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Monday, March 20, 2017

Wonder How Long Chelsea Will Hold Onto This Job? (Choosing A Website For Travel Just Got Easier--Expedia Is Off Our List!)


 Handed Job on Silver Platter

CLINTON WELFARE: Chelsea Handed Job on Silver Platter
Wikimedia Commons
Chelsea Clinton is joining the board of directors of the travel website Expedia.

Expedia filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission this
 week to add Clinton to their board, creating a new seat for her. “On
 March 16, 2017, the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Expedia, Inc. 
(the “Company”) expanded the size of the Board from thirteen to
 fourteen members and elected Chelsea Clinton to fill the newly-created 
directorship,” the filing said.

Expedia emphasized Chelsea’s work history. “Ms. Clinton currently serves
 as Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation where her work emphasizes
 improving global and domestic health, creating service opportunities 
and empowering the next generation of leaders,” the filing read. “She 
has previously worked as an associate at McKinsey & Company, a 
consulting firm, as an associate at Avenue Capital Group, an
 investment firm, and as an Assistant Vice Provost at New York
 University, where she focused on interfaith initiatives and the
 university’s Global Expansion Program. Ms. Clinton also serves 
on the boards of IAC/InterActiveCorp, the Clinton Foundation’s
 affiliated Clinton Health Access Initiative, the School of American
 Ballet, the Africa Center, the Weill Cornell Medical College and
 is Co-Chair of the Advisory Board of the Of Many Institute at 
New York University.”

As for pay, Clinton “will be compensated in accordance with the
 Company’s standard compensation policies and practices for the Board.”

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