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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Any Journalist Who Calls The President A Name Loses His Right To Be A Journalist

People are Outraged After 

CNN Anchor Called Trump

 a 'Piece of S***'

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People are Outraged After CNN Anchor Called Trump a 'Piece of S***'
Wikimedia Commons - Gage Skidmore
Just days after CNN removed Kathy Griffin from their New Year’s
 Eve coverage for taking a picture with a fake, blood-covered 
Donald Trump head, another CNN personality — “Believer” host 
Reza Aslan — is coming under fire from conservative circles for 
profanity-laden tweets against Trump in the wake of Saturday’s 
London Bridge attacks.

Shortly following the attacks, Trump used the news as justification
 for his travel ban that has been blocked by the courts and is 
currently under appeal.

The tweet prompted an angry response from Aslan, who declared 
the president was a “piece of s—” and an “embarrassment to

This piece of shit is not just an embarrassment to America and a
stain on the presidency. He’s an embarrassment to humankind.

– Reza Aslan (@rezaaslan) June 3, 2017