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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ironically, The Worst Of ObamaCrapCare Is Yet To Come. And You Thought The Website Was A Mess! Is Obamacare’s Best Feature

October 28, 2013 by  
Rick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle
Rick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle
The public face of the Obamacare deathcare disaster right now is the government website that administers program sign-ups,
If the government’s goal in establishing, as President Barack Obama has claimed, is to allow people to view available insurance plans and sign up for them through the website, then is a colossal failure. It’s the type of failure that, had it occurred in the private sector, would have resulted in the immediate firing of the company’s chief executive officer, the head of the department overseeing the project, the project’s director and most, if not all, of the people who contributed to the project in any supervisory way — and that is only if the company was able to survive the disastrous debut.
But government is not negatively affected by failure. In fact, there is a reward for failure in government. As Representative Steny Hoyer reminded Tuesday when asked how Congress could help improve the system, “We can give them a little money.” Never mind the hundreds of millions of dollars already dumped into the boondoggle.
And so it was for the crony firm tasked with developing the website, CGI Federal. The Canadian information technology firm entered the U.S. government contracting business after buying several American IT firms beginning in 2004. It was in the right place at the right timeand got the contract despite a checkered past on similar projects; one of them, a Canadian healthcare registry for diabetes sufferers, performed so badly and CGI missed so many deadlines that the $46.2 million project was scrapped.
So apparently, government contractors aren’t affected by failure either, at least as long as they play the corporatist game and line the pockets of the Washington, D.C., criminal elected class, which CGI did to the tune of at least $800,000, according to
And neither are government bureaucrats affected by failure. See Sebilius, Kathleen; Lerner, Lois; Holder, Eric; Boswell, Eric J.; Maxwell, Raymond; Clinton, Hillary; Napolitano, Janet, etc.
Insurance executives are warning that the website will lead to theft of private information and other forms of identity theft. And if fixes aren’t made properly, those trying to sign up can expect to see their bank accounts debited multiple times and they may still not be signed up for health insurance.
The user experience has been disastrous. ProPublica has been monitoring user feedback at and is finding that the site is misidentifying people, compromising their identities (or claiming their identities are compromised), requiring them to fill out the same information numerous times, blocking their access to their own accounts and costing insurance agents countless hours and dollars in lost time and clients.
But as bad as the rollout has been (and even Democrats are now admitting it has been a failure), Obamacare itself is actually much, much worse.
    • It restricts medical choices in myriad ways. Treatment options and payment schedules will be set by a group of unelected bureaucrats under the thumbs of Big Pharma, the medical industrial complex and Big Insurance. Holistic and naturopathic treatments are not part of the protocol. Doctors are leaving over the regulations and reduced payment schedules. Many more are being dropped by the crony insurance companies. (See below.) Most doctor examinations are being replaced by examinations by nurse practitioners.

    • Although its official name is the Affordable Healthcare Act, Obamacare is anything but affordable. The low-premium Bronze Plan has impossible-to-afford deductibles. The high-premium Gold Plan is unaffordable to most. According to a breakdown of premiums for each county done by The Market Ticker® the average unsubsidized premium for a 27-year-old will be $3,200 per year. For the average 50-year-old, individual premiums are about $5,434 per year. For a couple with children, the annual premium would be about $7,774. But smokers’ premiums are about twice that because of surcharges. You can see the unsubsidized premium for your county or parish here.

    • As is typical of government redistribution schemes, this one picks winners and losers. Losers are most Americans who will be paying a lot more for less care and fewer choices. The workers and the healthy will be subsidizing the poor, the nonworking and sickest. The text of the Obamacare calls for government “subsidies” up to 400 percent of the poverty line (about $94,000 for a family of four). But lawsuits are in the works that will deny subsidies to those 34 States that opted not to set up exchanges. Few, if any, will choose to pay the prices for unsubsidized premiums. According to government Consumer Price Index numbers, health insurance spending is .656 percent of the family budget. Under Obamacare, a family would have to make to $1.185 million annually for a premium of $7,774 to be .656 percent of their budget.

    • If the government pays for treatments, it can set treatment options. Already, the Food and Drug Administration is a fascist system that approves drug treatments will little or no independent research and it not only exempts Big Pharma from paying damages to people harmed by their drugs, it often uses taxpayer dollars to pay damages when courts mandate them. Once the government gets into the business of approving and mandating treatments, medical freedom is lost.

    • Many Obamacare supporters outside the Beltway believe that Obamacare is a better system than the previous government-regulated crony system because they disapproved of private businesses making decisions about which treatments they would pay for and how much they’d pay. But Obamacare is a fascist system written by insurance companies, Big Pharma and medical-industrial lobby to their benefit, not to the patients’ benefit.

    • Further evidence that Obamacare was written by the insurance companies can be seen in their rising stock prices since Obamacare’s passage. Obamacare is a boon to insurance companies who expect to see in increase in the number of customers and premium payments guaranteed by the Federal government.

    • Obamacare is hastening the collapse of U.S. economic system. America is currently selling U.S. bonds to itself in order to pay its bills and running up trillions of dollars in “debts” that will never be paid by anything of substance. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the cost of Obamacare at $2 trillion, but the law will increase the number of insured by only 40 million people at a cost of$50,000 each.

    • Obamacare is turning America into a part-time workforce. Hundreds of thousands of full-time jobs have been reduced to part time so businesses can avoid Obamacare mandates.

  • Obamacare’s premium structure penalizes married couples. It gives benefits more generously to unmarried couples who cohabit than it does to married couples. Cohabiting couples are 170 percent more likely to split up than married couples. Children from broken families are 82 percent more likely to live in poverty and are more likely to engage in high-risk behaviors like sexual activity and substance abuse and are more likely to exhibit anti-social behavior.
Or, to sum up, as I’ve told you numerous times, Obamacare is a deathcare trap of graft and corruption that advances medical tyranny and hastens the collapse of the U.S. economy… and that’s not even the worst of it.

When History Is Written About This Time, Republicans Will Be Blamed For Not Defending The Heritage We Have Received. They Did Not Stop The Obama Onslaught.

Proof That The GOP Suffers From Stockholm Syndrome

October 31, 2013 by  
Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Look around. One thing that is clear is Obama and his socialist cabal is destroying this country, step-by-step, minute by minute. He’s killing jobs, strangling the economy, snuffing out capitalism, destroying our children’s and grandchildren’s lives with massive debt, demonizing business owners, punishing success, and redistributing income from the makers (the job creators) to the takers (his voters). And while all this is going on, millions of Americans are losing their health insurance because of Obamacare. And now it turns out Obama knew this would happen as early as 2010. Yet he lied to us. He said no one would lose their present health insurance policy because of Obamacare. He knew that was a lie. Isn’t that a crime? Isn’t that fraud and misrepresentation to sell a billion dollar product? If any CEO in the private sector did that, he’d be in prison in a New York minute. It’s certainly time to impeach Obama for lying to us to sell a fraudulent product.
Oh one other thing. Forget how many people will go bankrupt or lose their homes because of Obama’s lie and the doubling or tripling of health insurance rates. Just ignore that for a minute. And think about this — our government had three years to prepare for the start of Obamacare. Yet the web site is a mess. It doesn’t work. Can you imagine asking this same government to oversee your cancer surgery? This isn’t just bad, it’s tragic. We’ve let Obama ruin the best healthcare system in the world.
But Obama is not the only one to blame. I blame the GOP establishment. Why are they standing by as Obama destroys America? Are they stupid? Are they lazy? Are they cowards? Are they so dense they have no idea what’s going on right in front of them? Are they in on it? Are they good actors just making believe they oppose Obama, but in reality they are on the same team? Or are they suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome?
The Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages exhibit irrational empathysympathy and positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them, or apologizing to them. In other words, crime victims are in a state of denial about who the bad guy is, and eventually they take the side of the criminals who control their lives and threaten to kill them. Today’s GOP establishment appears to suffer from this mental disorder.

The real statistics of the Obama economy are mind-numbing:

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over 90 million working-age Americans are not working- the highest in history.
  • And because of President Barack Obama and his most loyal supporters in the teachers unions our education system is wrecked even worse than our economy.
Yet the GOP says little, does less, and apologizes at any attempt to resist. STOCKHOLM SYNDROME.
Obama and his socialist cabal call conservative patriots who believe in the exact same limited government as our Founding Fathers, “terrorists” “extortionists” “legislative arsonists” “unhinged” and “racists” (comparing them to the murdering KKK). They call anyone who questions the mysterious background of the most powerful man in the world, the man with his finger on nuclear buttons, by the divisive name “birthers.” The GOP establishment not only doesn’t defend their own base (their most loyal supporters), they go along with Obama to belittle the few courageous conservative heroes trying to save America from disaster.
Obama is rapidly turning America into a Big Brother Nanny State with nasty government bureaucrats controlling every aspect of our lives. He uses the IRS to destroy his critics and bankrupt his political opposition. He uses the NSA to listen to all of our calls and communications — no doubt planning to blackmail opposition candidates. He uses Obamacare to demand sexual histories — no doubt with more blackmail in mind. He uses the EPA to destroy any chance of America achieving energy independence from radical Muslim nations. He creates thousands of new government regulations to bankrupt business owners, thereby starving donations to conservative candidates and causes. He uses the SEC to extort political donations from companies under the threat of criminal prosecution.
Yet the GOP says little, does less, and apologizes at any attempt to resist. STOCKHOLM SYNDROME.
Then there’s the corruption. Michelle Obama’s Princeton college classmate just happens to be a top executive at the firm chosen to build the Obamacare web site. They are both members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni. That firm just happened to receive NO BID contract worth more than $600 million. Then they built the worst performing web site in history. So where did the $600 million dollars go? That’s not Michelle Obama’s money. It belongs to taxpayers.
Yet the GOP says little, does less, and apologizes at any attempt to resist. STOCKHOLM SYNDROME.
Nine commanding Generals have been fired and two suspended from the U.S. military in just the past year under Obama. Is he purging the ranks of the military of anyone who disagrees with his policies? For what reason? These are the men responsible for keeping our children safe at night. Something is wrong. Certainly questions need to be asked and investigations opened.
Yet the GOP says little, does less, and apologizes at any attempt to resist. STOCKHOLM SYNDROME.
Obama orders the IRS to destroy critics, conservative donors, and patriots, while allowing the same IRS to hand over $4.2 billion in tax credits to illegal aliens, who never paid taxes, and claim multiple deductions for kids who either don’t exist, or don’t even live in this country. Yet he doesn’t ask the IRS to investigate this fraud, committed by criminals. Only conservatives get hit with IRS investigations under President Obama. If this was a script in a fictional movie, Hollywood wouldn’t buy it. It’s that absurd.
The country is going under. All appears lost. And the GOP fumbles, retreats and apologizes. It’s tragic, but it’s now clear to see: One party is filled with frauds, crooks, socialists and out-and-out communists out to bankrupt the U.S. economy, wreck capitalism and destroy America. And the other party is filled with weak-willed cowards who are either scared of their own shadow, in cahoots with Obama, or suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome.
I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week, same time, same place. God Bless America and save us from the Marxist lying fraud in the White House AND the cowardly Stockholm Syndrome-suffering GOP establishment. What a pair.

A Brilliant Analysis Of The "Smartest Woman In The World"

Hillary 2016

October 30, 2013 by  
If the next Presidential election grants me no other boon, I sincerely wish that it will grant me the Presidential candidacy of former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. To borrow one of President Barack Obama’s favorite phrases, “let me be clear.” I want Hillary Clinton to run for President as badly as Obama wants to birdie the 9th at Doral. Before you compose an angry email to Mr. Livingston demanding I be consigned to an eternity of serving as Oprah Winfrey’s towel boy, allow me to elaborate.
Senate Foreign Relations Committee holds a hearing on Benghazi in Washington, DC
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton chats with Senator John McCain during testimony on the Benghazi slayings. Credit: UPI
I don’t want Hillary Clinton to run for President because I think she’d make such a marvelous leader of the free world. Outside some of America’s more fearsome correctional facilities, I can’t imagine too many folks over whom I would choose Clinton for President. I just want to observe as the smartest woman in her world discovers the hard way that her world is a great deal smaller than THE world. Plus, the theatre of the absurd which will be the 2016 race for the Democratic Presidential nomination will make the cast of the next Judd Apatow stoner comedy look like narcoleptic Gregorian monks by comparison. Think of it:

Hillary Clinton should be President because she’s a strong woman.

A silver-spoon-fed rich girl comes of age in the Weather Underground section of the 1960s, falls in love with the fat kid from the band, abandons a promising career as a hatchet-lawyer for the Democratic Party, latches on to Fatty’s big’n’tall coattails, smiles blankly through his endless philandering and finally reaches the big time after he’s through with it. Oh yeah, she’s a veritable Susan B. Anthony. I know every time I think of my niece, I hope she finds an overweight, sex-addicted liar who can spirit her through the pitfalls of work and accomplishment and into authority she didn’t earn and can’t exercise properly. What’s dignity when measured against the ability to perjure oneself and get away with it?

Hillary Clinton should be President because she’s so smart.

She’s well-spoken, I suppose. But well-spoken doesn’t necessarily equate to well-regarded. History is littered with examples of people who used a good command of the lexicon to advance beyond their peers. Some of them used their new station to benefit those whom they had outstripped. Others used their station to invent “vast right wing conspiracies.” Her tenure as First Lady revealed a hyper-ambitious streak which – combined with what appears to be a total lack of compunction – led to her ill-fated attempt to make Obamacare the law 14 years before Obama proved it wouldn’t work. Her tenure as a Senator from New York really didn’t amount to much of a legacy; mostly because she never intended for it to be anything but a springboard. Her tenure as Secretary of State was a complete and utter disaster (See also: Benghazi, “what difference…does it make?”, Syria and the death spiral in which America’s overseas credibility is now trapped). Smart? Why, because she went to Yale? So did President George W. Bush.

Hillary Clinton should be President because it’s high time a woman held the office.

Actually, it’s high time a competent Chief Executive held the office. Liberals consider things like race and gender before they consider things like merit and quality. Actually, liberals pretty much ALWAYS consider the former before the latter. That’s how people who possess neither tend to rise to the top of the Democratic molehill. If the right woman were to run, then she’d have my support. Dr. Condoleeza Rice remains someone for whom I would gladly cast a ballot; though she seems about as interested in the gig as Hillary is in testifying before Congress. It’s worth noting that the Democrats seem to have left their political feminine sides handcuffed to the stove in 2008; and remain decidedly less than feminine any time Sarah Palin walks by.

Hillary Clinton should be President because she’s eminently qualified.

If by “eminently qualified,” her supporters mean “currently breathing,” then I suppose she’s in. If they mean “shrill, angry and self-entitled,” then she’s a definitive front runner. Hillary Clinton has hovered around the highest offices in the land for 20 years. In that time, she has yet to demonstrate any particular political acumen beyond blaming others for her own mistakes. For that matter, she seems to blame others for her occasional successes; especially in such arenas as commodities trading and real estate investment. Of all the people who stumbled across the missing records from an Arkansas law firm while wandering through the White House years later, Hillary is clearly the most qualified to head up the Federal government.

Hillary Clinton should be President because she’s so well-respected.

And why shouldn’t she be? She has endured a “vast right wing conspiracy” which she fabricated out of her own imaginary cloth. She dodged non-existent sniper fire in Serbia – or was it Ireland? She ferretted out that execrable bastard who made the YouTube video responsible for the totally spontaneous attack on the American compound in Benghazi. She even managed to fight off those evil Republicans who dared question her diplomatic acumen in the wake of the Benghazi attack. Indeed, between the states-woman-ship of Clinton and her big buddy Barack, the United States has built an international reputation at least as strong as – say – North Korea’s or Myanmar’s.
Meanwhile, imagine the hijinks in store for the rest of us in the 2016 electoral cycle. Tell me you’re not looking forward to Hillary invoking the imaginary “war on women” to deflect criticism like Van Helsing waving a crucifix in front of Dracula. Tell me you’re not looking forward to Hillary explaining how she’ll bring peace to the parts of the world which turned into even more exciting terrorist havens during her Secretary-ship. Tell me you’re not looking forward to Hillary explaining how she will either continue or discontinue the Obama policy of providing weapons to Al Qaida-linked terrorists in Syria.
Moreover, tell me you’re not looking forward to the Democratic debates; especially if Vice President Joe Biden follows through on his threats to run. Joe Biden vs. Hillary Clinton? Vegas wishes it could book that battle royale every weekend. If someone convinces former Congressman Dennis Kucinich to jump in, then the Democrats could conceivably sell their debates to the WWE.
“TONIGHT ON RAW: Hillary “ThunderLies” Clinton, “Jellybean” Joe Biden and Dennis “The Spaceman” Kucinich in the cage match to end all cage matches!” 
My money would be on Hillary. Kucinich is a mile out of his weight class; and Biden’s moves are all cribbed from Neil Kinnock. Plus, look for her finisher, the “Pantsuit Leglock.”
Mostly, I want to watch former President Bill Clinton adjust to his new role as a prospective First Gentleman. Of course, I’ll probably have to subscribe to Cinemax™ to do so. Hillary 2016: they’ll sell us the seat; but we’ll only need the front edge.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The US Now Gives Free Gas To Blacks In Detroit--Is This Insane? If It Was A Book, You Would Think It Is Impossible

Government Opening Free Gas Stations in Poor Neighborhoods

Oct 29, 2013
First 'Obamastation' Debuts in Detroit, Seventy Planned Nationwide
ObamastationAs the battle over Obamacare rages in Washington, the White House is quietly using a little known provision of the law to roll out a nationwide network of free gas stations for minorities and the poor.
According to a report in The Detroit News this morning, the administration is using its authority under the Affordable Care Act to "improve transportation routes to hospitals" to dispense gasoline free of cost in disadvantaged neighborhoods.
The $2 billion-a-year program aims to distribute 40 million gallons of free gasoline each year through 70 new gas stations constructed in major metropolitan areas. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) will be responsible for operating the network, whose first station opened yesterday in Detroit.
"It's not something we're publicizing very much, for obvious reasons," explains Dori Salcido, assistant DHS secretary for public affairs. "But under the law we are well within our rights to offer this service, and we think it's good public policy.
"How are people supposed to get to the doctor's office if they don't have gas in their cars? Health insurance is worthless if you can't make your appointment. This is just another fine example of government stepping in and solving big problems."
No Gas for You
Although some developing oil-rich nations like Venezuela and Indonesia subsidize gasoline for the poor, the practice has never before been tried in the United States. The plans are proving controversial with some taxpayers who are loathe to see their money go to subsidize others.
"So basically I'm being punished for not living in the ghetto," says Colin Blair, a white person from the affluent Detroit suburb of Farmington Hills. "I have three kids and a mortgage. Life isn't cheap for me either. I could use some free gasoline too."
An investigation into the station's operations, however, reveals that Blair is unlikely to  to use the service.
"Supposedly access to the station is determined by income," says Ebony Jackson, manager of the first Obamastation. "But it's pretty unrealistic to do an income check on each and every driver. So what we do is basically let all the black people pump for free, and charge all the white people the market rate."
The Obamastations scandal was uncovered by Nolan Finley , a conservative Detroit News columnist widely lauded for his groundbreaking exposé on Obamaphones. Finley says the blatant racial bias in the program is only one of its many outrageous aspects.
"The stations have Obama campaign logo on them and giant photos of the president," he explains. "He's trying to buy votes ahead of the midterm elections. This is something you normally only see in third world countries. I've never been more scared for our democracy."be able

Do You Wonder What Has Happened With Americans? Do You Wonder How Obama Got Re-Elected?

In the following post, Lauren Besser unknowingly tells us what is wrong with America. We now understand that hero worship of rude, tacky malcontents who once had some talent now overrides thought, consideration and politeness. 

Heroes used to brave individuals (usually soldiers but others like Charles Lindberg and Amelia Earhart also rose to that status) who overcame tremendous odds to rise to a level of admiration  They were common people who did extraordinary things.

Now, we have a President who gets the Nobel Peace Prize within months of taking office and doing nothing to achieve that goal; movie stars whose only claim to fame is the run ins with the law; and politicians who post naked pictures of themselves and have the temerity to tell us to go "F" ourselves if we question his judgment.  

No wonder we have lost our way, our current day heroes are gutter level slime and those heroes of the past are treated like yesterday's trash.

Thanks to Lauren, she has made it clear that this country is not the nation of 1945 and before. It is Rome in its latter days when the decay had eaten away the morals of the nation and everyone was out for their own piece of the pie.

America is just the latest of nations to end up on the scrapheap of the world. 

Conservative Tom

The (Elevator) Ride of My Life with Courtney Love

October 31, 2013
Photo Credit: Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent (
A friend was staying at a fancy hotel for a visit to New York City. It's the type of place where so many celebrities retreat that they have an exclusive lounge where guests can't be bothered by regular people. Naturally, we followed our girls dinner with drinks in said lounge. Just being there made us feel famous so we slouched our shoulders, ordered champagne and laughed with abandon because that's what we decided famous women do together.

At some point I decided to head up to her room to use the ladies and fix my lipstick. For whatever reason I felt like it would be less of a hassle than walking down a flight of stairs to the hotel rest room. But, now, I know the reason was fate. 

As I waited, an entourage entered, walked to reception and stayed there in theperipheral vision of my right eye. The amount of people fussing over this person made it clear it was someone special. I obviously didn't look to see who it was because I know how to conduct myself in environments that are too cool for me. 
I stayed patient as the group made their way to the elevators. It was the perfect moment to steal a look. And then my heart stopped. I was about to board the elevator with one, Courtney Love. 

Courtney Love. The woman who induced my need for baby doll dresses and Doc Martins at fourteen. The woman who suggested I cut my hair and use plastic children's barrettes to clip it up. The woman who bared her breasts at my first teenage concert. The woman who graced the cover of Sassy with her husband Kurt Cobain. Her face was plastered on my walls. My sky was made of amethysts. I rented a guitar with hopes to front my own grunge band one day.

In other words, this elevator ride would be the ride of my life. 

As the doors shut, the most perfect perfume I've ever smelled encompassed me. Usually so much would get me sneezing with the quickness, but not Courtney's. It was light like sweet feathers and musky like a Parisian parlor. I breathed deeply and gathered myself to live presently in the moment. 

I am three feet from Courtney Love. I am three feet from Courtney Love. 

Courtney was not happy. Apparently her favorite and seemingly regular fifth floor suite was not available and the third floor alternative was not acceptable for a slew of unconvincing reasons. There were at least two hotel employees accompanying her and what looked like an assistant futzing about as Ms. Love threw words around that she believed would eventually land her the room.

She was a little wobbley with all her defiant protesting. Because of her holy status in my life I refuse to assume why she may have been less than sharp, but let's face it, we all know her history. 

What I can say is that she looked a lot better than I thought she would. There was part of me preparing to mask my horror at the messed-up surgery face she might have. But I was pleasantly surprised to find her sort of healthy looking. Except for a really big head on a tiny body, the woman looks good, considering who she is.

As she leaned in to find the third floor button she struggled. After becoming so accustomed to the fifth floor it makes sense that finding another number could be difficult. The luggage cart was between me and the buttons so I had no choice but to rely on my (very angry) idol to get me to my floor. I prepared myself to talk to to Courtney. 

"I'm on six," I said.  

There was a pause. It was heavy and tense with silence. And then Courtney spoke. 

"Well, lucky fucking you." 

She didn't even look at me and for a minute I didn't think she'd punch my floor. For a minute I thought we would all stand there knowing my button wasn't lit. For a minute I thought I would have to press it myself after they cleared out of the elevator. But she eventually pressed it and my heart started to beat regularly again. After a bunch of breath was released from everyone's chests Courtney started to talk about the fifth floor suite again.  

When the doors opened on the third floor, the assistant and hotel workers ushered themselves and the luggage out first and took a right turn. Love came out last and made a confident left. Someone called to her down the hall and she managed a bobbled 180° to follow everyone to her hated room. When the doors closed I could still hear her complaining.

I twirled around in the elevator and furiously wiggled. Courtney Love just dropped an F-bomb on me! She didn't even hesitate! She completely excelled at every expectation I ever had of her. And it was in person! 

She was sulking and bitching. She was rude and disheveled in a super star way. My inner adolescent wanted to thank her for the honor of her presence. The dark shimmer of teenage angst was appealing again. I wanted to dye my hair with Manic Panic. I wanted a headache from head-banging. I wanted to turn it up when I heard my mom yelling to turn it down.

I love Courtney for her genuine indifference because I don't have it. I love her because she's full of tragedy that's wide open to the world. I love her because I'm as loyal as a dog. She was my favorite and will always be. Nothing will ever shatter that teenage bell jar she let me reside in, and I don't care what you say, Live Through Thisis a killer album. 

All hail Queen Courtney! 

ObamaCrapCare Website A Roaring Success? Not By Most Calculations!

Obamacare's Success In Enrollment Numbers: 6 People By End Of Day One; 248 By Day Two

Tyler Durden's picture

It is now clear why according to the Obama administration there were no glitches plaguing the website administering Obamacare: because a whopping six people managed to sign up on the first day it was launched - the same day the government proudly reported previously it had received 4.7 million unique visitors - a conversion factor of, well, Div/0. By the end of the second day: 248 happy participants in a socialized healthcare ponzi scheme. It is also clear why there was nobody happier than the president when the republican party decided to shut down government on the same day as Obamacare was rolled out: because if public attention had focused on the absolute and now confirmed, disaster that the healthcare law's rollout had been, then everyone, not just the Tea Party, would be demanding a substantial delay in Obamacare.
The enrollment data comes even after the Obama administration has said it cannot provide enrollment figures from because it doesn't have the numbers. "We do not have any reliable data around enrollment, which is why we haven't given it to date," Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius told lawmakers on Wednesday. Turns out she did - as Reuters and ABC report, the documents, which are labeled "war room" notes and appear to be summaries of issues with the problematic website beginning on October 2, indicate a mere six enrollments had occurred by that morning - the day after the website was launched and almost immediately crashed.
You can read the documents HEREHERE and HERE.
So how is Obamacare like Facebook, or any other dot com special du jour - only the pageviews matter. Actual user conversions... well, that's another matter entirely.
To date, Obama administration officials have refused to publicly provide any estimate of successful enrollments, though they have said the site received 4.7 million unique visitors on its first day and has now generated more than 700,000 applications.

An internal administration memo obtained by The Associated Press and confirmed by ABC News revealed that the administration projected half a million successful sign-ups by Oct. 31.
Good luck with that. And we mean it: after all like any authentic Ponzi scheme, Obamacare works only if wave after wave of signs up "foot" the costs for everyone who doesn't. As such, unless massive amounts of people enroll, the program is assued to be a failure. Pardon: even more of a failure than it is now.
Naturally, the government was quick to downplay the figures:
HHS spokeswoman Joanne Peters stressed tonight that the enrollment figures presented in the “war room notes” are unofficial figures. The agency has said it intends to release its first official report on enrollments by mid-November.

“We will release enrollment statistics on a monthly basis after coordinating information from different sources such as paper, on-line, and call centers, verifying with insurers, and collecting data from states,” she said.
It gets better. Because after finally admitting there is nobody quite capable of messing something, anything, quite like the government, the administration finally agreed to get private sector help. In this case Oracel and... Google - the same firm that it was revealed earlier this week was furious at the government's spying agency for illegally tapping its confidential user data streams.
The Obama administration said it has brought in experts from top technology companies including Google Inc and Oracle Corp to fix the website, as Republicans press for details about the botched October 1 launch.

Health and Human Services said it had added dozens of technology experts and engineers to its round-the-clock effort to fix the technical glitches on the site that is key to the implementation of Obama's healthcare restructuring law.

Giving some of the first details of who might be leading the tech fix, HHS officials identified two experts by name: Michael Dickerson, a website reliability engineer on leave from Google, and Greg Gershman, a Baltimore-based innovation director with the firm Mobomo and who previously worked for the White House and the General Services Administration.

"We are doing everything we can to assist those contractors to make a highly performant, highly reliable, highly secure system," Oracle CEO Larry Ellison told shareholders at the company's annual meeting on Thursday in Redwood City, California. There was no comment from Google.
No need for a comment: the NSA already knew what they would say.
Finally, get your popcron because Darrell Issa is preparing to make a super spectacle out of the Obamacare flub, after yesterday he subpoenaed Sebelius, who previously took full responsibility for the "debacle", for more information.
Issa said he had subpoenaed Sebelius for more information on the website's technical problems, including how it was tested, and enrollment data. The subpoena requires the documents to be produced by November 13.

"The evidence is mounting that the website did not go through proper testing, including critical security testing, and that the administration ignored repeated warnings from contractors about ongoing problems," Issa said in a statement.
Needless to say, this is all a short-term distraction: sooner or later the website will be fixed. It is only then that all those people who still have no idea what a complete disaster Obamacare is and will be for the US economy, will finally get the long overdue rude awakening.