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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Another Superbowl Fail?

Falcons Fans Going Crazy Complaining That James White’s Knee Was Down Before Ball Crossed Goal Line

The Patriots capped off an epic 25-point comeback Sunday night in Houston with a short James White run would win Super Bowl LI in overtime.
Falcons fan, understandably upset, are up in arms regarding the call, which did not get reviewed.
The run was a first-down player, meaning if White was in hindsight ruled short, the Patriots would still had multiple chances to punch the ball in, or worst case scenario, kick a field goal.

His knee was down before the football 🏈 crossed the line and I won't root for cheaters. 

NFL is the most rigged league in all of sports. Knee was down before the ball crossed. No review?! Cmon yall

His knee was down before crossing the goal line... haha game shouldn't be over yet