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Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Middle East Gets Very Tense. Threats Flying

Trump Warned He’s ‘One Step Away from Military Clashes with Russia’ After Striking Syria

(Mirror) Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump were last night urged to hold emergency talks as growing tensions in the Middle East ­threatened to explode into war.
F16 photo
Photo by Airwolfhound (CC)
The Russian president sent the missile warship Admiral Grigorovich to Syria after the US leader yesterday unleashed 59 ­Tomahawk cruise missiles on the airfield from where Bashar al-Assad launched a sarin gas attack on his own people.
A British nuclear submarine is patrolling the Mediterranean and NATO forces were on high alert throughout the region.
As the region teetered on the brink, world leaders, including Theresa May, backed the American strikes at al-Shayrat base, but there were calls for talks in a bid to prevent the crisis turning into a wider conflict.
Russia’s Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev claimed the US missile strike was illegal and warned Mr Trump had been “one step away from military clashes with Russia”.
But the US president insisted it was time the Assad regime was reined in from its barbarous attacks on innocent Syrians…