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Monday, April 3, 2017

Trump Follows Through On Another Promise!

Trump donates first-quarter salary to National Park Service

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President Trump will donate his first three months of salary to the National Park Service, White House press secretary Sean Spicer announced Monday. 
"The president has spoken with counsel and made the decision to donate his first-quarter salary to a government entity," Spicer said at Monday's briefing.
Spicer handed a check for $78,333.32 for the National Park Service to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. Spicer said the paycheck starts from Jan. 20, when Trump took office, until now.
At Monday's briefing, Zinke said the donation will go to the maintaining historic battlefield sites.
During the campaign, Trump vowed that he wouldn’t take the presidency's $400,000 annual salary if elected, and he repeated that promise after his victory in November.
Last month, Spicer said Trump would donate his salary at the end of the year and asked the press to weigh in on where the donations should go.