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Monday, March 27, 2017

Security At The White House Leaks Like A Sieve. This Should Alarm All Americans.

Intruder Tries to Break In 

to White House

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Another intruder tried to break into the White House. As WTOP reports:
The Secret Service must be feeling a profound sense of deja vu.

A woman who had tried to jump the White House fence but got tripped up

by her shoelaces last week, and was arrested days later for violating a

“Stay Away” order, was busted yet again early Sunday by Secret Service


Officials confirmed to WTOP by email that it was the same woman who

had been arrested twice before.

In an official statement, the presidential security force said the woman,

who was not identified, triggered an alarm at approximately 2:15 a.m.

at the southeast corner of the Treasury Building adjacent to 15th Street

This is the third time that the woman, Marci Wahl, has tried to enter the
 White House. We hope she gets the help she needs.