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Friday, March 3, 2017

Unbiased Reporting? There Is NONE!

MEDIA BIAS: CNN Deploys Valerie Jarrett’s Daughter To Cover Trump Justice Department

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
MARCH 2, 2017
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In yet another indicator that the mainstream media is rife with corruption and
 conflicts of interest, CNN has now hired Laura Jarrett, daughter of Valerie
 Jarrett, to cover President Trump’s Department of Justice. As The Blaze reports,
 CNN touted Jarrett’s background defending “companies and individuals in
government investigations brought by the Justice Department.”
Valerie Jarrett wasn’t just President Obama’s top advisor. She’s also personally
 close to the Obamas to the extent that she’s reportedly moving in with them
 in their new Washington, D.C. digs. Jarrett called Trump’s election a “punch in
 the stomach…soul-crushing.” According to Vanity Fair, Laura Jarrett is
dedicated to “promoting civil rights and social equality for women and minorities.”
So she’s probably going to be completely objective about covering the Trump
This is nothing new from the mainstream media-Democratic Party complex.
 Ben Rhodes, the National Security Advisor to President Obama who actively
lied to the entire media about the Iran deal, is brother to David Rhodes, president
 of CBS. ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is the wife of Jay Carney,
former Obama press secretary. George Stephanopoulos, ABC News’ leading
 anchor, is a former Clinton staffer. Ben Sherwood, president of Disney-ABC
 television group, is brother to former Obama special assistant Elizabeth
The media claim that such relationships have no bearing on coverage. Perhaps.
Or maybe, just maybe, people with close relationships to those in power tend to
 favor those people in their coverage. After all, that’s the entire basis of the
rumors about President Trump’s conflicts of interests with regard to his
businesses, which are now supposedly run by his children – their relationship
 makes him more likely to act in corrupt fashion to benefit those businesses.
 Why wouldn’t that same logic apply to the media?
There’s nothing wrong with assigning Valerie Jarrett’s child to cover the DOJ.
 But there is something wrong with pretending objectivity when it is clearer
ever day that such objectivity is a figment of the media’s imagination.