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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is the Government Setting Us Up For Martial Law?

The following article purports to say that the government is incompetent when an illegal alien fugitive is arrested and then released. It is far from that. Incompetent is a compliment, the reality is that this is all part of a plan to destabilize the US. 

We have seen the "incompetence" of Fast and Furious, where guns were allowed to go south to Mexican drug cartels.  This is only one of these ventures the "Injustice" Department has run. The only reason we are hearing about it is that a Border Patrolman was killed.  Otherwise, it would have all avoided our detection.

However, when you see this story, the picture becomes much clearer.  Why would they want to release this guy?  Could it be that he might have talked about another program or plan? Or is he connected to the White House or some other government agency?  Who knows but there is something afoot that smells to high heaven.

If the intent was to get enough guns into the hands of Mexican gun lords and they or those supported by them could be placed in strategic locations across the country  awaiting their orders to start civil disturbances, riots,  gun shootouts with police, could we expect the government to "save us" by declaring martial law? What a great way to make sure the American public was disarmed!  

Maybe this is the reason the Administration has been so strongly opposing any illegal immigrant legislation.  Could it all be part of the plan? 

This Administration has shown that the rule of law and personal freedoms are not important to them. Their goal is the expansion of their power over the American people.  So nothing they do, say or decree surprises us.

If the goal is martial law, we will see more operations like Fast and Furious, the release of dangerous wanted foreign felons from local jails and the continued opposition to illegal immigrant legislation. It is not incompetence, it is a plan. 

Conservative Tom

Government Incompetence in Action: Fugitive Arrested then Ordered Released

By GOPUSA Staff 
How's this for government incompetence. A wanted fugitive was arrested in Texas on a routine traffic stop. After searching the car, sheriff's officials found cash and a shotgun. Upon doing a background check, they realized they had a wanted man on their hands. The next day, however, federal officials told local law enforcement to release the suspect. Guess what happened next? He promptly disappeared!
As Fox News reports, "A former Mexican government official wanted for embezzling millions was arrested in Texas this month, then promptly ordered released by the State Department in a case that has one lawmaker demanding answers." The State Department realized that they made a mistake and rescinded the order, but "Hector Hernandez Javier Villarreal was gone by then."
“All we did was make a traffic stop; they didn’t have a front license plate,” Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith told
Police were given permission to search the vehicle and found $67,000 in cash and a shotgun, Smith said.
“When we ran the check on the shotgun, then all of a sudden everyone in federal government became interested -- ATF, FBI, Homeland Security, Immigration [ICE] all showed up,” Smith said.
He said Homeland Security officials had told his department that Villarreal was a high-profile and wanted fugitive.
“We placed them in jail on money-laundering charges, seized the vehicle and the money, ICE came and picked them up from our jail and took them to Dallas and that’s the last we’ve seen or heard of them,” Smith said.
It turns out that Villarreal was issued a visa by the federal government even though he was a known Mexican fugitive. Because of this visa, the State Department ordered his release for deportation processing. Of course, given the chance to get out of jail, Villareal jumped at the chance!
In addition to wanting to find out why State gave the conflicting orders, Gohmert wants to know why the federal authorities issued a visa to a man under arrest in Mexico.
“We need to look at the visa program [EB-5] that allows foreigners to simply invest $500,000 in a venture and we give them a visa,” he said. “This is allowing wealthy foreigners to buy a visa.”
“Hopefully we can pursue the matter and get some answers,” he said.
Good questions. Does anyone really think that Obama's State Department will have the answers?