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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Senator Graham Is A Loose Cannon, An Irresponsible Loose Cannon

RINO Senator Ponders Trump


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We're used to hearing unhinged liberals talk about impeaching the president
of the United States. We're not used to hearing Republicans talk about it.

Of course, Lindsey Graham isn't much of a Republican. The
 neo-conservative, "invade the world/invite the world" throwback
 bachelor from South Carolina is clearly no fan of the president, and
 during hearings for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, he tossed
 up an interesting hypothetical about whether or not the president is
 "above the law." As Bob Unruh notes:

That line surfaced several times during the course of the questions,

including once when Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a longtime member

of the GOP elite in Washington, raised the question of impeaching


“In case President Trump is watching, which he may very well be,

one you did a good job picking Judge Gorsuch,” Graham said,

“No. 2 … if you start waterboarding people, you may get

impeached. Is that a fair summary?”

Gorsuch said the power of impeachment belongs to the U.S.


“That’s even better,” Graham replied. “Would he be subject

to prosecution?”

“Senator, I’m not going to speculate,” Gorsuch responded.

“But he’s not above the law,” Graham replied.

“No man is above the law,” Gorsuch said. “No man.”
We applaud future Justice Gorsuch's commitment to the rule of law,
 but we can't say the same about Senator Graham. Does this man 
ever miss a chance to undermine conservatives in his own party?