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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Obama Destroys His Voter Base

The Damage Obama Has Done To Black Americans

September 12, 2013 by  

Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. I’ve written many times here about what President Barack Obama is doing to the U.S. economy, to business owners, to Americans in general. But today I will look at what Obama is doing to black Americans and his own most loyal supporters. It is, in a word: unimaginable.
It all starts with Syria. Why Syria? Why now? Until Russia interceded, going to war in Syria seemed the most important thing in the world to Obama and his Secretary of State, John Kerry. They seemed desperate to go to war, at any costs.
But why? Syria has nothing to do with us. It is not threatening us. Its own war is a civil war with no “good guys.” How does America benefit from a war with Syria? Why did Obama suddenly decide a “red line” has been crossed when there are “red lines” all over the world, including the killing of Christians and the burning of 71 Christian churches in Egypt. Why is it so important to risk American lives to defend the Syrian rebels who are partners with al-Qaida, America’s sworn enemy? We didn’t go to war to avenge the murder of our own citizens at Benghazi, Libya, so why would we go to war to avenge al-Qaida deaths in Syria?
None of this makes any sense at all — until you realize it’s a massive cover-up: Obama’s WMD, weapon of mass distraction. Obama is desperate to cover up the facts about his dying economy and the damage he’s done to his own most loyal voters. Obama has destroyed the lives of the very people who consider him “the American idol.”
How bad is Obama’s economy? Forget the 7.3 percent unemployment rate that is reported by the government. That’s pure fraud and propaganda. That figure goes down only because hundreds of thousands of Americans drop out of the workforce. In other words, if you stop looking for work and go on food stamps and welfare, Obama says the unemployment number just got better.
The only truth about unemployment is found in the labor force participation rate of 63 percent. That’s the lowest in four decades. For men, it’s the lowest since record-keeping began in the 1940s. What this means is 37 percent of the able-bodied, working-age adults in America are not only not working, they’ve given up looking for work.
Even worse, an unimaginable percentage of those who are employed have only part-time jobs. Seventy-seven percent of the new jobs created since Jan. 1 are part-time jobs. That’s not good, folks. Studies show one in four part-time workers live in poverty, while only one in 20 full-time workers live in poverty. So millions of Americans under Obama who show up as “employed” are merely working their way toward poverty. And millions of others who have full-time jobs are working at McDonalds or are working as waiters or bartenders or janitors. Those are the only jobs left under Obama. The middle class is being slaughtered.
Here are the two most ironic points about this slow-motion train wreck called the Obama economy. Obamacare is the No. 1 culprit destroying real jobs. Business owners are done. No smart business owner in all of America will lift a finger to create a full-time, high-paying job with benefits. It just makes no economic sense anymore. So Obama’s signature achievement has not only created a part-time economy, but all those people in part-time jobs don’t have health insurance. This should be a “Saturday Night Live” skit. The man has created nationalized healthcare so that everyone loses his job and no one has health care. Insanity — unless your goal is to create an entire Nation of Americans living in poverty, dependent on government welfare.
Secondly, here’s the really sad, tragic and ironic fact of the Obama economy. Obama hurts the ones he loves. Obama’s policies are destroying the very people who elected and believed in him. It’s almost as if Obama is out to destroy his own voters. Let’s take a look at who is suffering the most from this Obama Great Depression.
Obama won the 2012 election with a razor-thin 51 percent of the vote. His biggest supporters were blacks (93 percent voted for Obama), Hispanics (71 percent), single women (67 percent), young people (60 percent) and those without a high school diploma (64 percent). This is the loyal foundation of Barack Hussein Obama. This is who made him President, without a single qualification except being a community organizer.
Now, let’s look at how Obama repays his loyal fans. New research out just last week proves that since 2009, income for black heads of households dropped by 10.9 percent. For Hispanic heads of households, it dropped by 4.5 percent. For single women head of households, it dropped by 7 percent. For young people (under age 25), it dropped by 9.6 percent. For those with a high school diploma or less, income dropped by 8 percent.
In dollar terms the numbers are even worse. Female incomes are down by $2,300 per year under Obama. Black incomes are down more than $4,000 per year. Hispanic incomes are down by $2,000 per year.
How about actual unemployment figures for Obama’s fans? We see the same results. Reported unemployment (a bogus figure) is 7.3 percent. But among blacks (93 percent of whom voted for Obama), it is an unimaginable 13.3 percent. Among Hispanics, it’s 9.4 percent. Among black youths, it’s 20.9 percent. Among teens, it’s 23.7 percent.
The black middle class is being destroyed. Black homeownership has slipped to the lowest level in decades.
But the worst statistic of all is the unemployment, plus underemployment, rate for college graduates under age 25: 18.3 percent. That means new college graduates (also big supporters of Obama) can’t find a decent full-time job in the Obama economy; at the same time, they are saddled with the highest student debt in history. That could be why we have the highest student loan default rates in history.
So what does a President, who couldn’t find a job if it hit him in the head, do to keep the masses of his own voters from revolting and rioting in the streets? Go to war.
Create a distraction. Make people look away from the scene of the tragedy. Create a “situation” that induces patriotism. Make the masses rally around the President. And if that “situation” happens to help unemployment by sending unemployed young people and minorities off to war, bingo! You’ve just hit the lottery.
That is the answer to the questions: Why Syria? Why now? How does this benefit America?
Obama’s war is a desperate attempt to keep his own most loyal supporters from noticing that his policies have ruined their lives and set their economic progress back decades. His policies have sent black Americans in particular hurtling back to the days of poverty and racial inequality.
Obama is desperate to keep his own voters from noticing he is the worst thing to happen to them in their lifetimes. His socialist policies don’t solve poverty, they cause poverty. And it’s no surprise. Socialism, income redistribution, big taxes, big spending, big unions and big government have caused poverty in every nation they’ve ever been tried. Obama, Mao Zedong, Josef Stalin, Fidel Castro, Huto Chavez. Same people. Same policies. Same results. They always hurt the masses. They always victimize their own voters. They always hurt the ones they claim to love. A sick, dysfunctional death spiral.
I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. Same time, same place. God bless America and God bless capitalism. It’s time to fight for them both.

Friday, September 13, 2013

When You Lie Down With Dogs--You Get Fleas. ObamaCrapCare Snares Another Victim--the AFL-CIO

AFL-CIO Vote Slams Obamacare: It Will Drive Up Costs

Wednesday, 11 Sep 2013 07:54 PM

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The AFL-CIO is ramping up pressure on the Obama administration to change parts of the health care overhaul law that could impair benefits for millions of union members.
The nation's largest labor federation approved a strongly worded resolution on Wednesday that says the Affordable Care Act will drive up the costs of union-sponsored health plans to the point that workers and employers are forced to abandon them.
Some individual unions have complained about the law's impact for months, but the resolution marks the first time the AFL-CIO has gone on record embracing that view. It comes from one of the president's major boosters just as the administration is rolling out a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign to encourage Americans to sign up for health care exchanges starting Oct. 1.

Unions were among the most enthusiastic backers of the law when it passed in 2010. The resolution says labor unions still support its overall goals of reducing health costs and bringing coverage to all Americans, but it complains that the law is being implemented in a way that is "highly disruptive" to union plans.
Harold Schaitberger, president of the International Association of Firefighters, said the intent is to "point out the criticisms without being overly caustic."
"There have to be some changes made in the areas that are giving a number of our unions great concern," said Schaitberger, who chaired the committee that hammered out the resolution's language.
The resolution was approved at the AFL-CIO's quadrennial convention in Los Angeles. It claims the new law will increase costs for health plans that are jointly administered by unions and smaller employers in the construction, retail and transportation industries. That could encourage employers to hire fewer union workers or to abandon the health plans altogether and force union members to seek lower quality coverage on the new health exchanges.
Union officials are seeking rule changes that would make their low-income workers eligible for the same types of federal subsidies they could get in the exchanges. They have also suggested rules that would treat their multi-employer plans as qualified exchange plans under the new law.
But the Congressional Research Service issued a memo earlier this year finding that neither change is allowed through rulemaking. The AFL-CIO resolution calls for the law to be amended by Congress if new rules cannot satisfy their concerns.
AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka held meetings at the White House last month in which he and other union leaders pressed the administration to make changes. Trumka has said he is encouraged that the White House is listening, but that no firm proposals have been made.
The White House issued a statement Wednesday saying there is nothing in the Affordable Care Act that changes the law for union plans. The statement said the White House would continue to work with unions and other stakeholders on ways to ensure smooth implementation of the law.
The AFL-CIO resolution was toned down from a draft originally offered by Sean McGarvey, head of the AFL-CIO's Building and Construction Trades Department. The early draft said the AFL-CIO could no longer support the health care law and called for its repeal unless changes were made to protect union multi-employer plans.
Republican critics of the health care law have seized on the union complaints to fuel their push to repeal the law. At the same time, GOP leaders have warned the White House against carving out any special deal for unions.
"We will do whatever is within our power to ensure that the administration does not once again provide a special exemption to unions at the expense of American taxpayers," Michigan Rep. Dave Camp and Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch wrote in a letter this week to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. Camp is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and Hatch is top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee.
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NSA Has Tech Firms Scared To Discuss Government UnConstitiutional Demands For Fear Of Going To Jail

‘Treason’ And ‘Jail’ Deter Tech Leaders From Sharing NSA Spy Requests With Public

September 13, 2013 by  
‘Treason’ And ‘Jail’ Deter Tech Leaders From Sharing NSA Spy Requests With Public
Leaders at several major tech companies, including handlers of social media and Internet services, criticized the U.S. government this week for its ironfisted treatment of companies that repeatedly have requested permission to publicly reveal the scale of the National Security Agency’s court-sanctioned surveillance measures.
Speaking in San Francisco at this year’sTechCrunch Disrupt conference — a major event that brings together industry innovators and potential investors — Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said the government’s approach to deterrence has been simple.
“Releasing classified information is treason, and you are incarcerated,” said Mayer.
That response came during a public Q&A, when someone asked Mayer why tech companies have been complaining in general terms about the NSA, but won’t release any information that reveals the nature the government’s demands. Yahoo has gone before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in the past, suing in 2007 for permission to publish information about NSA spy requests. But predictably, the government prevailed.
“When you lose and you don’t comply, it’s treason,” Mayer said.
Yahoo and Facebook have filed fresh lawsuits in the wake of the Edward Snowden leaks, arguing that being muzzled by the NSA — with the entire world watching — isn’t just unConstitutional; it’s killing their business.
“Yahoo has been unable to engage fully in the debate about whether the government has properly used its powers, because the government has placed a prior restraint on Yahoo’s speech,” Yahoo argues in its filing. “Yahoo’s inability to respond to news reports has harmed its reputation and has undermined its business not only in the United States but worldwide. Yahoo cannot respond to such reports with mere generalities.”
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg resorted to generalities in his public comments at the Disrupt conference, but reinforced the Yahoo CEO’s assertion that the government is hurting American business and eroding faith in U.S. tech, even as it forces companies to keep quiet about its warrantless, illegal surveillance practices. “Frankly, I think the government blew it,” he said.
“The morning after this [Snowden scandal] started breaking, a bunch of people were asking them [the government] what they thought,” he said. “[They said] ‘don’t worry, we’re not spying on any Americans.’”
“Wonderful, that’s really helpful for companies trying to work with people around the world. Thanks for going out there and being clear. I think that was really bad.”

Anyone Who Thinks That Things Are Really Bad For The Poor In America Needs To Take A Trip To Mexico

Poverty In America: Cellphones, TVs, Refrigerators And Microwave Ovens

September 13, 2013 by  
Poverty In America: Cellphones, TVs, Refrigerators And Microwave Ovens
Living below the poverty line in the United States means having just about the same access to creature comforts and basic household necessities as everybody else.
That’s the report from the Census Bureau, which has published new information on living conditions in the United States taken from data collected through 2011.
According to the data, being poor means you’re less likely to have a computer, dishwasher or deep freeze. But it also means you’re about as likely as the snob hill crowd to have a cellphone, air conditioning, television and some kind of DVR device.
According to the report, titled “Extended Measures of Well-Being: Living Conditions in the United States: 2011,” 80.9 percent of people living below the poverty line have cellphones, while 83.4 percent have air conditioning. Television, a necessity of life, is in 96.1 percent of poverty-level households, and 83.2 percent have a “video cassette recorder” or digital television recording device.
In each case, the percentage of people above the poverty line who own these same things isn’t much higher — because it can’t be.
Here are some other percentages that run down the things that poverty-stricken Americans own. The number in parentheses is provided for comparison. That’s the percentage of Americans living above the poverty line who own the same stuff.
  • Refrigerators: 97.8 (99.5)
  • Clothes washers: 68.7 (88.1)
  • Clothes dryers: 65.3 (86.6)
  • Dishwashers: 44.9 (73.5)
  • Food freezers: 26.2 (37.5)
  • Stoves: 96.6 (98.9)
  • Microwaves: 93.2 (97.4)
Maybe “poverty” is a word that talking heads and the American elected class should retire from domestic discourse to be reserved, instead, as a descriptor of how poor people live in the developing world. Poverty across the world is a condition; poverty in America is nearly always a choice.

The Ugliest Animal On Earth

The blobfish: Ugliest beast of all?

8:24 AM, September 13, 2013   |  
The blobfish, which lives deep off Australia, has been voted the mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society.
The blobfish, which lives deep off Australia, has been voted the mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. / National Marine Fisheries Service
It's a face only a blobfish mother could love, and even that might not be guaranteed.
But the blobfish is beloved by members and followers of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, who voted it the "ugliest animal" on Planet Earth and made it the edu-tainment organization's mascot.
The U.K. group's president, Simon Watt — a biologist, science "communicator," writer, comedian and "TV bod" — announced the winner (loser?) at the British Science Festival.
He believes "the panda gets too much attention," so the UAPS -- described as "a comedy night with a conservation twist" -- sought a mascot "to rival the cute and cuddly emblems used by so many organizations."
"We've needed an ugly face for endangered animals for a long time and I've been amazed by the public's reaction," Watt declared. "For too long, the cute and fluffy animals have taken the limelight but now the blobfish will be a voice for the mingers who always get forgotten."
Scientists and comedians made videos of "11 of Mother Nature's most aesthetically challenged beasts," the group said in anointing Psychrolutes macricus the king of ugly. Runners-up included the world's only parrot that cannot fly; a salamander that never grows up; the Andean "scrotum" water frog; and the proboscis monkey, notable for its big nose.
The UAPS did not release vote totals, saying only that "thousands" had voted. The BBC reported the blob won by almost 10,000 votes.
With its Jimmy Durante schnoz and profound frown, the gelatinous, foot-long blobfish lives under great pressures between 1,800 and 3,600 feet deep off Australia. A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has more info, including a podcast.

Will The Next Conflict With The Russians Be Over The Palestinians and Israel?

Hanan Ashrawi, a former Palestinian negotiator, writes the following blog regarding the negotiations in the Middle East. She, obviously is telling their story as best she can. However, in the midst of her blog, she telegraphs what the future tactics of the Palestinians will be. It reads:

 "Any approach that is not based on international law and the redress of Israeli abuses of Palestinian human rights, including theft of land and resources for settlements and denying Palestinian rights, is doomed to failure. If the U.S. is unwilling or unable to stop settlement growth, Palestinians have no other recourse than to pursue membership in multinational agencies and organizations and hold Israel accountable by judicial means."

In other words, unless the President and US negotiators do not do what the Palestinians want, they are planning to take Israel to the UN Criminal Court in the Hague and prosecute them there. One can only wonder how fair a hearing the Jewish state will receive there.  Our belief is that it like the balance of the UN is a kangaroo court and Israel will be charged with many offenses and of course, convicted of them regardless of the truth.

We are sure that the President's weaknesses in handling current mess in Syria has not been missed by the Palestinians. With this article, Hanan is putting pressure on the White House to not have "another failure" in the Middle East by allowing Israel to continue building the settlements for their growing population.

If the Palestinians had their way, Israel would not continue to exist. We cannot allow that to happen. However, we are concerned how Kerry and Obama will want to impress their wills on Israel in an effort to show they world they are not feckless frauds pretending to power.

Will we face Russia over the Palestinians also?  Who knows, but the one thing for sure, "King" Obama definitely has no clothes and Putin is willing to post the pictures on youtube!

Conservative Tom

US support for two-state solution must be more than 'lip service'

By Hanan Ashrawi 09/13/13 10:00 AM ET
Twenty years ago today, Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin shook hands in an historic ceremony on the White House lawn heralding the signing of the Declaration of Principles of the Oslo Accords. The Oslo process was supposed to lead to a permanent peace agreement between Palestinians and Israelis by 1999, which Palestinians believed included the creation of an independent Palestinian state in the occupied West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. Unfortunately, successive Israeli governments had other ideas, rapidly expanding Jewish settlements on occupied Palestinian land and entrenching rather than rolling back the occupation, undermining the two-state solution envisioned by Palestinians and supported by the international community.
As a participant in the Madrid conference in 1991, which preceded Oslo, and subsequent negotiations, I regret to say that current U.S. officials seem to have learned little from more than two decades of failed U.S. peacemaking efforts. Today, as fragile talks between Israelis and Palestinians have restarted after three years of inactivity, Israel once again seems intent on using negotiations as a cover to expand Jewish settlements on Palestinian land, and once again it seems that the U.S. will take no serious action to prevent Israel from doing so. In just over a month, Israel has advanced plans for the construction of 3090 new settlement units in East Jerusalem and the West Bank. This ongoing escalation of illegal settlement activity gravely threatens the success of negotiations and the realization of the two-state solution that is the ostensible endgame of the current talks.

Secretary of State John Kerry invested much time and effort to restart negotiations. However it is not enough to simply bring the two sides to the table. It is imperative that the U.S. not only pressure Israel to halt all new and existing settlement activity, but that it stop tacitly endorsing Israeli claims regarding the legal status of East Jerusalem and the future of large settlement “blocs.” International law and relevant UN resolutions must form the basis of any negotiations. Otherwise, Israel, the much stronger party, will simply attempt to impose its will on the Palestinians. Any approach that is not based on international law and the redress of Israeli abuses of Palestinian human rights, including theft of land and resources for settlements and denying Palestinian rights, is doomed to failure. If the U.S. is unwilling or unable to stop settlement growth, Palestinians have no other recourse than to pursue membership in multinational agencies and organizations and hold Israel accountable by judicial means.

For decades, every U.S. Secretary of State has told the Palestinians that negotiations are the only way to end Israel's occupation and relentless expansion of settlements. Yet, in practice, negotiations have served the cause of expanding Israel’s settlement project, not ending it. During the 1990s, while the Oslo Accords were being negotiated, Israel nearly doubled the number of settlers in the West Bank, destroying Palestinian faith in the peace process and our hopes for an independent state and freedom from decades of Israeli military occupation. Today, there are more than half a million Jewish settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The huge network of infrastructure that Israel has built to serve the settlements, including Israeli-only highways that dissect the West Bank, which, along with the settlements themselves, isolate Palestinian population centers from each other and the outside world, are expressions of Israeli extraterritoriality and essentially make the settlement enterprise permanent. Israel has already annexed East Jerusalem in a move regarded as illegal by the international community, including the U.S., and has de facto extended Israeli sovereignty over large areas of the West Bank.

After the collapse of Oslo and the outbreak of the Second Intifada in 2000, Benjamin Netanyahu boasted that, during his first term as prime minister from 1996-1999, he “de facto put an end to the Oslo Accords,” adding, "America is a thing you can move very easily.” Based on the actions of his current government, Netanyahu seems intent on sabotaging the current negotiations as well, and evidently still believes that he can manipulate the US and continue to undermine its policies with impunity.

If the Obama administration truly wants to broker a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians, as opposed to forcing an unjust and unworkable agreement on Palestinians, it must learn from the mistakes of Oslo. Secretary Kerry’s recent statement that the U.S. "views all of the settlements as illegitimate" must be reflected in U.S. policy in overseeing the conduct of negotiations. The real test is whether Secretary Kerry and President Obama will translate their words into action, or whether they will continue to pay lip service to peace and the two-state solution while failing to take concrete measures to prevent Israel from destroying both.

Ashrawi is a senior member of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Executive Committee and a former Palestinian negotiator.

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Lerner Back In Middle Of IRS Scandal On Tea Party

WSJ: Emails Show IRS' Lerner Targeted Tea Party Groups

Image: WSJ: Emails Show IRS' Lerner Targeted Tea Party Groups
Thursday, 12 Sep 2013 04:19 PM
By Dan Weil
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New IRS emails raise doubts about the agency's claims that its targeting of conservative groups wasn't politically motivated and that it was low-level IRS workers in Cincinnati who masterminded the operation.

The emails were sent between former IRS Director of Exempt Organizations Lois Lerner and her staff, and were discovered by the House Ways and Means Committee, according to a Wall Street Journal editorial.

In a February 2011 email, Lerner told her staff that a tea party issue is "very dangerous" and is something "Counsel and [Lerner adviser] Judy Kindell need to be in on ... Cincy should probably NOT have these cases."

That contradicts former IRS Commissioner Steven Miller's comments in May that the targeting was merely the work of two "rogue" employees in Cincinnati. "When the story broke, Ms. Lerner suggested that her office had been unaware of the pattern of targeting until she read about it in the newspaper," the editorial says.

"Earlier this summer, IRS lawyer Carter Hull, who oversaw the review of many tea party cases and questionnaires, testified that his oversight began in April 2010."

Tea party cases are "being supervised by Chip Hull at each step," IRS Rulings and Agreements Director Holly Paz wrote to Ms. Lerner in a February 2011 email. "He reviews info from TPs [tea parties], correspondence to TPs etc. No decisions are going out of Cincy until we go all the way through the process."

The emails also bring in the issue of conservative campaign spending on the 2012 elections, the editorial says. In July 2012, Lerner-adviser Sharon Light emailed Lerner a National Public Radio story saying outside money was working against Democratic efforts to keep their Senate majority.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee told the Federal Election Commission that conservative groups such as Crossroads GPS and Americans for Prosperity should be treated as political committees rather than as tax-exempt social welfare groups that don't have to reveal their contributors, the editorial says.

"Perhaps the FEC will save the day," Lerner wrote back.

"That response suggests Ms. Lerner's political leanings," the editorial says.

"Democrats want to pretend the IRS scandal is over, but Ms. Lerner's role deserves much more exposure."

In the end, the IRS actions against tea party groups may have done them a favor. Outrage over the government agency's activity is being credited with helping the national movement regain its momentum.

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