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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Is Syria The Next UN Target For Takeover?

Syria is now under the gun as was Libya was a couple months ago, will Bashar have the same ending as Gafaffi?  Will the UN run him out of power? Will the UN be successful?

Fresh off their victory in Libya, the UN now believes they can run the world. Is this the beginning of a world wide order where the most inefficient organization in the world, runs over  individual countries under the cover story that people are being killed by  current government forces.

What happens when the UN replaces a duly elected government? Will those who support non-intervention still be supporters of the UN?  Will there be an outcry from other governments or will they meekly agree with the UN as to not bring down the wrath of them? What would you do if the UN tried to take over the US?

We think that Americans should be very careful in supporting the activities of the UN as we could become their target.  If martial law were instituted here, would the UN agree or protest it? For example, if an Occupy movement site were raided by police and many were killed, would the UN attack us?

OK, that sounds conspiratorial, but if it can happen in Libya and Syria, why could it not occur here?

Tell us what you think.

Conservative Tom


Has World War III Begun?

February 10, 2012 by
Has World War III Begun?
The new Syrian flag of independence covers the body of Syrian girl who was allegedly killed by Syrian government forces.
A “Libya-styled” NATO attack on Syria grows closer by the day. Already, British and French Special Forces are on the ground in Syria providing logistical support to the opposition. And U.S. commanders are making plans for military action there.
Fighters from the NATO-backed al-Qaida opposition group that just fought in Libya — and once fought American forces in Afghanistan and Iraq — are being airlifted into Syria as I write and are fighting with the opposition forces in Syria.
Iran is now sending fighters and material into Syria to support the Bashar Assad regime. Russia and China support Syria and Iran and are opposing NATO intervention.
Syria is about to develop into a proxy war between the West and Iran. What explodes from there is anybody’s guess.
There are unpleasant certainties. The regime of President Barack Obama will benefit from war with Syria, Iran and, if it comes, Russia and China. American jingoism will push his approval numbers up in the short term and possibly hold through the election. The military-industrial complex and the banksters pushing for the New World Order will also benefit.
The American people, however, will suffer. U.S. troops will again be used as cannon fodder, the U.S. deficit will balloon and the people will be further impoverished. The authoritarians will find new excuses to steal our liberty. The military-industrial complex will grow more powerful. Banksters’ coffers will fill.
Governments love war because it masks its debasing of the currency. War is used to stave off collapse; money printing and increasingly confiscatory taxes can be implemented in the name of war. Karl Marx long ago suggested that capitalist economies escape from their “internal contradictions” by going to war.

Iran Send More "Love" to Israel

Iranians send their "love" to Israel in the nature of a plan to destroy the country "in nine minutes."  This type of talk is the same as that was occurring before the 1967 and 1973 wars. Will we see an attack, only the Iranians know!

It is amazing to read comments from Israel bashers who ask "why is Israel upping the tension by responding to Iranian threats?"  The answer is simple, in the Middle East, if you do not respond you are inviting an attack as your opponent will see you as weak. In other words, either these bashers do not understand the neighborhood or they are secret anti-Semites or they are naive.

So if you are against Israel, what are your motivations?

Conservative Tom

Iranian official lays out attack plan to destroy Israel in nine minutes

Adam Kredo - The Washington Free Beacon,  February 8th, 2012

An Iranian official closely tied to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has released a detailed plan to attack Israel, according to a Middle East media monitoring site.
Alireza Forghani, an Iranian politician and staunch ally of the regime, recently released an article titled, “Iran Must Attack Israel by 2014,” according to the Middle East Media Research Institute.
The article comes amid an ongoing media debate about whether the Iranian regime’s rhetoric against Israel is as homicidal as some claim. Forghani’s article offers definitive proof that Iran is determined to annihilate the Jewish state.
While some in the American media would downplay the regime’s murderous language, observers on Capitol Hill are viewing Iran with growing alarm.
“When the outrageous rhetoric from Ahmadinejad and people like Forghani is coupled with the capability, with nuclear weapons, to actually destroy the Jewish State of Israel, we can’t afford to dismiss what they are repeatedly telling the world,” said a Capitol Hill aide who tracks Iran. “The Hill is taking the threat from Iran very seriously.”
Forghani’s recent article reads like a blueprint for the destruction of Israel. In it, he “claims that Tehran is capable of annihilating Israel within less than nine minutes using its arsenal of missiles and by deploying operational combat units throughout the world,” MEMRI writes.
Forghani ideologically roots his essay in Khamenei’s extremist interpretation of Islam, arguing that Muslims are obligated to attack Israel for it’s so-called occupation of Palestinian lands.
He advocates for a two-stage attack, the first of which would focus on Israel’s most densely populated areas, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. Forghani states that Iran could use its medium-range Shahab-3 missiles to annihilate these cities, which are home to around 60 percent of Israel’s population.
During the second phase of the attack, Iran could use its solid-fueled Sejil missiles to destroy Israeli power plants, sewage treatment facilities, and transportation infrastructure, among other sites, according to the essay, which was translated into English by MEMRI.
The ultimate goal, according to Forghani: The “final annihilation of Israel’s people.”
“It would seem that the article, whose publication coincided with statements by [Ayatollah] Khamenei, in his Friday speech of February 3, about the need to wipe out the ‘cancerous growth’ of Israel, is the regime’s response to recent statements by Israeli leaders regarding the necessity of attacking Iran,” MEMRI writes in its analysis of Forghani’s essay. “While Forghani, who notes that his article expresses his own views and not necessarily those of the regime, states that Iran must take it upon itself to annihilate Israel, Khamenei has avoided pitting Iran as an active combatant against Israel, keeping his country in a supportive role of assisting other forces against Israel.”

Friday, February 10, 2012

Greeks Agree But Euro-zone Wants More

Greece is like a drowning man who is negotiating with his potential saviors. Once they agree to a price, the price goes up.  So it is with the Eurozone and the Greek people.  In the following AP posting, we read the following:

"Investors breathed a sigh of relief that the agreement would allow Greece to get a euro130 billion ($173 billion) bailout package and avoid a bankruptcy next month that could send shockwaves around the financial markets.
But finance ministers from the other 16 eurozone states threw a spanner in the works late Thursday and insisted that Greece had to save an extra euro325 million ($430 million), pass the cuts through a restive parliament and guarantee in writing that they will be implemented even after planned elections in April."

So if Greece agrees to this additional $430 million and other guarantees, will the issue be over? One would hardly think so. It appears they are playing with Greece as a cat plays with a mouse. Is the game-plan a takeover of Greece as we had earlier pontificated? Or are the finance ministers serious.  We hope for the latter but still think the prior may be the plan. All Europeans love to go on "holiday" and wouldn't owning Greece be wonderful!

As far as the cuts go, they are serious.  From the same article:

"Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos and heads of the three parties backing his government agreed to deep private sector wage cuts, civil service layoffs, and significant reductions in health, social security and military spending."

Our response is -- wow!  This is serious! We find it interesting they are cutting private sector wages, how does that factor into government spending and debt?  Would not those wages pay the taxes that are needed to pay off the debt, or am I missing something here?

We would have no problem with civil service layoffs or reductions in health spending but social security and military is another issue. How is Greece to defend itself if their military is significantly cut.  Will the Turks  or Italians invade?  Hasn't the Greek people been paying into Social Security for years? How does one justify a cut here?
But rest your mind, it is only Greece and their debt problem is so much worse than ours, right?  Wrong. Their debt to GDP ratio is approximately 160% and  the United States looks like a piker with only 100% .  However, given the spending trajectory we are on, we can reach Greece's lofty level in a year or two.  Then what happens?
We suspect the world will not be as generous to us as they have been to Greece. There are multiple outcomes, none of which will be good for the US.  Definitely salary cuts, layoffs of public sector, major cuts in social programs, social security and medicare would be expected. Strict limitations on health care expenditures under ObamaCare including dollar limits and definite age limits on both sides of the age continuum. Lastly, major increases in all taxes should be expected. Gas taxes would triple or more and income taxes and sales taxes will at least double.
Military spending would be cut by 3/4 effectively removing our ability to be a stabilizing force in the world. Most worldwide commitments would be jettisoned. Spending on new  military hardware would be curtailed and replacement parts would be limited to 1/2 prior levels.
The one area that would have little change would be foreign aid. The one exception would be that all money going to Israel would be eliminated.
No, it will not be a pretty picture. Who is to blame? George W, for sure!
Are we crazy? You tell us.
Conservative (Crazy) Tom

Greek deal limbo weighs on markets

Greek deal limbo weighs on markets, a day after apparent breakthrough

LONDON (AP) -- Stock markets fell Friday after Greece's crucial international bailout was put on hold by its partners in the 17-nation eurozone, a day after it seemed that the country's tortuous journey to pacifying its creditors had reached a conclusion.
Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos and heads of the three parties backing his government agreed to deep private sector wage cuts, civil service layoffs, and significant reductions in health, social security and military spending.
Investors breathed a sigh of relief that the agreement would allow Greece to get a euro130 billion ($173 billion) bailout package and avoid a bankruptcy next month that could send shockwaves around the financial markets.
But finance ministers from the other 16 eurozone states threw a spanner in the works late Thursday and insisted that Greece had to save an extra euro325 million ($430 million), pass the cuts through a restive parliament and guarantee in writing that they will be implemented even after planned elections in April.
The renewed hurdles in the way to the avoidance of a Greek default, which could send shockwaves around the global economy, dented sentiment in the markets Friday. Stocks were down through the Asian session into Europe's, with the benchmark index in Athens 1.6 percent lower by midday local time.
In Europe, the FTSE 100 index of leading British shares was down 0.3 percent at 5,876 while Germany's DAX fell 0.9 percent to 6,728. The CAC-40 in France was 0.6 percent lower at 3,403.
The euro was also subdued, trading 0.1 percent lower at $1.3262.
Wall Street was poised for a lower opening too — Dow futures were down 0.4 percent at 12,785 while the broader Standard & Poor's 500 futures fell 0.6 percent to 1,341.
The prevailing view remains that a deal will be cobbled together but the uncertainty is weighing on stocks. Once all the demands have been fulfilled, the eurozone will give Greece the green light to start implementing a separate bond swap deal with banks and other private investors designed to slice some euro100 billion ($132 billion) off Greece's debt load.
"For all the rhetoric it is probable that a deal will still be reached because the consequences of not doing so would be so damaging for the EU as a whole," said Gary Jenkins, managing director at Swordfish Research.
However, it is possible that the Greek politicians "suffer from negotiating fatigue and decide that putting their people through the austerity measures are not worth it."
Earlier in Asia, Japan's Nikkei 225 index fell 0.6 percent to close at 8,947.17. Hong Kong's Hang Seng lost 1.1 percent to 20,783.86 and South Korea's Kospi dropped 1 percent to 1,993.71.
However, mainland Chinese shares edged higher with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index gaining 0.1 percent to 2,351.98. The Shenzhen Composite Index also gained 0.5 percent to 903.64.
Oil prices tracked the bulk of equities around the world lower — benchmark oil was down $1.08 to $99.27 per barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dummies, Co-opters and Political Unsophisticates

The title refers to those Catholics who thought they could "work with Obama" to craft a health care bill that would not force them to pay for abortions, morning-after pills and contraceptives. Well, the spider has just eaten the fly!

Bart Stupak, who lead this group of lambs to the slaughter, should be embarrassed that he caved into pressure from the House leadership to ensure the bill would pass. What a colossal mistake he and others have foisted onto the US. Not only do we have a unbelievably complex bill, the final effects of which we do not know, but it enables the Administration to make up the rules as we go without any "adult supervision."  Who knows what the next round of regulations will say. It is anyone's guess. We only know the insurance we get through ObamaCare will not be your "fathers insurance."

We do not know which title fits former Congressman Stupak best, however, one can assume that he is comfortable on his publicly funded retirement and generous medical plan for which we all pay.  Life is tough for these paragons of dishonor!  If we only could be as lucky.

Conservative Tom

Liberal Catholics who supported Obamacare now upset over contraceptives

Former Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) June 17, 2010 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Without former Michigan Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak, President Barack Obama wouldn’t have gotten his health care overhaul in 2010 passed through Congress.
But Stupak, a pro-life Catholic who voted for the health care reform after being promised that federal dollars wouldn’t fund abortions, now isn’t happy with Obama.
Appearing Wednesday night on Fox News, Stupak made clear he opposes the Obama administration’s insistence that religious-affiliated organizations are not exempted from the law’s requirement that health insurance plans cover contraceptives.
“I’m disappointed that the administration would put forth such a rule,” Stupak told host Greta Van Susteren.
The law does allow churches that oppose contraception for religious reasons to be exempt from the law.
Stupak said he hopes the Obama administration changes course on the rule. “I hope we can get the matter resolved short of further action by Congress,” he said. (RELATED: Full coverage of the Affordable Care Act)
House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday accused Obama from the floor of the House of attacking religious freedom by not exempting religious-affiliated organizations.
Another liberal Catholic who isn’t happy with the new rule is columnist E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post.
In his column, Dionne recently wrote that Obama “utterly botched the admittedly difficult question of how contraceptive services should be treated under the new health-care law.”
“His administration mishandled this decision not once but twice,” he wrote. “In the process, Obama threw his progressive Catholic allies under the bus and strengthened the hand of those inside the Church who had originally sought to derail the health-care law.”

Read more:

Israel's Mortal Enemy--Iran

How can Israel negotiate with the Palestinians when their supporters in Iran want to destroy her.  "A moral obligation" to kill all Jews in the Israel, sounds like a threat to us. How about you?

     Tell us what you think.

     Conservative Tom

Iran: Genocide of Jews is a Moral Obligation

Ali KhameneiIran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei endorsed a new doctrine explaining why it would be ‘legally and morally justified’ to commit genocide and wipe Israel off the map.
The article was written by Khameini’s close adviser Alireza Forghani and endorsed by the Supreme Leader whose writings played a critical role in its drafting.
The article has since appeared on numerous Iranian government and military websites.
“Israel is a cancerous tumor in the Middle East,” the article in the ultraconservative Farsi-language Alef news site said. “Israel is a satanic media outlet with bombers. Every Muslim is required to arm themselves against Israel.”
“I have already noted the usurper state of Israel poses a grave threat to Islam and Muslim countries. Islam and Muslim states must not lose this opportunity to remove the corruption from out midst. All of our problems are because of Israel – Israel of America.”
“The first step should be the absolute destruction of Israel. To this end, Iran could make use of long-range missiles. The distance between us is only 2,600 KM. It can be done in minutes.”
The crux of the piece says Iran would be justified in launching a pre-emptive strike against Israel because of the threat the Jewish state’s leaders are posing against its own nuclear facilities.
However, during a lengthy discussion of the ‘jurisprudence of Jihad,’ the article makes it clear that an Israeli strike ‘isn’t required’ and would ultimately serve as a pretext for genocide.
Instead, he says ‘defensive Jihad’ justifies annihilating Israel and targeting its civilian population because Israel has “spilled Muslim blood” and “oppresses” its Muslim neighbors.
“With regard to the fake state of Israel in Palestine, which is included in the first Qibla of Muslims, we must defend the sacred blood of Muslims in Islamic Palestine using any means necessary,” it goes on to explain.
map of Iran and Israel“If the enemy should invade Muslim lands and spill Muslim blood, it is obligatory upon the Muslim masses to use every means possible to defend the lives and property of their brothers. It does not require a judge’s permission.
“But regardless of the Israeli aggression against Palestine and the Muslims, it is clear the heads of this fake regime seek to dominate other Islamic lands on its borders and to develop hegemony over the region,” it reads.

The article makes it clear Iran sees no place in the Middle East for the Jews.
“Political subdivisions of states and political boundaries between units are not relevant and what is important is to divide the nations and territories based on beliefs and religions groups, blood and blood. Muslim blood must be separate from Infidel blood,” it says, citing Khameini’s writings.
The document then cites statistics saying 5.7 million of Israel’s 7.5 million citizens are Jewish – as a justification for attack. It then proceeds to break down Israel by region and demographic concentrations in order that the most Jews possible would be killed.
ballistic missileIt specifically states that Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa ,contain more than 60 per cent of the Jewish population, which could be hit by Shahab 3 ballistic missiles to “easily kill everyone.”
The publication of the doctrine comes after Khamenei announced that Iran would support any nation or group that attacks the ‘cancerous tumor’ of Israel.
Since its publications several Iranian officials have called for a strike on Israel “within the year.”

Israel and Electric Cars

Israel again leads the world. And Iran wants to destroy her.  Are they nuts?

Electric Cars: Making the World ‘A Better Place’

: With the launch of the first nationwide electric car networks rolling out in Israel and with Denmark just months away, the Israeli electric car company known as Better Place today reports thatit has secured another $200 million in financing, on top of the $550 million already invested in it.
The company, which is developing infrastructure for electric cars and thus speeding up the process of getting a quick “charge” needed for electric cars, says it will use the money to expand its business in Western Europe. It will also build on projects in Northern California, Southern China, Japan, Ontario, Canada, and Hawaii.
According to a recent press announcement the company will go fully commercial in both Israel and Denmark early in 2012, although a pilot run of the Better Place charge stations around Israel is supposed to be in effect. By the second quarter of 2012, Better Place expects to go commercial in Canberra, Australia.
“We’ve worked hard over the past four years to engineer and build a technology solution that competes with oil-based transportation,” said Shai Agassi, the founder and CEO.
Investors in the Series C round include General Electric, and UBS AG, among others, with existing shareholders including Israel Corp., HSBC Group, Morgan Stanley Investment Management, VantagePoint Capital Partners, Ofer Group and Maniv Energy Capital.
We get a lot of announcements and updates from the company. Here’s what’s happening on the ground:
In Israel, Better Place has seen a demand from both fleets and consumers, as over 400 corporations, representing a potential of 80,000 employee cars, have signed letters of intent to begin switching their fleets to Better Place as the cars and the service become available.
In Denmark almost 7,000 people have come to the Better Place Center in Copenhagen, opened earlier this year, with 90 percent expressing an interest in buying an electric car in the future. The company has received over 1,000 pre orders from both private and business customers. Better Place also has been successful in reaching agreements with 50 of the country’s 98 municipalities, covering 69 percent of the population, related to infrastructure deployment and fleet transitions.
In Australia, the company’s first large country deployment, Better Place has announced a series of agreements with multi-national companies, including Renault and GE, and leading local companies including ActewAGL, Lend Lease, and the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV), for the introduction of electric cars and the rapid deployment of an electric car network.
By the end of 2013, Better Place expects to have the largest electric car network in the world in Australia, rivaling other competitive efforts underway in the US and China.
With the roads getting tighter, and air pollution getting worse everywhere, this might be one of the only fully electric car solutions that could work –– at least for the people who are commuting to work and who need to know they can get a quick charge while out on the road.