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Saturday, November 19, 2016

She Runs A Incompetent Campaign And Wonders Why She Lost?



WASHINGTON ― In the closing weeks of the presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton’s staff in key Midwest states sent out alarms to their headquarters in Brooklyn. They were facing a problematic shortage of paid canvassers to help turn out the vote.
For months, the Clinton campaign had banked on a wide army of volunteer organizers to help corral independents and Democratic leaners and re-energize a base not particularly enthused about the election. But they were volunteers. And as anecdotal data came back to offices in key battlegrounds, concern mounted that leadership had skimped on a critical campaign function.
“It was arrogance, arrogance that they were going to win. That this was all wrapped up,” a senior battleground state operative told The Huffington Post.
Several theories have been proffered to explain just what went wrong for the Clinton campaign in an election that virtually everyone expected the Democratic nominee to win. But lost in the discussion is a simple explanation, one that was re-emphasized to HuffPost in interviews with several high-ranking officials and state-based organizers: The Clinton campaign was harmed by its own neglect.
In Michigan alone, a senior battleground state operative told HuffPost that the state party and local officials were running at roughly one-tenth the paid canvasser capacity that Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) had when he ran for president in 2004. Desperate for more human capital, the state party and local officials ended up raising $300,000 themselves to pay 500 people to help canvass in the election’s closing weeks. By that point, however, they were operating in the dark. One organizer said that in a precinct in Flint, they were sent to a burned down trailer park. No one had taken it off the list of places to visit because no one had been there until the final weekend. Clinton lost the state by 12,000 votes.
A similar situation unfolded in Wisconsin. According to several operatives there, the campaign’s state office and local officials scrambled to raise nearly $1 million for efforts to get out the vote in the closing weeks. Brooklyn headquarters had balked at funding it themselves, arguing that the state already had a decent-sized footprint because of the labor-backed super PAC For Our Future and pointing out that Clinton had never trailed in a single poll in Wisconsin.
The campaign’s state office argued additionally for prominent African-American surrogates to help in Milwaukee. “There are only so many times you can get folks excited about Chelsea Clinton,” explained one Wisconsin Democrat. But President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama didn’t come. Nor did Hillary Clinton after the July Democratic convention. She would go on to lose the state, hampered by lower turnout in precisely the place that had operatives worried. Clinton got 289,000 votes in Milwaukee County compared to the 328,000 that Obama won in 2012.
“They had staff on the ground and lots of volunteers, but they weren’t running a massive program because they thought they were up 6-7 points,” said the aforementioned senior battleground state operative.
In politics, much like anything else, victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan. A senior official from Clinton’s campaign noted that they did have a large staff presence in Michigan and Wisconsin (200 and 180 people respectively) while also stressing that one of the reasons they didn’t do more was, in part, because of psychological games they were playing with the Trump campaign. They recognized that Michigan, for example, was a vulnerable state and felt that if they could keep Trump away ― by acting overly confident about their chances ― they would win it by a small margin and with a marginal resource allocation.
Clinton herself has blamed FBI Director James Comey for re-launching an investigation into her emails only to clear her days before the vote; while operatives across the spectrum, including former President Bill Clinton in the campaign’s closing days, argued that she failed to adequately reach working class white voters that had been drifting away from the Democratic Party.
“It is not black and white,” said Michael Tate, the former chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “I can tell you in Wisconsin that the staff they had leading the effort were top-notch field operatives. Period. Would it have helped if Hillary Clinton came in? Yes. Would it have helped if Comey didn’t push his shenanigans? Yes. Would it have helped if Trump hadn’t visited right before the election? Yes … But I think the folks here did a good job and they just came up short in an election where we were running two historically unpopular candidates.”
The more universal explanation, however, was that the data that informed many of the strategic decisions was simply wrong. A campaign that is given a game plan that strongly points to success shouldn’t be expected to rip it up.
“We all were blinded, and even at the end, we were blinded by our own set of biases,” said Paul Maslin, a Madison-based Democratic operative and pollster.
Which explains why, in a Midwest battleground state that the Clinton campaign’s data said would be closely contested, its ground game capacity was robust. Adrienne Hines, chair of the Democratic Party in Ottawa County, Ohio, just east of Toledo, said the Clinton campaign had a very active outreach and turnout operation. But the county, which Obama won twice, still went to Trump as his message ― however detail-free ― of bringing back jobs to the economically depressed area resonated.

Yup, That's The Way They Think!

The News Media Has Lost Its Luster, Now Striking Out Against Anyone Or Group That Reports The Real News. Shameful! If They Had Stayed With Reporting The News And Not Making It, They Would Have Not Had The Problem

Blow up your TV: Americans finally realize what we’ve been saying for years

It took a presidential election featuring a criminally corrupt political dinosaur and a reality television star— but we’ll take it. A majority of Americans finally realize mainstream media is taking them for a ride.
For years the mainstream news media paradigm has been as disgustingly oversimplified as the nation’s inadequate two-party political system: Conservatives watch Fox and listen to Rush Limbaugh; Liberals watch MSNBC and listen to public radio.
Generalization? Yes. Inaccurate? Not really.
A couple great things happened in this election season, though, opening American news consumers’ eyes to the false choices with which they’re presented by media manipulators.
Hillary Clinton’s ability to manipulate leftist media elites was hampered by the extraordinary corruptness of her political persona. Suddenly, news outlets that fawned over Clinton while completely ignoring the damning series of leaks coming from transparency groups looked like sycophants at worst and, at best, totally incompetent.
Meanwhile, the so-called conservative media machine that is Fox News invested its energy in undermining true conservative candidates throughout the 2016 presidential primary season. Then, realizing their folly as Trump emerged as the likely nominee, they began attacking the president elect.
Unfortunately for the mainstream media, American voters have grown exceedingly tired of the products they peddle: welfare and war drums.
Clinton was the obvious MSM choice, Fox included— here’s looking at you, Megyn Kelly. The reasons were pretty simple: Clinton has the most establishment political connections, was most likely to grow American dependency on government and she likes a good war.
The media called this experience.
But despite all of the anti-Trump rhetoric and pro-Clinton polls and punditry, Americans rejected mainstream media’s message.
The right of center Media Research Center released some interesting data Tuesday that helps to illustrate why.
Via MRC:
7 in 10 (69%) voters do not believe the news media are honest and truthful.
8 in 10 (78%) of voters believe the news coverage of the presidential campaign was biased, with nearly a 3-to-1 majority believing the media were for Clinton (59%) vs. for Trump (21%).
Even 1/3 (32%) of Clinton voters believe the media were “pro-Clinton.”
8% of Trump voters said they would have voted for Clinton if they had believed what the media were saying about Trump.
97% of voters said they did not let the media’s bias influence their vote.
“There is an institutional bias at major media networks that must be repaired and I am highly skeptical that news executives are interested or capable of undertaking this responsibility,” said Brent Bozell, president of MRC.
And he’s right to be skeptical.
In fact, mainstream media is scrambling to regain its influence in the worst way possible: They’re mounting an assault on the alternative media sources so many disaffected American news consumers have turned to as their primary sources of information.
All of a sudden, conservative news stories on social media simply can’t be true and must be eliminated.  And alternative media is a threat to the nation’s future.
Has sort of a vast right-wing conspiracy ring, doesn’t it?
But, as droves of Americans are finally realizing, the army of alternative news bloggers picking apart daily headlines, investigating political wrongs and disseminating contrarian truths— often for salaries much closer to the average American’s than anyone working for Fox— aren’t the enemies.
The enemy is the army of elitist establishment politicians and billionaires who have a direct line to the nation’s highest paid national journalists— well compensated propaganda pawns.
Trump isn’t the face of it, just a symptom— but there is a revolution brewing. The revolution is against a political and economic establishment that sold working class Americans out decades ago and has manufactured the consent (to borrow from Noam Chomsky) of the ruled ever since.
Alternative media began working against the mainstream propaganda machine decades ago—and the internet has made it easier than ever. Now, the unofficial sources can reach the same masses as the networks.
The networks and other mainstream holdouts will get increasingly desperate and eventually implode under their own weight.
This happened years ago with many newspapers in towns and cities throughout the nation as local bedroom bloggers increased their audiences and became real competitors uninhibited by the longstanding bias and internal bureaucratic attitudes which hamper many traditional papers.
Believe it or not, there was a time when reporting the news was the bluest of white-collar professions. Incidentally, the majority of people also used to trust and respect the news media. What’s happening now is nothing more than a long-overdue market correction to return that respect and the voice of the press to the populace.

Hamilton Cast, Broadway Theatre And Everyone Who Went To See Hamilton Should Apologize To Pence!

President-elect Trump scolds ‘Hamilton’ cast for ‘harassing’ Mike Pence, calls for an apology


President-elect Trump scolds ‘Hamilton’ cast for ‘harassing’ Mike Pence, calls for an apology
NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 22: Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during an event at Trump SoHo Hotel, June 22, 2016 in New York City. Trump's remarks focused on criticisms of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter early Saturday to address the cast of the hit musical “Hamilton,” which chastised Vice President-elect Mike Pence during their performance Friday.
“Our wonderful future V.P. Mike Pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing.This should not happen!” Trump tweeted shortly before 9 a.m. EST.
“The Theater must always be a safe and special place.The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!” he added.

When Pence entered the theatre Friday evening with his daughter, nieces and nephew, he was welcomed by a crowd of boos. But after the play, its star, Brandon Victor Dixon — who plays Aaron Burr — addressed Pence directly from the stage. He said:
Vice President-Elect Pence, I see you walking out, but I hope you hear us, just a few more moment. There is nothing to boo here ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing to boo here. We are all here sharing a story of love. We have a message for you sir and we hope that you will here us out.
We sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us.
The play’s writer, Lin-Manuel Miranda, followed up with a tweet of his own, praising Dixon for his comments.

The Cure For Kids With Tantrums! Humor!!

Youth Are Missing Something When They Are So Easily Turned Into Murdering Terrorists.

  • "The better young people are integrated, the greater the chance is that they radicalize. This hypothesis is supported by a lot of evidence". — From a report by researchers at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.
  • "The proportions of [Islamic State] administrators but also of suicide fighters increase with education," according to a World Bank report. "Moreover, those offering to become suicide bombers ranked on average in the more educated group."
  • Britain's MI5 revealed that "two-thirds of the British suspects have a middle-class profile and those who want to become suicide bombers are often the most educated".
  • Researchers have discovered that "the richer the countries are the more likely will provide foreign recruits to the terrorist group [ISIS]."
  • The West seems to have trouble accepting that terrorists are not driven by inequality, but by hatred for Western civilization and the Judeo-Christian values of the West.
  • For the Nazis, the "inferior race" (the Jews) did not deserve to exist; for the Stalinists, the "enemies of the people" were not entitled to continue living; for the Islamists, it is the West itself that does not deserve to exist.
  • It is anti-Semitism, not poverty, that led the Palestinian Authority to name a school after Abu Daoud, mastermind of the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.
"There is a stereotype that young people from Europe who leave for Syria are victims of a society that does not accept them and does not offer them sufficient opportunities... Another common stereotype in the debate in Belgium is that, despite research which refutes this, radicalization is still far too often misunderstood as a process resulting from failed integration... I therefore dare say that the better young people are integrated, the greater the chance is that they radicalize. This hypothesis is supported by a lot of evidence."
That was the result of extremely important Dutch research, led by a group of academics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Terrorists seem to be models of successful integration: for instance, Mohammed Bouyeri, the Moroccan-Dutch terrorist who shot the filmmaker Theo van Gogh to death, then stabbed him and slit his throat in 2004. "He [Bouyeri] was a well-educated guy with good prospects," said Job Cohen, the Labor Party mayor of Amsterdam.

Terrorists seem to be models of successful integration. Mohammed Bouyeri (left), the Moroccan-Dutch terrorist who shot the filmmaker Theo van Gogh (right) to death, then stabbed him and slit his throat in 2004. "[Bouyeri] was a well-educated guy with good prospects," said Job Cohen, the mayor of Amsterdam.

The Dutch research was followed by research from France, adding more evidence to the thesis that goes against the liberal belief that to defeat terrorism, Europe must invest in economic opportunities and social integration. Dounia Bouzar, director of the Center for Prevention, Deradicalization and Individual Monitoring (CPDSI), a French organization dealing with Islamic radicalism, studied the cases of 160 families whose children had left France to fight in Syria. Two-thirds were members of the middle class.
These findings dismantle the myth of the proletariat of terror. According to a new World Bank report, "Islamic State's recruits are better educated than their fellow countrymen".
Poverty and deprivation are not, as John Kerry said, "the root cause of terrorism." Studying the profiles of 331 recruits from an Islamic State database, the World Bank found that 69% have at least a high school education, while a quarter of them graduated from college. The vast majority of these terrorists had a job or profession before joining the Islamist organization. "The proportions of administrators but also of suicide fighters increase with education," according to the World Bank report. "Moreover, those offering to become suicide bombers ranked on average in the more educated group."
Less than 2% of the terrorists are illiterate. The study also points to the countries that supply ISIS with more recruits: Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt. Examining the economic situation of these countries, researchers have discovered that "the richer the countries are the more likely will provide foreign recruits to the terrorist group."
Another report explained that "the poorest countries in the world don't have exceptional levels of terrorism".
Despite the evidence, a progressive mantra repeats that Islamic terrorism is the result of injustice, poverty, economic depression and social unrest. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The thesis that poverty breeds terrorism is pervasive today in the West, from French economist Thomas Piketty to Pope Francis. It is probably so popular because it plays on Western collective guilt, seeking to rationalize what the West seems to have trouble accepting: that terrorists are not driven by inequality, but by hatred for Western civilization and the Judeo-Christian values of the West. For Israel, this means: What are Jews doing on land that -- even though for 3,000 years it has been called Judea -- we think should be given to Palestinian terrorists? And these terrorists most likely wonder why they should negotiate, if instead they can be handed everything they want.
For the Nazis, the "inferior race" (the Jews) did not deserve to exist but must be gassed; for the Stalinists, the "enemies of the people" were not entitled to continue living, and had to die of forced labor and cold in the Gulag; for the Islamists, it is the West itself that does not deserve to exist and has to be blown up.
It is anti-Semitism, not poverty, that led the Palestinian Authority to name a school after Abu Daoud, mastermind of the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.
The Paris bombings, the anniversary of which France will commemorate in a few days, was a blow unleashed by an ideology that does not seek to fight poverty, but to gain power through terror. It is the same Islamist ideology that murdered the Charlie Hebdo journalists and the policemen on duty to protect them; that forced British writer Salman Rushdie into hiding for a decade; that slit the throat of Father Jacques Hamel; that butchered commuters in London, Brussels and Madrid; that assassinated hundreds of Israeli Jews on buses and restaurants; that killed 3,000 people in the United States on September 11; that assassinated Theo Van Gogh on an Amsterdam street for making a film; that committed mass rapes in Europe and massacres in the cities and deserts of Syria and Iraq; that blew up 132 children in Peshawar; and that regularly kills so many Nigerians that no one now pays any attention to it.
It is the Islamist ideology that drives terrorism, not poverty, corruption or despair. It is them, not us.
The whole history of political terror is marked by fanatics with advanced education who have declared war on their own societies. Khmer Rouge's Communist genocide in Cambodia came out from the classrooms of the Sorbonne in Paris, where their leader, Pol Pot, studied writings of European Communists. The Red Brigades in Italy was the scheme of wealthy privileged boys and girls from the middle class. Between 1969 and 1985, terrorism in Italy killed 428 people. Fusako Shigenobu, the leader of the Japanese Red Army terrorist group, was a highly-educated specialist in literature. Abimael Guzman, founder of the Shining Path in Peru, one of the most ruthless guerrilla groups in history, taught at the University of Ayacucho, where he conceived of a war against "the democracy of empty bellies." "Carlos the Jackal," the most infamous terrorist in the 1970s, was the son of one of the richest lawyers in Venezuela, Jose Altagracia Ramirez. Mikel Albizu Iriarte, a leader of the Basque ETA terrorists, came from a wealthy family in San Sebastián. Sabri al-Banna, the Palestinian terrorist known to the world as "Abu Nidal," was the son of a wealthy merchant born in Jaffa.
Some of the British terrorists who have joined the Islamic State come from wealthy families and attended the most prestigious schools in the UK. Abdul Waheed Majid made the long journey from the English town of Crawley to Aleppo, Syria, where he blew himself up. Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the mastermind of the kidnapping and killing of the American journalist Daniel Pearl, graduated from the London School of Economics. Kafeel Ahmed, who drove a jeep full of explosives into the Glasgow airport, had been president of the Islamic Society at Queen's University. Faisal Shahzad, the failed terrorist of Times Square in New York, was the son of a high official in the Pakistani military. Zacarias Moussaoui, the twentieth man of the 9/11 attacks, had a PhD in International Economics from the London's South Bank University. Saajid Badat, who wanted to blow up a commercial flight, studied optometry at London University. Azahari Husin, the terrorist who prepared the bombs in Bali, studied at the University of Reading.
Britain's MI5 revealed that "two-thirds of the British suspects have a middle-class profile and those who want to become suicide bombers are often the most educated." Most British terrorists also had a wife and children, debunking another myth, that of terrorists as social losers. Mohammad Sidique Khan, one of the suicide bombers of July 7, 2005, studied at Leeds Metropolitan University. Omar Khan Sharif had a scholarship at King's College before carrying out a suicide bombing on Tel Aviv's seafront promenade in 2003. Sharif was not looking for economic redemption, but to slaughter as many Jews as possible.
Virtually all the heads of international terror groups are children of privilege, who led gilded lives before joining the terror ranks. 15 of the 19 suicide bombers of September 11 came from prominent Middle Eastern families. Mohammed Atta was the son of a lawyer in Cairo. Ziad Jarrah, who crashed Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, belonged to one of the most affluent Lebanese families in Lebanon.
Nasra Hassan, who wrote an informed profile of Palestinian suicide bombers for The New Yorker, explained that, "of 250 suicide bombers, not one was illiterate, poor or depressed." The unemployed, it seems, are always the least likely to support terror attacks.
Europe and America gave everything to these terrorists: educational and employment opportunities, popular entertainment and sexual pleasures, salaries and welfare, and religious freedom. These terrorists, such as the "underwear bomber," Umar Farouk Abulmutallab, the son of a banker, have not seen a day of poverty in their life. Paris's terrorists rejected the secularist values of liberté, egalité, fraternité; British jihadists who bombed London and now fight for the Caliphate rejected multiculturalism; the Islamist who killed Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam repudiated Dutch relativism, and ISIS's soldier, Omar Mateen, who turned Orlando's Pulse Club into a slaughterhouse, said he wanted to purge it from what he perceived as libertine licentiousness and apparently his own homophilic wishes.
If the West does not understand the real source of this hatred, but instead indulges in false excuses such as poverty, it will not win this war being waged against us.
Giulio Meotti, Cultural Editor for Il Foglio, is an Italian journalist and author.
© 2016 Gatestone Institute. All rights reserved. The articles printed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editors or of Gatestone Institute. No part of the Gatestone website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied or modified, without the prior written consent of Gatestone Institute.

Love Trumps Hate--But Only When It Is The Love You Want. Otherwise, Beat The Crap Out Of Anyone Who Disagrees With You!

BREAKING: Teen Trump Supporter 

Ruthlessly Beaten

  • 11/19/2016 
  • Source: AAN 
  • by: Remington Strelivo
5 3 1  15
Hundreds of students protested Donald Trump’s election win in
 Rockville, Maryland—but the demonstration quickly turned violent
 when four students mercilessly attacked a 15-year-old boy in a Trump
 “Make America Great Again Hat.”

The protesters were students at Richard Montgomery High School.
 Ironically, they were carrying signs that said, “Love Trumps Hate,” as
 they walked in front of the Rockville courthouse.

According to witnesses, upon seeing the teenage Trump supporter,
the four students surrounded him, punching him repeatedly, before
throwing the ground and kicking him.

“They jumped him and beat him up pretty bad,” said one witness.

Police aren’t exactly sure what caused this specific incident, other than
the fact that the victim was wearing a Trump hat.

The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries,
 and wasn’t seriously injured considering the circumstances.
Police are currently working to find all four attackers, but they’ve already
identified one: a 17-year-old, who has already been charged with
second-degree assault.
 Source: AAN


Broadway Should Be Ashamed Of The Treatment Of Pence.

These pampered babies who cannot accept that they lost have to damage the experience 

in the theatre.  Shame on Broadway, The Cast of Hamilton and the theatre goers who joined 
in this despicable display of low class that even someone on the wrong side of the tracks 
knows that you don't do.

If the same had been done to Obama or Clinton, the press would be up in arms over this 
obvious hateful treatment. Don't expect a similar response in this case.

Conservative Tom

P.S. Any patriot who goes to see Hamilton, should have their head examined.  Let's boycott
this trashy show.

Broadway Bashes Pence

  • 11/19/2016 
  • Source: New York Post 
  • by: Michael Kaplan and Chloe Kaplan
3 2 0  5
(TMZ News) - She has taken a lot of heat lately mainly for using a controversial, but popular weightloss method used by many celebrities yet never really talked about in the industry. The campaign..
Vice President-elect Mike Pence was booed Friday night at a performance of the Broadway hit “Hamilton.”Pence was walking to his seat at the Richard Rodgers Theatre when a few scattered claps turned into a thundering chorus of boos.

The crowd continued to mock Pence throughout the performance, including during the song “Yorktown,” when Alexander Hamilton and Marquis de Lafayette sang “Immigrants, we get the job done.” They high-fived each other as the audience cheered.

Brandon Dixon, who plays Aaron Burr, addressed Pence after the curtain call, saying the diverse cast is “anxious” about his administration.