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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Does This Explain McCain's Attitudes Toward The Middle East?

VIDEO: Traitor Alert! John McCain Comes LOSES IT After Reporter Ties Him To $1 Million Saudi Donation

Sen. John McCain cut off questions from reporters that were about a $1 million donation by the government of Saudi Arabia. The money was sent to a non-profit that bears McCAin’s name.
He immediately flipped out and denied that he had any connections with the McCain Institute for International Leadership. It was founded in 2012 at Arizona State University with $9 million in leftover money from McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.
“I’m proud that the institute is named after me, but I have nothing to do with it — except that they use my name just as the Goldwater Institute uses Goldwater’s name,” McCain said after a town hall.
The Saudi donation was reported on by Bloomberg politics last year. The nonprofit was given this donation by Saudia Arabia in 2014, according to the IRS.
According to Bloomberg, some people in 2016 sad that McCain’s non-profit effectively gives pay to play access to John McCain.
This means that John McCain effectively runs the same thing as the Clinton Foundation used to. America needs to know.
John McCain always votes Democrat and tries to ATTACK Trump. It’s because he is just as crooked as Hillary!
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