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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Of Course, He Is!

Is Paul Ryan Trying to Sabotage Trump?

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Is Paul Ryan trying to sabotage Donald Trump? Some people are asking,
 based on the news that the GOP isn't going to move forward on funding
 President Trump's wall this year:
Amid Democratic opposition, Republican leaders are retreating from

President Donald Trump’s very popular campaign promise to build a

border fence to block illegal immigration, drug smugglers, and criminals.

A top GOP leader, Sen. Roy Blunt, told reporters on Tuesday that

GOP leaders do not want to include Trump’s spending for the border

wall in the spring budget, which is due by April 28. “All of the committees,

the leaderships of the House and Senate, are working together to try to

finalize the rest of the FY17 [budget spending] bill,” he added. “My guess

is that comes together better without the [border] supplemental,” he told 

The Hill. But GOP leaders may include some border spending in a

separate 2017 budget for the military, Blunt suggested.

The tacit retreat comes only a few days after GOP leaders staged and

lost a fight to push their own business-friendly version of an Obamacare

reform, and amid GOP calls for Trump to help pass their hoped-for tax cut.

Top Democrats are hoping to wreck Trump’s presidency by blocking any

funding for his key campaign promise. “The wall is a poison-pill rider,”

Schumer said in an interview with Politico. “They’ll do it at their peril.”
Get this: Republicans won historic majorities. In response, they put forth a
 lame, half-assed healthcare bill that was loathed by conservatives and 
moderates, and now, they're going to renege on Donald Trump's biggest 
campaign promise because Chuck Schumer, a guy who's presided over 
the death of the Democratic Party, is threatening them. Republicans one 
an improbable victory, winning states that were considered deep blue, 
and they did it by pitching a very specific message centered around putting
 American workers and American citizens first. Within months, Congress
 has displayed an utter lack of willingness to live up to those promises.

It begs the question: Is Paul Ryan trying to sabotage Trump?