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Monday, March 20, 2017

Great Argument Against Men Using Women's Bathrooms! We Need To Re-Establish Sanity!

People Notice What’s in Mom’s Left Hand, Immediately Report Her Pics to Facebook


One Washington state mother made a brilliant post to social media about gender equality laws that, needless to say, got under the skin of liberals everywhere. But as usual, if someone does something that upsets a liberal, we can assume she must be doing something right.
Kristi Merritt decided to prove a point on Facebook by dressing up like a football player and asking if that made her a football player. She did the same with a pirate’s costume. Some might consider her comparison silly, but she has a point and her point is that a man wearing a dress and heels is still a man.
It’s no more complicated than that. However, you’ll never convince a bunch of whiny LGBT liberals because they’re too busy crying about equal rights to be bothered about the implications of those rights.

The post came after “religious liberty” legislation was passed in several states — including North Carolina — and has become a hot topic. Specifically, the issue of gender equality and who can use public restrooms designated for girls and women. Transgender men have argued that they should be able to use the women’s restrooms because being female is the sex to which they identify.
Merritt’s photographs were reported to Facebook under a false claim of nudity, but as you can see, she is fully clothed. It’s Merritt’s message liberals can’t stand and, apparently, they’ll attack her any way they can. But they’re fighting for the wrong cause.
merritt football
merritt pirate
dress and heels
It didn’t take long for us to see the implications of men using women’s restrooms. Perverted men are taking advantage of the situation and creating dangerous situations for women and girls. But as Merritt’s post so clearly points out, there will be many men who might have dangerous intentions that could simply throw on a dress and slink into a women’s restroom looking for their next victim.
Liberals won’t hear of such logic but thinking people do, which explains why Merritt’s post has been shared over 112,000 times.

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