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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trump Knows Who Is In Charge When Troops Are On The Ground. It Can't Be A President Thousands Of Miles Away.

Delta Force Master Sgt. Reveals Why Trump NOT Responsible for Operation Where Navy SEAL Died


A Delta Force member has spoken out against the mainstream media for trying to blame the Trump administration for a raid in Yemen that killed a Navy SEAL, the Independent Journal Review reported.
In an interview with the publication, Army Delta Force operator, Green Beret, and Master Sgt. Dale Comstock said the media perception of fighting terrorists was completely different from reality.
Chief Petty Officer Ryan “William” Owens, a Navy SEAL, was killed during the Jan. 19 raid against Al Qaeda targets.

“Much of the media has no f***ing clue what they’re talking about,” Comstock said. “I’ve been to over 70 countries in the world as a soldier, security consultant and civilian. I’ve been to every country in the Middle East. Yemen is one of the most dangerous countries on the planet. Syria isn’t the most dangerous country in the Middle East, Yemen is.
“Most roads in Yemen have manned checkpoints,” he continued. “There are terrorist groups at every checkpoint. There is Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Houthis — who are funded by Iran. The streets aren’t safe.
“If you have a white face on the streets of Yemen, it’s a death sentence. There is a very high chance that you will get captured and killed.”

That doesn’t seem to fit in with the media’s reports on Yemen. Here are just some of the headlines:
“Trump Wasn’t in the Situation Room for Botched Yemen Raid That Killed Civilians and US Navy Seal (sic)” (Cosmopolitan, which no doubt published it right next to “62 Kinky Sex Tips to Keep Your Man Hungry For More”); “Trump Effort To Pin Botched Yemen Raid On Barack Obama Falters” (HuffPo, playing their typical role); and “President Trump’s disastrous first military operation ordered without ‘sufficient intelligence'” (Salon, which has not itself had a writer with “sufficient intelligence” since Chris Hitchens stopped submitting to them shortly after 9/11).
“People going after Trump for Yemen do not understand how raids work. I’ve been on several, and sometimes the worst-case scenario is what happens,” Comstock said.
“They don’t have any idea what could have gone wrong, how complex the planning was, and if anyone on the SEAL team made a mistake,” he continued. “To blame it on Trump is more than short-sighted. He doesn’t control the forces on the ground. And he has enough respect for our military that he defers to the professionals who he chose to lead the greatest fighting force on the planet.”

The death of a Navy SEAL is a sad occasion indeed. But to blame it on a new president is beyond irresponsible — at least, as Delta Force operator Dale Comstock sees it.
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What do you think about what this Delta Force operator had to say?