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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Jerusalem Truck Driving Terrorist's Family Will Lose Home. Great News

Body of Truck-Ramming Terrorist to Be Secretly Buried, Home Razed

“But transgressors shall be destroyed together; the future of the wicked shall be cut off.” Psalms 37:38 (The Israel Bible™)
Israel’s diplomatic-security cabinet approved several security measures in the wake of the Jerusalem truck-ramming attack that killed four Israeli soldiers and wounded at least 16 Sunday.
Israeli government ministers voted unanimously to order the Israel Defense Forces to raze terrorist Fadi al-Qanbar’s home in the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber. Members of the terrorist’s family will not be able to meet with relatives who live in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and his body will not be returned to his family for burial. Instead, it will be buried by security forces in an unknown location.
Al-Qanbar—a 28-year-old father of four—had a criminal record, but had no known ties to any terrorist group, although he recently posted several pro-Islamic State comments on his Facebook page. Al-Qanbar’s cousin told Israel Hayom that the terrorist had been “very upset” by recent reports that the U.S. was considering relocating its Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, saying the move would “spark a war.”
After the deadly attack, Israeli police and the Shin Bet security agency raided al-Qanbar’s home in Jabel Mukaber and detained his wife, parents and two siblings for questioning.
Al-Qanbar’s sister told Palestinian media that she is “proud” of his actions and “grateful Allah has chosen him to die as a shahid (martyr).”
Nine other people were arrested in connection with the attack. An Israeli defense official, however, said it is believed al-Qanbar acted alone and that the truck-ramming was not premeditated, but rather a crime of opportunity.