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Friday, December 16, 2016

Oh Boy, The Russian Hack Story Just Blew Up On Hillary And The Left Wing

BREAKING: Justice Dept. Drops Election Hacking Bombshell… No Material Interference From Russia


Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted Thursday at a Politico event that there was no evidence that the Russians compromised U.S. electoral systems.
“Fortunately we didn’t see the sort of technical interference that I know people had concerns about, also, in terms of voting machines and the like,” Lynch said, according to a partial transcript of the event by RealClearPolitics.
The attorney general spoke about the investigation and the information given to the public.

“There’s a number of things we do, some of which we talk about publicly, some that we don’t talk about publicly, in terms of investigation and the responses that we have,” she explained. “This was a grave concern to us, so we began in the summer to look at what we could say publicly about this issue, and that is why you saw the intelligence community release its report in October, before the election.”
“Letting the American people know that the intelligence community had determined that Russia was behind the hacks (of the Democrat National Committee) itself,” Lynch said. “The investigation is ongoing, certainly the review is continuing. We rarely do that kind of public attribution, but it was important in that instance because the election effects everyone.
“It is not a matter of the results, it is peoples’ faith in the integrity of the system,” she added. “At the same time, the Department of Homeland Security was involved in reaching out to every state to make sure that they had access to every resource they needed to protect the state electoral system as well.”

“Fortunately we didn’t see the sort of technical interference that I know people had concerns about, also, in terms of voting machines and the like,” the attorney general concluded — putting to rest, for once and for all, claims from the left that the Russians had somehow hacked the general election and stolen it from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
You can watch Lynch’s comments below:

The Democrats have tried to use the Russian hacking narrative to explain away their losses, but as Lynch noted, there was no interference with the election systems.

As far as the other hacks go, the evidence is far from conclusive. The bottom line remains that it’s no one’s fault but the Democrats for the dirty dealings that were exposed. If they want to blame the Russians for informing the American electorate, we’re not sure how that’s going to work out for them, but it’s fine with us.
Perhaps instead they should clean up their house instead of complaining that people were able to see their mess through the window.
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What do you think about Lynch's admission?

Melania Feels Mothering Baron Is More Important Than Being First Lady. She Is A Great Example

Ivanka Trump may serve as first lady in place of Melania


Ivanka Trump may serve as first lady in place of Melania
Ivanka Trump, daughter of President-elect Donald Trump, looks out of an elevator as she arrives at Trump Tower in New York. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

With Melania Trump not moving into the White House until after Barron Trump is finished with school, the position of first lady will be unfilled. So instead of leaving it open, President-elect Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump may fill the roll.
Heat Street first noted that Ivanka seems set to fill the position.
It seems Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who was instrumental in his Presidential campaign, may be looking to fill the ceremonial role.
A piece by the New York Times revealed that Ivanka, like her father, is distancing herself from her role at Trump Corporation, where she serves as one of several Vice Presidents (along with her brother, Eric Trump).
Ivanka has been integral to Trump’s campaign, and he has already let her sit in on the meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
While some would consider it odd for a daughter to take the roll of first lady, Trump would not be the first to select a woman other than his wife. Thomas Jefferson and Harry S Truman are both presidents who had their daughter’s serve as first ladies. Emily Donelson, President Andrew Jackson’s niece, served as Jackson’s first lady since the President was widowed.

The Left's Openness To Discussion--Wrong! Cabbie Can't Even Have A Discussion Without Being Assaulted

REPORT: Celeb Slaps Trump Fan in Head, Gets Citizen’s Arrest and Then Police Arrest!


Ride sharing isn’t caring, at least if you don’t share the political views of “Silicon Valley” actor T.J. Miller.
According to The Wrap, the star of the popular cable show was arrested and charged with battery in the early hours of Friday morning after he allegedly slapped an Uber driver in a spat over President-elect Donald Trump.
Miller, whose new movie “Office Christmas Party” is a travesty against God, man and Jason Bateman (I’ve been unlucky enough to see it, and I would have rather spent the day with a case of food poisoning), was heading home via a ride share after the GQ “Man of the Year” awards party in Los Angeles.

TMZ reported that he and his driver got into it over Trump verbally, after which Miller slapped the driver.
Unfortunately for Miller, the Uber pilot wasn’t just going to let Miller get away with it. He put the star in an arm-lock and carried out a citizen’s arrest at 1 a.m. The Los Angeles Police Department later came by and made the whole thing official.
Just in case you were thinking that there was the off-chance that Miller might have been on the Trump Train and got a bit rowdy after the Uber driver said he thought Jill Stein’s recounts had some merit to them, the “Silicon Valley” star has been a vocal critic of the president-elect for quite some time.

During an appearance on Conan O’Brien’s TBS show, Miller burned a Trump tie. He also tweeted, “Trump is a madman. He’s a lunatic. He’ll ruin us globally. Let’s f*** him up in November” back in July.
According to USA Today, Miller hosted the Critics Choice Awards just two days after his arrest, where he joked about his incident.
“Before we start, we need to address the elephant in the room,” Miller said. “It’s been in the news all weekend, and it’s really affected me: The election was definitely hacked by the Russians.”
It’s good to see that Miller sobered up between Friday and Sunday (I’m just going to assume that alcohol was involved, since he was leaving a party and I’m willing to bet that even Lena Dunham isn’t apoplectic enough to slap an Uber driver coughcoughallegedlycough without a few strong Long Island iced teas). However, it’s yet another piece of evidence that if any one side holds a monopoly on insane and violent supporters, it’s certainly not the people in the red hats with the white embroidery.

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What do you think ought to happen to T.J. Miller for his assault on this Uber driver? 

Oh Horrors! Trump Might Change Press Briefings? Is The World Going To End?


donald trump photo
Photo by Gage Skidmore 

President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for White House chief of staff suggested Wednesday that major changes could be in store for White House press briefings under the incoming administration.

Reince Priebus, the current Republican National Committee chairman who has been tapped to serve as Trump’s chief of staff, said in an interview that many White House traditions, such as the daily press briefing, need to be reconsidered.
“Look, I think that many things have to change, and I think that it’s important that we look at all of those traditions that are great, but quite frankly, as you know, don’t really make news,” Priebus told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt. “And you know, even looking at things like the daily White House briefing from the press secretary, I mean, there’s a lot of different ways that things can be done, and I can assure you we’re looking at that.”
“The point of all of this conversation is that the traditions, while some of them are great, I think it’s time to revisit a lot of these things that have been done in the White House,” he added, “and I can assure you that change is going to happen, even on things that might seem boring like this topic, but also change as far as how we’re going to approach tax reform, the American worker, how we protect them and business all at the same time why skyrocketing our economy.”
CNNMoney asked Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks what changes the incoming administration might be considering, and whether the president-elect was at all concerned with any chilling effect the changes might have on the press.
“Chilling effect? How do you know these are not positive changes that will delight the press?” Hicks responded in an email…

Eliminate The Competition Is The Mantra Of The Lame Stream Media. Truth Be Known, It Is The Alternative Media That Is Putting Out The Truth

What is the real purpose behind the ‘fake news’ attack?

Here is the first problem with modern political discourse — too many people want to “win” arguments instead of getting to the greater truth of the matter. Discussions become brinkmanship. Opponents launch into immediate attacks instead of simply asking valid questions. They assert immediately that their position is the only valid position without verification. When confronted with rational responses and ample evidence, they dismiss everything instead of pondering what you have handed them. After this line is crossed, there is no point in continuing the debate. It will go on forever.
This is one of the great tragedies of the Saul Alinsky method of political confrontation; it has bred entire generations of people who now believe that there is no objective truth. They think everything is relative. Because of this belief, they assume that there is no wrong or right side, no wrong or right goal. Instead, there are only goals that are more right than the goals of others. Everything boils down to a “lesser of two evils” mentality, and the ends therefore justify the means. Using dishonest measures to win the fight becomes acceptable.
In the end, ideological combat actually prevents people from learning rather than helping them get to the root of the issue. We live in a world where truth is superfluous to the overall narrative. The only thing that is important is destroying your rivals.
A classic strategy of dishonest debate and disinformation is to use every method possible to avoid confronting your ideological opponents legitimate arguments and to attack him personally. If you can’t beat him on fair ground using reason and evidence, then why not undermine his character so that the public will be influenced to avoid listening to him at all.  This is sometimes called “inoculation.”
At first glance, this is what the entire “fake news” meme supported by the mainstream media seems to be about.
The MSM has proven itself utterly ineffective against the rise of the alternative media. And as I have explained in recent articles, there is a very good and obvious reason for this. The alternative media is the closest thing to a “free market” of ideas that the world has had in a very long time.  Before web media, the public was strictly limited to a handful of corporate outlets that dictated information flow with an iron fist.  If you wanted to learn anything beyond the mainstream narrative, you had to data mine at the library in an infinitely slower fashion, or try to personally seek out people who represented sources and witnesses.
Today, data mining happens at light speed. Facts and evidence are uncovered in real time. Video interviews and transcripts can be achieved as quickly as a phone call. They can be examined and witnesses can be cited without traveling across the country. The prevalence of visual media also makes it difficult for witnesses to lie about their original claims later down the road.
Beyond this, the alternative media offers something the masses have rarely ever had — choice. People can now look at all sides of an issue and all available evidence and decide for themselves what conclusions make the most sense. The mainstream media has only ever offered one side, with highly regulated information and cherry-picked evidence.
The mainstream media’s purpose has never been to convey the unfettered “news.”  Rather, their purpose has always been to manipulate public opinion, and we saw this revealed undeniably during the 2016 election as Wikileaks exposed journalist after journalist using their position of public trust as a weapon to influence the election outcome.
Instead of admitting wrongdoing after this embarrassment, the MSM has decided to double down and escalate the accusation that the alternative media is “fake news.” Meaning, the MSM wants people to believe that we are liars and amateurs, that they are the “professionals,” and that the public should ignore everything the alternative media has to say from now on.  I have to point out, though, that the narrative of mainstream news versus “fake news” seems a little thin to me. Meaning, I believe there is more going on here than the MSM simply trying to save itself.
Call me a “conspiracy theorist,” but the elitist controlled mainstream media does little to help itself through this strategy. Think about it; the MSM is already clearly dying if one looks at the ever shrinking size of their audience and the loss of younger viewers and readers. They have been deteriorating for years, while the alternative media has been exploding in influence. The promotion of the fake news meme requires these mainstream media outlets to actually list which sources they believe represent fake news.  This is what the Washington Post did with their promotion of liberal professor Melissa Zimdar’s list.
So, forgive me if I am making too much of a leap here, but it seems that this tactic will only bring more web traffic to the sites listed, because the list does not really include any specific examples of “fake news” trespasses.  People who are curious will be compelled to then visit the alternative sites to see what all the fuss is about. Perhaps many of them will find something they like, rather than something they hate. To me, the entire set-up of the fake news meme hurts the mainstream news more than it helps them.
The next major story linked to fake news has been the assertion by some in government (including the CIA) that the alternative media is actually a front for Russian propaganda. I predicted this development two years ago in my article When War Erupts Patriots Will Be Accused Of  Aiding “The Enemy.”
In that article, I argued that a war is being engineered between Eastern and Western powers (Russia and China vs. the U.S. and parts of Europe), and that this war will likely be an economic war.  I also point out that such a conflict might be used by the elites in the West to rout out the alternative media as agents of Russian propaganda.  Here’s a quote:
“Another aspect of this plan, I believe, involves the hijacking of the image of the liberty movement. The liberty movement is essentially the most dangerous unknown element on the elite’s global chessboard. In fact, because we understand that international financiers and central bankers are the real enemy, we have the ability to leave the chessboard entirely and play by our own rules. Widespread economic or military conflict provides an opportunity to neutralize liberty activists who might turn revolutionary.
Recently, I came across an article from The Atlantic titled Russia And The Menace Of Unreality. Now, some alternative analysts would read this article and immediately shrug it off as yet another attempt by the Western media machine to propagandize against Russia. Though their motivations are genuine, these analysts would be cementing the delusion that Russia is the “good guy” and the U.S. is the ever present “bad guy.” The Atlantic piece is a far more intricate manipulation than they would be giving credit for.”
“…This was not as pressing an issue two years ago, when conflict with Russia was a ridiculous notion for many people. But today, conflict with Russia, at the very least on an economic scale, is an inevitability. If you read in full the linked Atlantic article, the narrative that is being constructed is clear — the establishment hopes to rewrite the history and image of the liberty movement by painting us as dupes radicalized by Russian propaganda, rather than being the originators of our own grassroots movement with our own philosophy and methodology. Through this, they take away our ownership of our own cause.”
It would appear that everything I warned about two years ago is now happening.  That said, I would amend my original viewpoint to include a new dynamic.  
The coming economic war will be based on a false paradigm — the false East/West paradigm.  Over the years I have outlined in great detail the evidence that Eastern nations are just as controlled by banking elites and globalist interests as Western nations, including evidence that Vladimir Putin is an avid supporter of the International Monetary Fund’s push for a single global currency system using the Special Drawing Rights basket as a bridge. He is also now suddenly a supporter of the UN’s climate change and carbon taxation agenda.
I consistently warned analysts within the liberty movement to be careful about cheerleading too much for Russia and Putin, not only because he is controlled opposition, but because eventually we would be caught up in a media war that would label us as enemy conspirators.  Remaining (rightly) critical of Putin was the best way to avoid being labeled as a member of the “fake news,” or a purveyor of Russian propaganda.
It was my original belief that the elitist media would use the alternative media’s love affair with Putin as a means to undermine our credibility. However, today I would say that the opposite is taking place.
Confusing? Yes. But look at it this way; with the predominantly leftist mainstream media dying in an irreversible way, no amount of whining about “fake news” is going to save them. The rise of the “populists” is at hand, and as I have warned for the past year, this is by design.  Just as conservative anti-establishment movements are rising in geopolitical influence, so to is the anti-establishment media. We are sort of a package deal.
My belief is that conservative movements and the alternative media are being allowed into a position of cultural authority. The globalists are stepping out of the way (for now) as we grow in power. They are doing this in preparation for the final stage of an economic collapse they have been gestating since at least 2008. They are doing this because their goal is to set us up as scapegoats for a global disaster that will be remembered for centuries to come. I was able to predict the success of the Brexit Referendum and Donald Trump’s election win based on this theory and I believe it will continue to prove itself.
The globalists know that at this stage the fake news meme will only help us, rather than hurt us. That is to say, the elites are throwing the leftist media to the wolves and the Russian propaganda claims will only make the MSM look more ridiculous.  The globalists see the writing on the wall — in fact, with the level of web analytics at their disposal, they can read and predict shifts in social consciousness before almost anyone else is aware of them.
Instead of trying to obstruct us or fight us directly, I believe the elites plan to co-opt us or co-opt our image. That is to say, they will let us grow in apparent influence, trigger a crisis and either use certain alternative outlets as the new mainstream, or simply paint all of us as complicit in the failures of conservative governments and nationalism.
The end game here is to destroy the underlying principles of liberty movements; to make future generations reel in horror at the very mention of conservatives and national sovereignty.  The elites are playing a very complex strategy of fourth-generation warfare. Nothing you see is exactly what it seems. The fake news label is not meant to disrupt the alternative media. In fact it will help us rise to a position in which we can be blamed for negative global influence.
Many people will say I am reading too much into the situation, or that I am giving the elites “too much credit,” or attributing too much “omnipotence” to their position. They will probably reference the recent passage of the Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act and claim that this is clearly meant to take down the alternative media.
I would ask these people to consider a question, though — who will really have control over this legislation in the near future?  If I am right, and Trump enters the White House in January with a Republican majority in Congress and the Senate, will it not be Trump that most benefits from the legal framework? How then will it serve to undermine the alternative and conservative media?
I predict, in fact, that conservatives are being given enough rope to hang themselves with. I predict that Trump will utilize this legislation to go after the mainstream media, not the alternative media, and that many conservatives will support him even though questions of constitutionality will increase. I believe the fake news meme will backfire and that the MSM will die off as a result.
I believe that this is all part of a carefully crafted narrative in which the right wing gains unprecedented political sway, only to be met with economic and social disaster. I believe that the game is far from over in the fight between globalists and sovereignty activists. I believe they cannot defeat us directly, so they now hope to defeat us indirectly, or, trick us into defeating ourselves. In reality, the game is just beginning.
— Brandon Smith

Guiliani Made His Choice. He Still Is A Good Man

Giuliani: I turned down two Cabinet offers

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who had lobbied publicly to be Donald Trump’s secretary of state, said Tuesday that the president-elect offered him two “Cabinet-level positions” in government that he turned down because he “didn’t want to do it.”
He declined to name the positions but acknowledged to CNN’s Chris Cuomo that those two “very high” positions did not include the top job at State. Giuliani had been an early contender for that post, and was unusually public about his attempt to court it, but the transition team said last week that he was no longer in the running.
Trump officially announced Tuesday that he intends to nominate Rex Tillerson, the CEO of ExxonMobil, to lead the State Department. On CNN, Giuliani signaled his approval of the appointment, though when asked he did not say whether he thinks he would have been better himself.
Giuliani also maintained that he chose to take himself out of the running for secretary of state and dismissed the suggestion that Trump has been inadequately loyal to him. Giuliani was a top surrogate for Trump throughout his improbable campaign, one of the few to go on TV the weekend after the “Access Hollywood” tape dropped in October.
“As far as I'm concerned, he fulfilled whatever loyalty that entails,” Giuliani said, referencing the two other job offers he said he received. “I mean, it was my own decision not to do it, largely because of my personal life.”ly announced Tuesday that he intends to nominate Rex Tillerson, the CEO of ExxonMobil, to lead the State Department. On CNN, Giuliani signaled his approval of the appointment, though when asked he did not say whether he thinks he would have been better himself.
Giuliani also maintained that he chose to take himself out of the running for secretary of state and dismissed the suggestion that Trump has been inadequately loyal to him. Giuliani was a top surrogate for Trump throughout his improbable campaign, one of the few to go on TV the weekend after the “Access Hollywood” tape dropped in October.
“As far as I'm concerned, he fulfilled whatever loyalty that entails,” Giuliani said, referencing the two other job offers he said he received. “I mean, it was my own decision not to do it, largely because of my personal life.”

Iran Threatens And The US Under Obama Shivers With Fear

Iran Threatens the US and the Middle East: Stay Away from Our Redlines. Obama’s Response?

 04/08/2016 03:45 pm ET | Updated Apr 08, 2016

There used to be a time when the Islamic Republic showed some discretion with regards to its regional hegemonic and ideological ambitions, or skirting and breaching international laws. At least the ruling clerics of Iran preferred soft power and were more covert about these issues.
But not anymore.
Iran’s partial discretion was limited to the period before the nuclear deal was reached between P5+1 and the Islamic Republic, and before President Obama began pursuing appeasement policies with the ruling clerics in order to secure the agreement.
Currently, Iran’s blatant aggression and provocative attitude has reached an unprecedented level, ranging from launching ballistic missiles in the middle of the day, to publicly supporting Bashar Al Assad, militarily and financially, and galvanizing the Shiite proxies to engage in war.
But Iran wants more. More recently, Iranian Deputy Chief of Staff Brig. Gen. Maassoud Jazzayeri was quoted by the Fars News Agency as warning the United States to stay away from Iran’s redlines- one of which is Iran’s ballistic missiles. Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh was also quoted by the ISNA agency as stating, “The reason we designed our missiles with a range of 2000 km is to be able to hit our enemy the Zionist regime from a safe distance.” Iran has increased its short and medium-range ballistic missiles, and currently has the largest ballistic missile stockpile in the Middle East.

But what will Obama’s response to these threats and Iran’s increasing application of hard power be? Will there be more appeasement policies, bowing to the ruling clerics of Iran and giving them more carrots?
For Iran: Intransigence Works! and For Khamenei: US Concessions means Weakness!
It is a simple rule that if you reward a student or your kid for bullying and breaking the rules, you will be encouraging his/her intransigent behavior which can ultimately become dangerous for everyone around that person. In addition if you show some students your weakness- such as being willing to give them extra points so that they give you good reviews at the end of the year- they will take advantage of that, or as the Persian proverb goes; they will milk you to the end.
And this is exactly what Iran is doing and how President Obama is encouraging the Islamic Republic. Iranian leaders have become cognizant of the fact that intransigence absolutely works with the White House, and that threatening Obama that Iran will pull out of the nuclear deal, or warning that a statement Obama has said, or that an American law is violating the nuclear deal, will lead to Obama offering more concessions to Iran.
This is a basic rule in Iran’s politics and in Iran’s Supreme Leader’s philosophy: concessions means weakness. Once someone shows you his/her weakness, you have to speed up getting more concessions until there is nothing is left to get out of them.
Here are a chain of events that can easily help us understand how we got here with Iran, and to project how President Obama and the White House will respond to Iran’s recent aggression and threat to the US, Israel and other countries in the region.
When the nuclear negotiations were initiated, Obama announced his terms. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Khamenei, gave an inflammatory speech, lashing out on the US. Obama’s response was to increase the number of centrifuges that Iran can hold and give Tehran more leverage in uranium enrichment. Obama also agreed not to include topics such as Iran’s ballistic missiles, the issue of human rights or the fate of those Americans imprisoned in Iran during the negotiations.
Khamenei, the second longest ruling leader, or autocrat, in modern Middle East, mastered the game; he used another shrewd tactic by giving another speech threatening the US that he will pull out of the negotiations if certain conditions were not met. Obama’s response was to immediately allow the Islamic Republic to receive all sanctions relief ( including the removal of United Nations Security Council’s sanctions) even before Iran finished its 10 year obligations. He agreed to include the issue of arms embargo in the negotiation and Obama also gave Iran a green light to basically become a nuclear state by enriching uranium at a level that they desire, spinning as many centrifuges as they like, and buying arms with no limits (by lifting the arms embargo), after the 10 year period.
As the Persian proverb goes, Khamenei and the IRGC leaders wanted to milk the cow more. Iran launched its ballistic missiles- in violation of the the JCPOA (UNSCR 2231 Annex II, paragraph three) which states that Iran should not undertake any ballistic missiles activity “until the date eight years after the JCPOA Adoption Day or until the date on which the IAEA submits a report confirming the Broader Conclusion, whichever is earlier.”
President Obama ignored it. Iran launched ballistics missiles couple of times more. President Obama issued a superficial statement criticizing Iran. Khamanei immediately gave his Nowruz speech heavily lashing out at the United States, the “Great Satan”, and implying that he will pull out of the nuclear deal.
Then to appease the ruling clerics of Iran, Obama immediately backed off his statements by breaking the promises that he made to the Congress when he was trying to get his crowning nuclear deal through. In other words, he is preparing to give Iran access to the US banking and financial system, and he has already lifted sanctions against Iran which are not related to the nuclear program, but to Iran’s ballistic missiles, terrorism and human rights violations. Iran was also removed from the list of countries for which there is travel ban, although it is prominent sponsor of terrorism.
Iran has a history which spans over 2500 years and it goes without saying that its politicians, particularly the ruling clerics, are among the most astute and shrewd politicians. They can smell weakness from thousands miles away and they know how to exploit it. It goes without saying that Obama’s weakness is that he fears his so-called crowning foreign policy legacy (the nuclear deal) might fall apart, and this has led to Iran’s bullying, using more hard power, acting as the policeman of the region, and also resulted in Obama’s carrots-but-no-stick policy towards Tehran. It appears that Obama is indeed so focused on scoring superficial achievements in his name - such as the nuclear deal with Iran or visiting Cuba. But there is no doubt that his so-called “accomplishments” will be forgotten soon in the dust of history. The things that are important are the lives which have been lost, the human rights violations, and escalations of regional conflicts at the hand of Iranian leaders, and due to the repercussions of Obama’s decisions and his self-oriented desires.
Dr. Majid Rafizadeh is an American political scientist, business advisor and the president of the International American Council on the Middle East. Harvard-educated, Rafizadeh serves on the advisory board of Harvard International Review. An American citizen, he is originally from Iran and Syria, lived most of his life in Iran and Syria till recently. He is a board member of several significant and influential international and governmental institutions, and he is native speaker of couple of languages including Arabic and Persian. He also speaks English and Dari, and can converse in French, Hebrew.
You can sign up for Dr. Rafizadeh’s newsletter for the latest news and analyses on HERE.
You can also order his books on HERE.
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You can contact him at or follow him at @Dr_Rafizadeh. This post first appeared on Al Arabiya.