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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sickness Of The Left

Black HuffPo Writer "Ashamed" to

 Find Out She's White

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A black Huffington Post columnist took a DNA test—and felt “shame” upon 
finding out she was 31.5% white.

In an article for the liberal news site called, "I Celebrated Black History Month…
 By Finding Out I Was White,” writer Christine Michel Carter explains that she
 took a 23andMe DNA test to find out her exact ethnic and racial background.

She had been told by her family that she was part-black, part-Native 
American. But the DNA test confirmed that she was 67.2% black, 31.5% 
white, and just 0.6% Native American.

Carter wrote that her reaction had many emotions—but the two strongest 

She turned to her family to demand answers—but they were unable to
 provide any. Suspecting that her family had hidden their white heritage 
to protect the lighter-skinned Carter’s "potential embarrassment,” Carter 
continued to panic about her heritage, lamenting: "I was damn near 1/3 
White. That’s significant.” And she continued to look for answers.

While Carter continues to wish that she was more black, citing her jealousy 
of her friends’ darker skin, she admits she must eventually come to terms
 with being white—though she writes that "the road to acceptance will not
 be an easy one for me to travel."