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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Young People Actively Promoting Pro-Life

This Young Conservative is

 Planned Parenthood's Worst 

Nightmare (VIDEO)

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Is this teenager Planned Parenthood's worst nightmare? As World Net Daily 
Autumn, a 16-year-old girl who recently released a video commentary on

abortion, is eloquent, direct, unafraid, involved, informed and smart.

She is, as the activist organization Students for Life said, Planned

Parenthood’s “worst nightmare.”

Students for Life explains.

“Autumn is in high school. She’s passionately pro-life. … This is what

the next generation looks like on the issue of abortion – and the abortion

industry is going to have real problems facing that down.”

The organization continued: “If we were Planned Parenthood, we’d be

terrified of Autumn and the pro-life generation she represents: an

educated, articulate and passionate one. A generation that cares deeply

about human rights, and the equality of all people, which extends to the

preborn. A generation that has successfully incorporated the mission to

help women facing unplanned pregnancies into mainstream pro-life

movement. … A generation that is truly fearless in the face of Planned

parenthood and their allies.”
This is a powerful video. It's in response to a demented campaign by 
Teen Vogue that's meant to encourage teenagers to get abortions. As
 the Media Research Center's Katie Yoder notes, the magazine is
Earlier this month, Teen Vogue rightfully came under fire after

publishing “What to Get a Friend Post-Abortion.” Conservative media

and teenagers alike challenged the story that recommended teens

give presents to their friends after having an abortion – from signing

up as an abortion clinic escort to gifting an “angry uterus” heating pad.

But the story is just one of many. In 2017 alone, Teen Vogue has already

promoted abortion to teens more than 60 times.

This year, Teen Vogue has already published at least 63 articles promoting

abortion (including showing abortion positively or restrictions on abortion

negatively). Ironically, most of them appeared under the obsessed

outlet’s “Wellness” section.

Several stories were connected to President Donald Trump and his new

administration, including “Where Trump’s Potential Supreme Court Picks

Stand on Reproductive Rights” on Jan. 27 and “Why Jeff Sessions,

Donald Trump’s Pick for Attorney General, Is So Dangerous For Women”

and on Jan. 10

And many centered on America’s largest abortion provider, Planned

Parenthood, like “Here’s Proof Planned Parenthood Is NOT Backing

Down” on Jan. 13 and “Cecile Richards Addresses GOP Defunding

Planned Parenthood” on Jan. 5. Other pieces pushed abortion as a side

note, like “Over-the-Counter Birth Control May Finally Be Happening,” on

Jan. 4.
The bizarre quest to make the culture of death and desperation the new
 spring fashion is absolutely absurd. We're glad eloquent young women 
like Autumn are standing against it. The future depends on them.