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Friday, March 24, 2017

Appeasement Does NOT Work With Radical Islamists, They See It As Weakness

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Islamic Terrorists Don't Respect Appeasement From The West


In the aftermath of Wednesday's terrorist attack in London, former Muslim and anti-Jihad writer
Ayaan Hirsi Ali appeared on Fox News Channel's 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' to explain the goal
 of the terrorists.

“It doesn’t matter how nice the liberals are, how accommodating, how obliging they are," the
apostate said. "Whoever is in their way is their enemy."

"We empower them because every time we appease and appease and appease, they see that as
God’s hand – their perception of God – they see God's hand making it easy for them to advance
 their agenda,” Ali said. “They don’t see that here is a decent, civilized society that is trying
to understand them and give them time, and try to persuade them to put their weapons down.
That is not how they see it."

"That is wrong," she said about efforts to assimilate Islamic immigrants. "That is seen as
weak and you are inviting aggression if you do that."

Ali also spoke about how she supports President Trump's travel ban, even though she
 criticized the rollout. "It’s incredibly difficult to vet people coming from [those countries]," she said.