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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Federal Government Has Become A Suing Machine Which Sues You If Comply Or Don't Comply With The Same Law Leaving Employers In A Catch 22.

Federal Government Attacks Small Business Owner for Refusing to Hire Illegals

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The Department of Justice sued an American business for doing the 
unthinkable: Ensuring that their employees are legally permitted to work 
in the United States. As the Daily Caller reports:
A Florida pizzeria agreed to pay a hefty court sum for asking immigrants

 to provide a specific document proving their legal status, in a settlement

with the Department of Justice announced Tuesday.

Pizzerias LLC will pay the government $140,000 to resolve the dispute

over the way the chain tried to verify whether potential hires have legal

residence in the United States. The Justice Department was investigating

 whether the chain violated a federal law prohibiting employers from

making unnecessary demands for documents from people based

on citizenship.

The franchise, with more than 30 locations in Miami, was accused of

routinely asking lawful permanent residents for a Permanent Resident

Card to prove their work authorization, although they often have access

to the same documents a U.S. citizen would provide to prove work

authorization. Federal investigators found the demand for a Permanent

Resident Card possibly constituted an illegal hurdle for the immigrants,

in violation of an anti-discrimination provision of the Immigration and

Nationality Act.

The Justice Department concluded there is “reasonable cause to

believe that [Pizzerias] engaged in a pattern or practice of unfair documentary practices,” the settlement agreement states.
This is what happens when political preferences taint the law. Last year
 same Justice Department that sued Pizzerias for discriminating against
 immigrants INCREASED the penalties for companies caught employing
 illegal immigrants. As Fox News reported at the time:
Under the interim final rule published Thursday in the Federal Register,

the minimum penalty imposed by the DOJ for the unlawful employment

of immigrants would rise from $375 to $539, while the maximum fine

would go from $3,200 to $4,313.

The changes stemmed from amendments in a 2015 budget bill that

overhauled the formula for increasing such civil penalties. 

Violators facing multiple charges also would be subject to a new

maximum penalty of $21,563 for hiring illegal immigrants.
So here's what it appears happened. Pizzerias, in an effort to comply
 with the law and avoid a maximum fine of 21,000 dollars, did everything
 in their power to comply with the law.  But because complying with the 
law is considered "racist," they'll now have to pay a fine nearly seven 
times larger. 

Is it any wonder why companies don't comply with our immigration laws?