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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Government Lies, Scans And Misleads Americans Daily Unfortunately, We Have No Idea Who Bad It Is


FBI’s Comey ‘Falsely’ Denied Surveillance

The lawyer who founded Judicial Watch and later Freedom Watch, Larry Klayman, has sent a letter to Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, asking him to look at a whistleblower’s evidence of “systematic illegal surveillance on prominent Americans, again including the chief justice of the Supreme Court, other justices, 156 judges, prominent businessmen such as Donald Trump, and even yours truly.”
That spying was done, Klayman’s letter contends, by the FBI.
It’s become a major issue following President Trump’s assertion that he and Trump Tower were spied upon by the federal government, and the subsequent denials by intelligence and law-enforcement officials, including FBI Director James Comey, who famously cleared Hillary Clinton on accusations she mishandled classified information as U.S. secretary of state.
Klayman has been working with Dennis Montgomery, a former NSA and Central Intelligence Agency contractor who “left the NSA and CIA with 47 hard drives and over 600 million pages of information, much of which is classified.”
Montgomery then “sought to come forward legally as a whistleblower to appropriate government entities, including congressional intelligence committees, to expose that the spy agencies were engaged for years in systematic illegal surveillance on prominent Americans.”

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After Parents Complain, Superintendent Calls Them Racists! Sounds Like He Is Guilty Of Not Protecting Kids!

Rockville school superintendent accuses parents of racism over outrage about rape


Rockville school superintendent accuses parents of racism over outrage about rape
Montgomery County Superintendent Dr. Jack Smith has accused outraged parents of xenophobia and racism over their anger to the alleged rape at Rockville High School in Maryland. Smith reportedly said that too many have "crossed the line" with their calls and emails. (Montgomery County Public Schools)

After the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl by two illegal immigrants at Rockville High School in Maryland, the local school district superintendent has accused outraged parents of xenophobia and racism over their anger.
According to officials, 18-year-old Henry Sanchez-Milian and 17-year-old Jose Montano forced the teenage girl into a boys bathroom where they brutally raped her. It has been revealed by attorney Andrew Jezic that Sanchez-Milian and Montano are illegal immigrants who had once been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement but were released into the U.S. where they flew to Maryland to attend school as freshmen — with the full awareness of ICE.
Naturally, parents are outraged over the rape and are asking questions about how the two alleged attackers were even allowed to attend the school in the first place.
And Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan is none too happy. He blasted immigration enforcement and Montgomery County Public Schools in an interview with WTTG-TV: “Why is an 18-year-old man in a class with 13- or 14-year-old girls? Why was his status not known to those folks? Why was he allowed to enter the country after he was picked up for illegally crossing the border — both of them? So there are a lot of questions.”
“My biggest concern is the Montgomery County School System and their lack of cooperation and the lack of information they’ve been providing,” Hogan continued. “Not only have they refused to provide any information to us, but they’ve refused to provide information to the state Board of Education, which specifically requested more information.”

The outrage by the community, however, is being greeted by the Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Jack Smith with accusations of racism. In a letter obtained by, Smith said that too many have “crossed the line” with their calls and emails.
“While I know this tragic incident has become part of a national political debate, I want to remind community members that the lives of real students have been forever affected,” Smith saidt in an email Thursday morning. “While many have chosen to engage civilly in the conversation, far too many have crossed the line with racist, xenophobic calls and emails. MCPS is working with law enforcement to identify those who are making threats toward our students and schools. This behavior will not be tolerated in our community.”
As Fox News’s Tucker Carlson points out, “To Dr. Jack R. Smith, the worst crime imaginable is not sexual violence against a child, but naughty language he considers ‘intolerant.'”
Smith had previously defended illegal students in his school system despite the rape, saying, “It is wholly and entirely inappropriate for any of us, anytime, anywhere to say that we are going to deprive a 6-year-old, an 8-year-old, a 12-year-old, a 14-year-old, a 15- and 18-year-old of an education because a horrible incident happened last Thursday in one of our schools.”

According To Senator, Supreme Court Justices Should Ignore The Law If It Does Not Favor Individuals

Liberal senator gets brutal responses when she explains why she’s voting ‘no’ on Gorsuch nomination


Liberal senator gets brutal responses when she explains why she’s voting ‘no’ on Gorsuch nomination
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) gets blasted after she said she would oppose Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination because of his "legalisms." (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) appears to be confused over what a judge’s job is.
The liberal senator took to Twitter Friday to explain why she would be voting “no” to Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch when the full Senate gets to vote on his nomination later next month.
“Judge Gorsuch has consistently valued legalisms over real lives. I won’t support his nomination,” Harris tweeted Friday, linking to an op-ed she wrote for the San Francisco Chronicle detailing her decision.

In the op-ed, Harris wrote: “Judge Gorsuch’s record also shows he’s willing to favor corporations over the American people. He believes companies can impose their religious views on employees and deny women birth-control coverage. And he has been hostile toward federal agencies that protect American workers and consumers.”
However, in the op-ed, Harris didn’t really explain what she meant by “legalisms.”
Still, during his hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, Gorsuch explained that his rulings on the Supreme Court would be based not on his personal feelings or political views, but rather the Constitution and the law — which may be what Harris says she doesn’t like.
Naturally, though, Twitter had a field day with Harris’ remarks:

@SenKamalaHarris legalisms? Surely your interns could have come up with a better way to attack a judge tasked with upholding the law.

.@SenKamalaHarris Legalisms, also known as the rule of law, often protect us from amoral power-mad politically ambitious prosecutors.

@SenKamalaHarris I'm guessing you never really understood why "Lady Justice" is blindfolded?

@herhandsmyhands "I will oppose Gorsuch's nomination due to my own bigotry" would be far more accurate.@SenKamalaHarris

@SenKamalaHarris You mean he respects the actual law and doesn't insert his personal interpretations or opinions? It's like he's a real judge or something!

@SenKamalaHarris Good to know you don't value the constitution which is the bedrock of the greatest system anywhere. Every Dem unanimous supported last time

Harris’ comments are concerning given that prior to being elected to the Senate, she was attorney general of California, where her job was to uphold and defend the law.