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Monday, May 29, 2017

New York Times Has Gone Anti-Israel

New York Times Unleashes Onslaught of Five Op-Eds Hostile to Israel

avatarby Ira Stoll

The New York Times. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.
When the New York Times opinion page hired Bret Stephens and Bari Weiss, two outspoken
 Zionist veterans of the Wall Street Journal, a friend of mine warned me that the hires could
 be a mixed blessing from a pro-Israel perspective.
Now all the anti-Israel editors already at the Times will feel like they can let loose with
 impunity, because the hiring of Stephens and Weiss provides a ready response to 
accusations of “bias.” So said my friend.
Or, as I put it back on April 13, writing about Stephens: “Anyone who thinks the Times
 hiring of him was motivated primarily by a desire to respond to the paper’s pro-Israel 
critics might want to think again.”
MAY 29, 2017 10:41 AM

Jewish Voice for Peace’s Hidden Agenda

A Jewish Voice for Peace demonstration. Photo: Twitter.When starting a political movement, choosing the right name is perhaps the most...
My friend’s warning turned out to be prophetic.
In the weeks since the news of the Stephens and Weiss hires broke, the Times has — as if compensating — unleashed a barrage of
 op-eds savagely hostile to Israel and Jewish interests. Among 
  • An op-ed by a Palestinian terrorist, Marwan Barghouti,
  •  complaining about conditions in Israeli prisons and likening 
  • Israel to South Africa under apartheid. Even the New York Times
  •  own public editor, Liz Spayd, publicly faulted the Times for initially identifying the author as “a Palestinian leader and parliamentarian” rather than as a convicted terrorist and murderer.
  • An op-ed piece by a Palestinian lawyer, Raja Shehadeh, complaining about the Israeli checkpoints he must pass through between Ramallah and Ben-Gurion International Airport. “We cannot afford to abandon the struggle and must do what we can to end this occupation,” declared the Times article. It was adapted from Kingdom of Olives and Ash: Writers Confront the Occupation, a book that already has also been the basis of both a New York Times magazine article and a long essay in the New York Times Book Review. (The book review essay itself was the subject of a Times correction after it falsely accused Israel’s consul general in New York, Dani Dayan, of publicly calling for Palestinians to be deported to Jordan.)
  • An op-ed by the president of the National Iranian American Council, Trita Parsi, claiming, falsely, that the Iranian nuclear deal has “restrained” Iranian policy on Israel. “Iran’s actions and rhetoric on the Jewish state have shifted remarkably ever since nuclear negotiations began,” the article claimed, inaccurately.
  • An op-ed by the foreign minister of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, claiming, falsely, that Iran “has been aiding the victims of extremism in Iraq and Syria,” and offering advice to America on how “to avoid the spread of terrorism and militant extremism.” It is breathtaking, coming from the representative of a country that is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. Mr. Zarif has had at least seven New York Times op-ed pieces since 2003, four of them since April 2015, prompting at least some wry speculation that the Times editors will make him their next op-ed page columnist hire after Stephens.
  • An op-ed by another Palestinian lawyer, Diana Buttu, calling for the disbandment of the Palestinian Authority on the grounds that it “served as a subcontractor for the occupying Israeli military…. to keep Palestinians silent and quash dissent while Israel steals land, demolishes Palestinian homes, and builds and expands settlements.” The op-ed instead calls for a Palestinian leadership that includes Hamas, which she conveniently refers to as a political party rather than a terrorist group. The op-ed calls for Palestinians to “press for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel, like those that helped to end apartheid in South Africa.”
Any single one of these op-eds, taken alone, would be totally outrageous and indefensible. The onslaught of all five of them, in six weeks, constitutes an outbreak of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hostility at the Times on a level with the Jewish cemetery desecrations and bomb threat calls against Jewish institutions that the Times blamed on President Donald Trump and treated as front-page news a few months back.
Writing in Vox, David Roberts denounced Stephens as a “cosmopolitan, well-educated, reflexively pro-Israel war hawk.” The Times Cairo bureau chief, Declan Walsh, publicly denounced Stephens on Twitter as “not cool,” falsely accusing him of “ascribing a pathological condition to an entire race of people.”
It’s one thing to see the Stephens hire triggering antisemitic or anti-Israel tropes in other publications. It’s another to see them erupting in the columns of the Times itself. That’s not to blame Stephens, or Weiss, for the reaction. It’s not their fault. Their presence at the Times probably almost certainly nets out positively for the pro-Israel side. But the backlash can’t be ignored. It must be taken into account. Precisely as my friend predicted, it sure has been brutal.
More of Ira Stoll’s media critique, a regular Algemeiner feature, can be found here. 

Trump Shows That He Will Not Listen to Lies

Trump Yelled at Abbas, “You Tricked Me in DC, Israelis Told Me the Truth”: Report

“A righteous man hateth lying; but a wicked man behaveth vilely and shamefully.” Proverbs 13:5 (The Israel Bible™)
At their private meeting in Bethlehem last week, US President Donald Trump blew up at Palestinian Authority President Abbas over his lies about desire for peace and incitement to violence, an Israeli TV report said, citing an unnamed American source.
“You tricked me in DC!” Trump is reported to have shouted at the Palestinian leader, whom he hosted at the White House on May 3. “You talked there about your commitment to peace, but the Israelis showed me your involvement in incitement [against Israel].”
His outburst left the Palestinians in stunned silence, Israel’s Channel 2 reported, and tensions were high for several moments before both sides were able to get the meeting back on track. No evidence of the strain was visible in the joint press conference held after the private meeting, though Trump’s otherwise warm remarks included what many interpreted as a very pointed reference to the PA’s practice of paying salaries to terrorists and their families.
“Peace can never take root in an environment where violence is tolerated, funded and even rewarded,” he declared.
At their Washington meeting earlier in the month, Abbas had insisted that his people were peaceful, claiming at a joint press conference that the Palestinians were “raising our youth, our children, our grandchildren on a culture of peace.”
But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quickly countered the blatant falsehood, stating in response, “I heard President Abbas yesterday say that the Palestinians teach their children peace. Unfortunately, that’s not true. They name their schools after mass murderers of Israelis and they pay terrorists.”
Indeed, there are so many instances of Palestinian leadership, including Abbas himself, urging and inciting their people to commit violent acts of terror against innocent Israelis that Abbas’s statement was almost laughable.
“Each drop of blood that was spilled in Jerusalem is pure blood as long as it’s for the sake of Allah. Every shahid (martyr) will be in heaven and every wounded person will be rewarded, by Allah’s will,” said the PA leader during the peak of the 2015 wave of terror throughout Israel.
Palestinian law also regularly allocates thousands of dollars to murderers of Israelis and their families. Children are trained in combat camps to prepare for violent confrontations with the ‘Zionist enemy’, and a report last month found that official PA textbooks for students in first to fourth grades demonize Israel and glorify ‘martyrdom’ for their cause.
Trump had apparently been briefed on Abbas’s record of incitement by the Israelis, who were able to show him a multitude of evidence of the Palestinian leader’s brazen lies.


Self Imposed Segregation In France

Paris black feminist festival 'prohibited' to whites sparks outrage

    © AFP/File | Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo condemned the organisation of the Nyansapo Festival

    PARIS (AFP) - 
    Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo on Sunday called for a black feminist festival in the French capital to be banned, saying it was "prohibited to white people."
    The first edition of the Nyansapo Festival, due to run from July 28 to 30 at a cultural centre in Paris, bills itself as "an event rooted in blackfeminism, activism, and on (a) European scale."
    Four-fifths of the festival area will be set aside as a "non-mixed" space "for black women," according to its website in French.
    Another space will be a "non-mixed" area "for black people" regardless of gender. Another space would be "open to all."
    The English version of the site does not use the word "non-mixed," but "reserved."
    Hidalgo, a Socialist, said on Twitter that she firmly condemned the organisation "of this event, 'prohibited to white people'."
    "I am asking for this festival to be banned," Hidalgo said, adding she also reserved the right "to prosecute the organisers for discrimination."
    Police prefect Michel Delpuech said in a statement that police had not been advised about the event by Sunday evening.
    But, Delpuech added, the police "would ensure the rigorous compliance of the laws, values, and principles of the republic".
    French antiracist and antisemitism organisations strongly condemned the festival.
    SOS Racisme described the event as "a mistake, even an abomination, because it wallows in ethnic separation, whereas anti-racism is a movement which seeks to go beyond race."
    LICRA -- the International League against Racism and Antisemitism -- said "Rosa Parks would be turning in her grave," a reference to the American civil rights icon.
    Wallerand de Saint-Just, the regional head of Marine Le Pen's National Front party, had challenged Hidalgo on Friday to explain how the city was putting on an event "promoting a concept that is blatantly racist and anti-republican."
    The cultural centre La Generale, where the event was to be hosted, and the collective Mwasi, which organised the event, said Sunday they were the "target of a disinformation campaign and of 'fake news' orchestrated by the foulest far right."
    "We are saddened to see certain antiracist associations letting themselves be manipulated like this," according to a statement posted on the Generale website.
    A "decolonisation summer camp" in the northeastern French city of Reims elicited similar outrage last year, as it billed itself as a "training seminar on antiracism" reserved for victims of "institutional racism" or "racialised" minorities -- excluding by default white people.
    © 2017 AFP

    One Way To Shut Off The Potential Gravy Train

    Hamptons bachelors are getting vasectomies so gold diggers can’t trap them

    The latest Hamptons summer accessory? A vasectomy.
    When Scott, a male model who says he’s in his 30s, kicks off the Hamptons high season this weekend at his Sag Harbor waterfront house, the unattached hunk won’t have any reservations about hooking up with women he hardly knows.
    “I had a vasectomy a few months ago. Having a house in the Hamptons and being fairly well-off, I’ve encountered some problems — women try to get pregnant,” said Scott, a regular on the society scene who earns a cool half-million a year.
    He recalled sex partners who have lied to him about being on birth control. “It’s a trick. [They say,] ‘I love you, [we] don’t need a condom.’ ”
    Scott — who describes himself as “Tarzan with light eyes” — typically beds up to 10 different women per summer and estimates that 20 percent of the single ladies he encounters are looking to trap a rich guy with a baby.
    The goal? At the very least: 18 to 21 years of child support and, in some instances, a green card for the mother, since their child would be born in the US. At best: Scott said, “Women want that Cinderella story [of happily ever after], but I’m noncommittal at this point in my life.”
    Area urologists report they’re seeing more well-off bachelors request vasectomies ahead of the Hamptons season. Matt — a divorced, 41-year-old Park Sloper who works in media and drives a Jaguar convertible — had his vasectomy performed four years ago “at the beginning of May in anticipation of the summer,” he said. It can take up to three months for sperm to be 100 percent eliminated, but for men who just can’t wait, an ejaculate test can determine if their system is cleared sooner.
    “There’s a spike in single guys” who get the procedure in spring and early summer, said Dr. David Shusterman, a urologist in Midtown.

    Modal Trigger
    Dr. David ShustermanBrian Zak

    “They don’t want to be in the situation of being accused of fathering an unwanted baby,” said Dr. Joseph Alukal, a urologist at NYU. “That’s their fear — being told you’re paying for this kid until it’s [an adult].”
    “This extortion happens all the time. Women come after them. [They get pregnant and] want a ransom payment,” said Shusterman. “Some guys do an analysis of the cost — for three days of discomfort [after a vasectomy], it’s worth millions of dollars to them.
    “I never see a poor guy [asking] for a vasectomy,” he added. “Rich guys are a population that’s abused a lot.”
    Just ask John, a 34-year-old bachelor who had the procedure this month. (He asked that his name be changed for professional reasons.)
    The real estate developer and Upper West Side resident — who said he can have a different sex partner in the Hamptons every weekend — doesn’t want a repeat of last summer, when a woman he met at a party tried to pull a fast one after sex.
    She offered to dispose of the used condom, but when she was in the bathroom for a while, John got suspicious. He found the woman seated on the toilet and inserting his semen inside her.
    “She denied it, but she tried to get herself pregnant,” said John, who grabbed a towel and made her clean herself and then shower. “After that, I have to be a lot more careful.”
    Especially now that he’s bought a $1.5 million Southampton house. “I’m a single guy doing well — more girls come along.” The vasectomy, he added, “is insurance.”
    As added insurance, John has frozen his sperm in case he decides to one day have children with a woman he loves. Shusterman recommends this to his patients and points out that reversing a vasectomy has a success rate of about 50 percent.
    “It’s not that they don’t want kids [someday],” he said. “They don’t want kids on other people’s terms.”
    Manhattan matrimonial attorney Ira Garr said of such unplanned paternity cases: “I deal with this every year. There’s potential to [have to] pay out a lot of money.”
    ‘It’s a foolproof way to fool around and not get in trouble.’
     - attorney Ira Garr
    Child support is 17 percent of the father’s salary up to $400,000, after which the amount is at a judge’s discretion, according to Garr. For someone who makes $1 million a year, Garr estimates annual payments of $100,000 — a total of $2.1 million until the child turns 21. Meanwhile, a vasectomy is typically covered by insurance or costs $1,000 out of pocket.
    Garr gave a thumbs-up to the bachelor snip: “It’s a foolproof way to fool around and not get in trouble.”
    Alex, 37, already has two kids with his wife, but the health care administrator got a vasectomy late last year specifically so he could fool around — no strings attached — in the Hamptons. The downtown Brooklyn man and his spouse of 10 years are in an open relationship, but he almost screwed things up last summer when he got stealthed by a comely Russian model he’d met at dinner in Southampton.
    During sex, the woman pulled off his condom.
    “I asked, ‘WTF?’ ” recalled Alex. But he didn’t stop the sex. Two weeks later, he got a call from the woman claiming she was pregnant.
    “Could her motive have been to shake me down for child support? I don’t know. But it didn’t work, thank God,” said Alex, who never heard from the model again. “It was a wake-up call. It’s not like an STD you can treat. It’s a kid.”
    He told his wife, who supported his decision to get the vasectomy shortly afterward.
    The question remains: Surely there are women in the Hamptons looking for romance but not pregnancy?
    Scott admitted that his choice of partners might be to blame. “If it’s that easy a lay, there are [probably] strings attached.”
    But he’s not in a hurry to change things. In fact, he requested his last name be withheld so women wouldn’t know he’s “shooting blanks. They just might move on if they have the motive [to try to get pregnant].”


    Those Who Forget History Are Bound To Repeat It

    Watch: Jesse Watters quizzes Memorial Day beachgoers — and the results are hilarious and horrifying


    Watch: Jesse Watters quizzes Memorial Day beachgoers — and the results are hilarious and horrifying
    Fox News Channel host Jesse Watters hit the beach for Memorial Day weekend to quiz young people about the meaning of Memorial Day and past military conflicts involving the United States. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

    Fox News Channel host Jesse Watters hit the beach for Memorial Day weekend to quiz young people about the meaning of Memorial Day and past military conflicts involving the United States. The answers were both hilarious and horrifying.
    “This weekend, we celebrate Memorial Day, a day for remembering America’s fallen soldiers,” Watters said during a Saturday evening episode of FNC’s “Watters’ World.” “But how much do Americans really know about the history of that sacrifice? I have to warn you: It is shameful.”

    There are plenty of “shameful” answers to Watters’ questions to choose from, but several worth highlighting came in response to Watters’ simple question about the Revolutionary War.
    “Who did America fight in the Revolutionary War?” asked Watters to several beachgoers.
    “The French,” responded one woman.
    “That’s a good question,” said one man. “I don’t know.”
    “China,” answered another young woman.
    “North versus South,” responded one particularly confident-sounding man. “The Confederate versus the Union.”
    Watters also asked people to name the victor of the U.S. Civil War.
    “Britain,” replied one woman.
    “America and Britain and Spain, some part of Spain, and uh, uh yeah,” said another young woman.
    As funny and disturbing as the answers were to Watters’ questions, the results shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Numerous studies and surveys have shown Americans know very little about their own history and even less about world history.
    As a writer for the Smithsonian Institution noted in a 2015 article, in 2008, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute surveyed more than 2,500 people and found only about 50 percent could properly name the three branches of government (executive, judicial, and legislative). Similarly, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, commonly referred to as “the Nation’s Report Card,” found in 2014—the most recent test data available—only 21 percent of male students in the eighth grade and 16 percent of female eighth-grade students scored “proficient” or higher in NAEP’s U.S. history assessment.
    Americans’ poor understanding of history is nothing short of pathetic, but as the nation celebrates Memorial Day, it seems more than just a little funny and sad; it’s also, as Watters stated in the introduction of his segment, “shameful.”