This Cartoon 

Sums Up the 

Hypocrisy of 

Muslims Being 

Offended by 

Drawings of 



May 11, 2015 11:59 am
Ever since the Charlie Hebdo shooting —
 and now with the incident that took place
 in Garland, Texas over a week ago — it’s
 become clear that the fastest way to make
a radical Islamist lose their mind is to draw
 a picture of the prophet Mohammed, the
founder of their religion.
People have been shot to death over these
 drawings, with angry radicals claiming they
were just so darn mad by how “offensive”
these images were, they just couldn’t help
but slaughter innocent people for their
artistic expressions.
Of course, the same courtesy and respect
Muslims demand is rarely — okay, practically
 never — extends to anyone else’s religious
beliefs or iconic figures, particularly if you’re
 a Jew or Christian.
In fact, this little cartoon here sums up the
hypocrisy perfectly.
That pretty much says it all doesn’t it?
It’s okay for angry radicals to misrepresent
and mischaracterize an entire group of people,
 but heaven forbid if someone should draw a
picture of Mohammed.

How amazing is it that these nuts don’t seem
 to see the inherent hypocrisy of their own
You truly have to be brainwashed and blinded
to reality not to see it, because buddy, it’s
glaringly obvious to anyone with a brain.
Freedom of expression is a bedrock principle
of a thriving society, and the fact Sharia law
stifles artistic endeavors is part of the reason
why societies under Islamic rule stop growing
and advancing.
Maybe one day this fact will actually sink in
and cause people to abandon this system of
oppressive laws and principles, opting for
freedom and personal responsibility instead.