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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How This Pop Star's Mother 

Saved Her Daughter's Fans 

Amid Concert ISIS Attack

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How This Pop Star's Mother Saved Her Daughter's Fans Amid Concert ISIS Attack
Wikimedia Commons
Joan Grande’s motherly instincts kicked in right after the deadly bomb went 
off at her daughter’s concert in Manchester Monday night.

The singer’s mother was sitting in the front row at the venue and was about 
to head backstage to see Ariana when the explosion rang out, according to 
TMZ. Rather than flee for safety on her own, the pop star’s mother quickly
 thought to take some of the younger panicked fans safely backstage with her.

Several witnesses in the arena saw Grande surrounded by her daughter’s 
fans when the bomb blew and people frantically scrambled to exit the 
building. Joan apparently snapped into action, along with members of 
Ariana’s security team and gathered as many as ten children to come 
backstage with her to safety.

Those fans remained backstage with the singer’s mother until the could 
“safely exit the arena,” TMZ reports.