Federal immigration agents don’t typically go to schools, but Michigan
 Department of Civil Rights Director Agustin Arbulu and State
 Superintendent Brian Whitson say in a letter that school officials 
should be prepared in the event they do. Arbulu and Whitson were
 responding to immigration raids that have already taken place in
 Michigan and fear that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
 may enlist the help of schools in immigration enforcement work.
“In light of the recent expansion of immigration enforcement activity, 
we encourage all school districts to review their policies and seek legal 
advice before taking any steps that would result in violations of 
(the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act) and other related state and
 federal law,” they wrote.
Michigan law requires that undocumented students attend school
 until they reach a mandated age. The state civil rights act expressly
 prohibits discrimination based on race or national origin and guarantees
 the full and equal enjoyment of public services and 
accommodations, Arbulu and Whitson wrote.
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Read the full letter below.
Photo by John Moore / Staff / Getty Images News / Getty Images