of a convenience store nearby and he struggled in the car with Brown, where a gun went off. Brown ran from the officer, then decided to turn around and charge the officer, who clearly felt his life was in danger and responded in self-defense. Those were my educated guesses from the first days after the shooting.
The prosecutor (and grand jury verdict) just declared all of my original gut instincts to be fact. How did I know all of that — back in August? I educated myself. I read. I listened. I watched. I wasn’t biased. It was all right there for anyone to see — back then. I predicted the police officer would never be indicted — back then. This is not brain surgery. You only have to have common sense, think for yourself and ignore rabble-rousers like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the Black Panthers, trying to stir up trouble and profit from crisis and racial strife.
The truth isn’t black or white. It isn’t conservative or liberal. It’s based on evidence and fact. It was clear to me the police officer was justified from the first days after the shooting.
Then there’s lesson No. 5; I call it “the Obama lesson.” That split TV screen of Obama pleading for calm and praising Attorney General Eric Holder for the work he did to promote peace and calm next to the other screen of rioting, looting, burning and shooting is the perfect image for the entire Obama presidency. The iconic image of Obama is a perfect mixture of incompetence, cluelessness and lawlessness. Some might call it “the money shot.”
It was as if Obama was saying, “If you like your city, you can keep your city.” That promise would’ve held as much truth as, “If you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance.”
But the final lesson is perhaps the most important. The Ferguson verdict is nothing but a weapon of mass distraction. It pales in comparison to really important developments like Obama’s violating the Constitution and breaking the rule of law by ignoring Congress, checks and balances, and the will of the people to issue amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, i.e., criminals; the words of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber indicating deception, misrepresentation and fraud were used to sell Obamacare; and plans for 3,415 new federal regulations being publicly announced on Thanksgiving eve when no one is paying attention.
Brown’s death is a tragedy for the Brown family. But it has very little effect on the daily lives of the rest of us. On the other hand, 3,415 new federal regulations will badly damage business, kill jobs and dramatically raise consumers’ costs and energy bills, thereby driving the economy off a cliff. That’s the real tragedy. That’s the real definition of “deadly.”
So my big takeaway from Ferguson is: Use common sense and keep your eyes on the things that really matter in your life like your job, or your health insurance, or the U.S. Constitution, which has given us the greatest nation in world history. Watch what the president does to you — and to that Constitution.
Oh, and one more thing: Don’t charge at an armed policeman. But, hey, I guess I’m just a middle-class white guy. What do I know?